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Everything About Singapore Airlines First Class

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Are you searching to know more about Singapore Airlines First Class service? well, then you are not far away from getting all the details you ought to know as you have reach the right site and in this content, you will be guided along with absolutely relevant information.

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Everything To Know About Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines is widely known to be one of the world’s best airlines and has also been on the cutting edge of trends in providing first-class travel to its passengers. Furthermore, it was also one of the first airlines that introduced lie-flat accommodations and has also set several industry standards for premium cabin services and amenities.

Well, the first-class flights provided by Singapore Airlines are only available on a limited number of flights usually those on older planes without the range to fly nonstop to Singapore. However, the added comfort and amenities provided by the airline make the long journey seem short as time passes by so quickly.

What To know About Singapore Airlines First Class?

Singapore airlines A380

Are you aware that ‘First Class seats are gradually disappearing from Singapore Airlines flights as well as it is being divide into two different parts? As of now, the Boeing 777-300 is onboard and is still called ‘First Class’. Besides, the Airbus A380 onboard is known as ‘Suites’. Both aircraft make a limited appearance as the US airports due to Singapore Airlines’ transition t o have more nonstop flights between the United States and Singapore and is operate by the Airbus A350 and which does not offer First class service.

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Best Routes For Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines provides ‘First Class’ flights from Los Angeles to Singapore via Tokyo. The Flights with Suites are available from New York (JFK) to Singapore via Frankfurt.

The airline also operates nonstop flights from New York, Newark, San Francisco and LA with onboard Airbus A350 aircraft with no ‘First class’ available. In addition, the flights from Seattle/Tacoma operate via Vancouver, whereas from Houston (IAH) operate via Manchester and they both are operate by Singapore Airlines Airbus A350 aircraft.

Examples of Deals Going on Have Been Found on Singapore Airlines

  • Business Class flight – $2,261 roundtrip to Frankfurt
  • Premium Economy – $1,192 roundtrip to Singapore
  • Economy Flight – $549 roundtrip to Tokyo

The Singapore Airlines First Class Experience at The Airport

Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge – The airline operates SilverKris lounges in Singapore, London and also in several markets in Asia and Australia. The passengers in First Class flights generally have a dedicated area in the SilverKris lounge; when the airport has flights with First Class or Suites passengers available onboard.

Furthermore, Singapore’s SilverKris lounges have a wide selection of hot meals during the meal times whenever a Singapore Airlines scheduled departure is imminent (however, there are also some lounges that remain open outside of the flight times but the food and beverages selections are then reduce).

In addition, beverage options in particular are enhance in the first class areas of the lounge, which mostly has top-shelf liquors and champagnes however, this is not available to the passengers of Business Class. Do you know that several Singapore Airlines lounges also have shower suites, entertainment rooms, quiet rooms, children/family areas and nursing rooms?

With SilverKris lounges at Singapore’s airport, the passengers can be direct to partner loungers as well. Besides in LA, the passengers in First Class use the ‘Star Alliance Lounge’ and in New York, the passengers use the ‘Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse’.

Singapore airlines check in & baggage allowance

Singapore Airlines First Class check-in

You may already know that first class passengers have a dedicated check-in the queues are separated from other classes of service.

At the Changi Airport of Singapore, there is a separate First/Suites check-in facility as well where the checked luggage is taken by the porters and the passengers are also escort to a lounge where all the check-in formalities process is completed.

Baggage allowance

The passengers in First Class/Suites can also check two bags up to 32 kilos/70 pounds each of the flights from the US or Canada. For the reservations that do not include the US or Canada, the weight concept has to be apply and then the passengers can only check a total of 110 pounds/50 kilos. Whereas the passengers in First class/Suites are allow to carry two bags up to 7 kilos/15 pounds each.

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What is Singapore Airlines First Class Experience in The Air?

