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Everything About Singapore Airlines Business Class

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Are you one of those who are searching for some information about Singapore airlines business class? Well, then great for you as you have reached just the site you ought to. You must know that Singapore Airlines provides the best quality product in all classes of services and the business class is just no exception. Overall, Singapore Airlines excels in the facilities provided for business class cabins. Hence if you have chosen to fly with Singapore Airlines then you have made the perfect choice to experience a new level of travel. You can now read along and as you go through this blog you will find all the answers to your queries.

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Singapore Airlines Business Class Overview

You will be extremely glad to know that with Singapore Airlines Business Class you will get to explore various destinations in over 60 countries through the wide-ranging network the airline provides its passengers, which helps to bring the world just closer to you? In this business class, you are provided with absolutely top-notch services, comfort, and innovation, which surely guarantee a remarkable travel experience. Furthermore, you get to indulge in delectable cuisine and also a wide selection of entertainment options, that boasts over 1,800 channels.

With Singapore Airlines you can experience ultimate comfort by choosing to fly in Singapore Airlines A350, A380, 777, 787 or 737 aircraft in the business class category. However, this depends on your flight and the personal preference that you choose from different types of business class seats to help enhance your travel experiences. The airline also offers ‘KrisWorld’ which is an in-flight entertainment system that has over 1000 options displayed on a large, high-definition screen. In addition, you are also provided with noise-cancelling headphones to make sure that you get an immersive entertainment experience.

Moreover, to help passengers personalize their dining experience the Airline also presents ‘Book the Cook’ where you are allowed to select from a range of dishes served on fine Narumi Porcelain. You can complement your meal with champagne and wines from top vineyards from across the world. Along with that for extra comfort during the long flights slippers and eyeshades as well are also provided. So you can freshen up also mid-flight using toiletries from Penhaligon’s it is available in the business class lavatories. Altogether, choosing Singapore Airlines Business class you have every aspect of the journey meticulously designed in order to offer you unparalleled luxury, comfort, and convenience.

Singapore Business Class – A380

Singapore Airlines Business Class – A380

So if you have made up your mind to fly on Singapore Airlines A380 then you will surely enjoy new Business Class seats which are upholstered in full grain leather by the one and only ‘Poltrona Frau’ and guess what it can easily be transformed from a chair to a bed with sculpted wings which gives better support. By choosing this business class you will have enough space for your luggage, laptop, and bag right near you. You just got to push and you will be already for relaxation at any time.

Business Class Flight:  A350 & 777

Another top-class service you can choose is Singapore Airlines Business Class A350 or 777 flights. Here you get to relax in the Business Class seats that offer you two positions such as ‘Lazy Z and Sundeck’. Whereas, some other features are just the same as the business class A380.

Business Class – Flight ‘A350 and 787’

If you want to have fun and a comfortable journey then you can choose the regional Business class seats on Singapore Airlines A350 or 787. You are provided with the most comfortable seats that are reclined into a fully flat bed and have lower able armrests as well that allow you to get good rest after work. Furthermore, the seat configuration is specifically designed for personal space and freedom that also has direct aisle access from every seat.

Singapore Airlines Regional Business Class – 737-8

The Regional business class Singapore Airlines 737-8 – the seats in this class can fully recline into over six-foot long beds which make it extra comfortable. Along with that, there is also one aisle that has staggered seating arrangements of 1, 2, 1 and it allows every seat direct access to the aisle as well.

Singapore Regional Business Class – Flight ‘737-800 NG’

With Singapore Airlines Regional Business Class 737-800 NG aircraft you have the seats upholstered in leather and they are laid out into a single aisle configuration. These seats allow you to recline up to 8 inches for maximum comfort.

How to Book Singapore Business Class Tickets?

Book Singapore Business Class Tickets

Now you are aware that Singapore Airlines is known to provide a premier business class experience but you must know how to book the Singapore business class ticket. However, before we begin you must know about Singapore KrisFlyer.

Singapore KrisFlyer – You should know that Singapore Airlines do not release much (if any) business class award space to partners. Usually, the airline only allows business class awards to be booked via its own KrisFlyer program.

The following are the steps to book your flight online with Singapore Airlines Business Class:

  • You will need to start by visiting the Singapore Airlines website first.
  • And then you got to select the ‘Redeem Flights’ option.
  • After that, you should select your desired travel dates and routes.
  • Next, you just need to select ‘Business’ as your cabin of choice.
  • And now you must click on the ‘Search’ tab.
  • Finally, you should select your flight and that’s it.

If you still have any issue regarding the booking process you can call the travel agent at +1-866-217-1292 for the same process.

Important information you ought to know:

  • The Airline displays a ‘Waitlist’ as well in addition to available award seats only. Therefore you would need to have the KrisFlyer miles in your Singapore Airlines account if you would like to waitlist a flight.
  • You should know that several passengers were able to get their waitlisted seat confirmed within a week of the scheduled departure and some just had a waiting period of a month or 2 before the flight departure.
  • If you like you could also book stopovers on award tickets as well with the airline; the stopovers on round-trip Saver level awards are absolutely free.
  • So if you want to book a stopover you would need to first book your award ticket over the phone call or book it online and then call up Singapore Airlines to book the stopover for you.

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Singapore Business Class Ticket Price

Well, when you choose to fly business class it is definitely a superior experience to the economy, but it also comes with a high price tag as well. However, the airfares totally vary on your destination country and the prices too can go up to SGD 10,370 (USD 7,679), this can happen even on a way booking so stay alert.

Moreover, a one-way booking from Singapore to London range starts at SGD 9,404 (GBP 5,627), whereas a flight to Sydney costs SGD 4,249 (AUD 4,810). Then the short-haul destinations that are to Manila usually cost somewhere from SGD 1,172 (PHP 48,403) and to Kuala Lumpur will cost from SGD 640 (MYR 2,183).

Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge

Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge

You also need to know that the Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge that is at Changi Airport also provides you with a wide range of facilities and services that are uniquely design to increase the convenience of the passengers and also to provide comfort to those flyers in Business class. Do you know that as you arrive at the airport you also have the advantage of a porter service who can assist you with your luggage and you can also locate the ‘First Class’ check-in area? You can enjoy so much with this business class as the lounge boasts well-appointed seating arrangements that provide you with a cozy and relaxing environment for your unwinding. Furthermore, the check-in procedures are manage efficiently by dedicate ‘Passenger Relations Officers’ who ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all travellers.

Some amazing facilities available at Singapore Airlines Business Class lounge also include the following:

  • Dedicated check-ins
  • Private entrance
  • Porter Services
  • Complimentary wireless internet
  • TV screens
  • Selection of warm food and list of snacks
  • Nursing room
  • Restroom facilities
  • Shower rooms
  • Meetings rooms and much more.


Now you are all set and ready to fly Singapore Airlines business class, right? We trust that we have provided you with the most relevant and absolute information and details that you require. However, in case you still seeking more guidance or have any confusion regarding Singapore Airlines business class then you can feel free to contact Flight Assistance at any time. And the team will immediately guide you through the details needed.

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