British Airways Cancellation Policy

British Airways Cancellation Policy

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British Airways Cancellation Policy varies depending on the type of fare you have purchased. Any cancellation that occurs due to an unanticipated event is very upsetting because things don’t go as planned. British Airways recognizes that travelers may have to cancel their tickets.

British Airways has introduced a customer-friendly cancellation policy to ensure this goes smoothly. We also have a cancellation policy for tickets. They depend on EU aviation guidelines. Knowing when the procedure works and how to use it makes it easier to cancel flights.

In most cases, you can use BA flight cancellation policy. Specific rules apply to this.

An important rule is to adhere to the risk-free period. Cancellation is possible without problems.

Apart from that, you should also be aware of additional practices.

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British Airways Cancellation Rules

  • You can cancel both refundable and non-refundable types of tickets.
  • You can only flights that you book with airlines.
  • Both you and the airline can cancel flights. You can get a full refund if you cancel your ticket, and if the airline cancels your flight, you will get compensation.
  • You can also use this policy to collect fees. However, its application depends on time, ticket type and current situation.

British Airways Cancellation Policy 24 Hours

The airline offers its customers a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you book the ticket, the customer can receive a full refund if the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of booking. In addition, the scheduled departure time of the reserved flight must be at least one week in advance.

  • You have a 24-hour cancellation option for most ticket types.
  • Under the British airways cancellation policy, even the base fare is eligible for a full refund for same-day cancellations.
  • Interestingly, you cannot use this policy if you do not want to travel for some reason, but you can use it if your booking contains an error.

Please note that, carrier call centers may be closed. Since you are the original caller, you have the advantage of being able to cancel your flight for up to 48 hours. Feel free to contact the airline to determine which classes or fare types are in this cancellation benefit.

How to Cancel British Airways Flights?

Cancel British Airways Flights

Passengers may also cancel their flight through the customer service team by calling British Airways Customer Service at +1-866-217-1292.

  • Call the airline to cancel the ticket at +1-866-217-1292 or visit the British Airways website.
  • Press “Manage My Account.”
  • Then click “View Bookings.”
  • Please mark the flight you want to cancel.
  • Click the “Cancel” option to confirm.
  • Please read the British Airways cancellation policy terms displayed on your screen. After reading, the press continues the cancel process.
  • Please verify your identity by providing correct information, such as-
    • Flight number
    • Surname
  • You can now send your cancellation request to the airline. You will then receive a confirmation email on your registered email id.

Cancellation Via Travel Agent

Only the same travel agent or the airline’s website can be used by passengers who have made British Reservations with British Airways through them. No one from the airline would be able to assist them in cancelling.

By calling British Airlines Cancellation Number +1-866-217-1292, passengers can cancel their flights. It is necessary to provide a reservation number and the passenger’s last name.

British Airways Cancellation Policy Covid

Given customers uncertainty due to COVID-19, the airline has developed a flexible British Airways COVID cancellation policy. We have also introduced travel or electronic vouchers for future trips in this connection. If a customer has to cancel their flight due to the pandemic, they can use the coupon to claim all or part of the booking amount.

British Airways Avios Cancellation Policy for Rewards Flights

British Airways Avios

Avios are the reward points you earn for being a British Airways Club member. Loyalty Points or Avios can be reached when you travel, rent a car, book a hotel, book a trip or use any other facility offered by British Airways or its partner airlines. You can use these Avios for various facilities, such as purchasing airline tickets, fare increases, car rentals, hotel and holiday package stays, and more.

However, we may need to cancel your Avios booking for specific reasons. Here are specific Avios details for British Airways cancellations:

  • British Airways cancellation/Avios charges vary depending on the departure city.
  • A British Airways cancellation fee of USD 42.50 if departing from Europe.
  • In case of changes or cancellations, you must pay an additional EUR 15 service charge.
  • For departures from the United States, a British Airways cancellation fee is USD 55 and a service charge of USD 25.
  • Booking and service rates are available per ticket per person.

British Airways Cancellation Policy Due To Death

Due to serious illness of the Passenger (or a close relative of the Passenger) or death of a close relative of the Passenger (British Airways Cancellation Policy), the Passenger must provide documentary proof of illness (medical certificate) or death (death certificate):

  • In case of illness, the validity period of your ticket will extend.
  • In case of a relative’s death, the ticket’s validity will extend for up to 45 days.

British Airways Cancellation Fee

The airline is known for offering its customers flexible cancellation options. You can cancel the ticket three hours before his scheduled departure time. However, British Airways cancellation charges are calculated based on promotional timing. If you cancel early, the price will be lower; if you cancel later, the price will be higher.