Singapore Airlines First Class seats

  • 777-300 – This only aircraft in the fleet that still continues to offer its passengers a First Class seat (but not a Suite). The seats in this flight are a whopping 35 inches wide, trimmed in Poltrona Frau (you can read; Race Care Interior) leather. The seats in this plane lie-flat, with mood lighting as well as individual controls. Additionally, the entertainment screen provided is also 24 inches in HD and there are only four seats available in the intimate cabin.
  • A380 – Now this aircraft has Suites which are install on the forward part of the upper deck. However, Suites are nowadays distinctive; as they can be entirely close off from the aircraft cabin. Moreover, the passengers can book pairs of Suites together and also combine them into a double-bed suite. The best thing is also that the individual controls also get to operate the lights, window blinds, flight attendant calls and the door to the Suite as well.

Benefits of Flying Singapore Airlines First Class

Do you know that the ‘First Class and Suites’ passengers are taken care of from the moment they check in at the airport? There are also usually escort between points in the airport, from the check-in to the lounge, and between connections. Furthermore, a passenger service officer is also on hand to assist throughout the journey from the time of checking into the connecting flight status to rebooking a ticket if required.

Singapore Airlines First Class meals

Singapore Airlines First Class meals

One of the most famous features of Singapore Airlines is the ‘Book the Cook’ service and now it is many decades old. So the passengers in the First Class get to pre-order specific entrees in advance that they have served onboard. Whereas the menu varies by the departure cities (as the widest selection of entrees is naturally available on departing flights in Singapore) and also offers a variety of Western and Singaporean or Asian dishes.

Now the passengers who choose not to avail of the ‘Book the Cook’ service have a wide selection of entrees that are available onboard and the meals in both First class and Suites are serve on-demand as per the requests of the passengers.

As usually the meals are serve serial-wise in courses on a well-dress table without trays, here the flight attendants can also combine courses or speed up the process of service for the passengers who would like to maximize their sleep time. Generally, on most Singapore flights there is a selection of hot snacks that are available at all times throughout the flight journey upon request to a flight attendant.


Singapore Airlines serves ‘First class’ passengers’ top-shelf liquor. And as noted they serve Dom Perignon or Krug as Champagne. The focus is on the rest of the wine list on top wine vintages which are from some of the most prestigious wine regions available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Furthermore, premium liquor is also on offer with Johnny Walker Blue, Macallan and Belvedere Vodka that simply stands out. It is an extensive cocktail list that also includes the Singapore Sling which is also the national cocktail in Singapore.

How Much Does It Cost For a First-Class Ticket on Singapore Airlines?

The fare cost of Singapore Airlines is as mentioned:

The flights between the United States and Singapore roundtrip cost from $12,000 to $18,000 roundtrip. And between the USA and either Tokyo or Frankfurt (cities through which the first class/suites equipped plane transits) fares can at times be lower than any competing airlines offer fare sales. However, at present there haven’t been many great deals for ‘First class’ flights but many have been discover that are relatively cheap flights in Singapore’s almost as good business class under a fare cost of $2,500 roundtrip.

How To Upgrade to First Class on Singapore Airlines For Free?

Well, this is to be note that the airlines only upgrade passengers to ‘First or Suites’ without any fee charge for operational reasons like overbooking. Therefore in such situations, the airline upgrades the passengers that are book in Business Class based on the status of the frequent flyer.

What is The Cost To Upgrade To First Class on Singapore Airlines?

Well, you maybe know that Airline sells upgrades which are subject to the seats available on the flight; within 72 hours of the scheduled flight departure for those passengers who have booked their ticket already. Moreover according to some reports of Singapore Airlines upgrades from Business class to First class run several thousand dollars.

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Well, now you know that the First Class/Suites on Singapore Airlines are an inclusive ‘get’ as the fares are also rarely deeply discount and mileage redemptions are also difficult. However, having a well-regarded, comfortable onboard service the journey and expenditure would be worthwhile. And now that you know all about Singapore Airlines First Class you should be all good to manage the same easily. Nonetheless, if you need further guidance then you can contact Flight Assistance at any time for immediate response.

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