The following will help you better understand cancellation charges:

  • Passengers can cancel any class of refundable or non-refundable ticket, such as Business or Economy.
  • Fees apply if cancelled 24 hours after booking. Domestic flights are USD 125, and international flights are USD 450. These charges are different for business-class flyers.
  • According to British Airways business class cancellation policy, your ticket may cost more than an economy ticket. As such, prices may vary and be higher. However, under certain conditions, some flexibility may be permitted.

Airlines do not consider free cancellation for personal reasons. Fees will waive for specific reasons, such as cancellation due to death or illness. However, you must submit appropriate documentation to justify your termination upon termination.

British Airways Cancellation Compensation

To claim British Airways Flight Cancellation Cover, you should contact the airline as soon as possible. It will help if you do this quickly, as factors such as request timing can play a role. Connect with your team so you can share your concerns. You can request any document/evidence to support your claim. A team member will further guide you through the process of claiming compensation.

British Airways Refund Policy

British Airways Refund Policy

The refund amount may take some time to reflect in your account. It usually takes 6-7 business days, depending on the airline’s situation and each bank. You can cancel tickets within 24 hours of purchase. Depending on the bank where you made the purchase, it may take up to three weeks after the cancellation fee has been deducted. Please complete the online refund form under British Airways cancellation policy.

  • You can cancel your ticket by visiting the British Airways official website and clicking ‘Manage Booking‘ for any ticket booked on or by contacting the British Airways team.
  • To receive credit for tickets received from a travel agent, you must call the travel agent at +1-866-217-1292 This facility can pay an additional fee.
  • The charge of compensation will depend on the type of ticket purchased. You will see this number when you cancel your ticket.
  • Each ticket has fare conditions, specific refund restrictions, and non-refundable and permanent conditions. There is no British Airways cancellation or rebooking fees for all British Airways flights.
  • You may review or cancel the terms of the British Airways Cancellation Agreement before making your booking.
  • You will need more than simply contacting British Airways to give you a refund.

British Airways Medical Cancellation Policy

British Airways offers a medical cancellation policy which allows customers to cancel their flight in the event of an unexpected medical emergency that prevents them from travelling. The policy is designed to provide customers with flexibility and peace of mind when booking their flights and allows customers to claim a refund if they are unable to travel due to medical reasons.

Cancel For a Refund if Your Holiday is Impacted

The medical cancellation policy applies to customers who have a valid medical certificate that proves they are unable to travel due to a medical emergency at the time of their scheduled flight. Customers must provide a valid medical certificate to British Airways when they submit a claim for cancellation. British Airways will also consider requests for refunds if customers are unable to travel due to unexpected medical complications that arise during the period of their trip.

  • Customers can submit a claim for a refund under the medical cancellation policy either online or by contacting British Airways customer service. When submitting a claim, customers must provide a copy of the valid medical certificate along with the other necessary documents, such as their flight booking details and proof of payment.
  • British Airways will also consider requests for refunds if the medical emergency arises after the customer has already paid for their ticket. In these cases, customers must provide a valid medical certificate that covers the period before the flight was scheduled to take place.
  • The medical cancellation policy does not cover pre-existing medical conditions that customers are aware of prior to booking their flight. British Airways also reserves the right to refuse a refund if the customer is unable to provide a valid medical certificate or if the medical certificate does not cover the period of their travel.

Overall, customers can benefit from the medical cancellation policy offered by British Airways in the event of an unexpected medical emergency. The policy provides customers with flexibility and peace of mind when booking their flights and gives them the opportunity to claim a refund if they are unable to travel due to medical reasons

British Airways Holidays Cancellation Policy

British Airways Holidays Cancellation Policy

You can make changes to the package. To cancel or modify British offers, customers must contact their local agent.

You cannot change your tickets online through the website. For holiday season cancellations, please also note the following:

  • If you only cancel one ticket of the Holiday Package, you will get the amount minus the cancellation fee.
  • Customers must keep the number of days on their holiday package. However, you can call local helpline to find out about plan-switching options.
  • British Airways cancellation policy is straightforward. The company’s many years of experience in the aviation industry have allowed it to formulate policies in a highly customer-oriented manner. Therefore, you can tailor British Airways’ cancellation and refund policy to your convenience.

For more flight-related information, you can log in to Or you can connect us through support at or call +1-866-217-1292. ensures to provide you with the best flight experience. We provide 700 above destinations, aiming at making your journey comfortable and blissful. Our executive will guide you through booking and exploring the world.


5. What is British Airways’ cancellation policy for tickets?

The British Airways Cancellation Policy contains specific guidelines or rules. You must follow these ticket cancellation rules when cancelling your flight. Policies may vary depending on the purchase of your ticket.

6. What is the 24-hour cancellation policy of British Airways?

Full refund without deductions or cancellation fees within 24 hours of booking. You can book tickets for our partner in the UK, which will stay for 24 hours before payment. You can book tickets through the airline.

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