Avianca Flight Change Policy

Avianca Change Flight Policy

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Changing and cancelling a flight ticket is the most hassle in some work. The Avianca flight change policy is the least complicated of all the regulations due to its carefully crafted rules. The airline will most definitely accommodate any changes you would like to make to your ticket.

You can save the hassle of going online to learn everything there is to know regarding Avianca Flight Change Policy. Enjoy a thorough guide that includes all the details you need to make your voyage simple as you read along.

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Avianca Ticket Change Policy

The carrier has undergone unexpected adjustments and established some admirable procedures that ensure travellers will have a fantastic voyage. As a result, all of the passengers’ needs are met by Avianca. Continue reading to learn more about it if you want to alter your seat or vary your cuisine to suit your mood.

  • Avianca Airlines offers customers free ticket changes within 24 hours of booking. If the customers don’t use the free changing period, they will be required to pay the airline a nominal cost.
  • Flight changes on Avianca can only be made using the method used to purchase the tickets. The modifications can only be done online if the reservations were purchased online.
  • The passengers would be obligated to pay the gap in amount to proceed with the modification in the event that the price for the previous flight was less than the fee for a new flight.
  • It is simple to alter the schedule, but doing so would result in the passengers losing all their rights from the previous flight. You will lose the promotion while moving, for instance, if the airline promoted you to Business Class on the aircraft you are changing.
  • On the ticket, a name change is simple to make. However, the airline would not accept your request if you wanted to completely alter your name on the ticket and then sell it.

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Change Itinerary

Avianca flight Change Online

  • The “Book with Flexibility” option makes it simple for travellers willing to change any aspect of their itinerary. When necessary, this option guarantees a free adjustment in their destination.
  • It could be challenging to switch a domestic route for an international one. In this situation, the passengers might contact customer service representatives.
  • Depending on the kind of tickets bought, the itinerary can change. However, even when adjustments are made close to the departure date, sometimes travellers are not charged a price.
  • The itinerary of tickets bought with Avianca’s Life miles cannot be changed. Therefore, if the travellers’ intended destination changes, they must renounce their reservations and purchase new ones.

Change the Wrong Name on the Ticket

  • Every passenger may modify their first and last names in accordance with the Avianca flight change policy. If there is a typo, you can amend it without cost.
  • Only if the travellers have supplied a current passport and the carrier has given its approval can Avianca modify the name on the ticket.
  • Those who bought group tickets must divide the reservation on which the rebranding needs to be made. Then, generate a new PNR with the updated passenger name while keeping the ticket’s other details unchanged, including the date, class, and time.
  • Travellers can submit their PNR with the incorrect name and the right name for the simplest name change method at

Avianca Seat Change Policy

Avianca Seat Change Policy

  • After purchasing your tickets, you have the option of choosing any seat. However, you must pay a small premium for this service if the company does not include it in your airfare.
  • The category of ticket you have booked and the destination determine whether you can change your seat on an Avianca Airlines flight.
  • On the official website of Avianca Airlines, click the “Manage Booking” area. From there, select the “Modify Booking” section to rearrange your reservation as desired.
  • Your ticket is only eligible for one free seat change. After that, the airline would charge you a price based on how many times you want to change your reservation if you wish to do it twice or more.

Avianca Airlines 24 Hours Change Policy

By flying with Avianca Airlines, passengers are offered a timeless journey with outstanding regulations. In addition, you can take full use of Avianca’s 24-hour free-change policy in the event of an accident. How? Please read the following points carefully.

  • The progenitor of the 24-h regulation is the Avianca flight change policy. After 24hrs of reservation, you have the freedom to modify your ticket without penalty.
  • You would need to pay the airline a minor fee if you were unable to alter your reservation within the time frame specified by the airline for some reason.
  • Depending on the ticket’s paid fare, a 24-hour change may be possible. Tickets that are non-refundable cannot be altered in any way.
  • Even if you make the modifications within 24 hours, you will still be required to pay the bonus if the previous ticket’s price is less than the new one.

The fee to Change Avianca Airlines Flight

You may see the statistics on how much the airlines charge for various flight categories below:

  • A traveller who purchased an Economy Class ticket must pay the difference in airfare plus a total of USD 500. However, suppose the passengers have tickets in Flex Class. In that case, the itinerary change cost is USD 150, in addition to the fare gap between the flights (the fare difference is the price difference between the original trip that was booked and the new flight that the customers want to schedule).
  • The promotion class change cost is USD 700 in addition to the flight fare difference.
  • Even if the modification is made within 24hrs, the travellers must still pay the cost difference for their flights. However, in this situation, the carrier only charges the customers for an upgraded trip.
  • The Avianca Airlines change cost varies depending on the day the modifications are made, the ticket’s class, it’s kind (refundable or non-refundable), and its location.
  • Avianca Airlines goes above and beyond to enhance your travels. You can read more about Avianca Airlines’ changed flight fares on their website or dial the customer care line to get specific pricing information if you’d want to know more.

Ways To Change Your Tickets In Avianca Airlines

There are various ways to implement the changes at Avianca Airlines. The Avianca flight change policy offers its customers a wide range of options to select one that best suits their needs.

The simplest way to make changes from the convenience of your couch is online, where you can change your tickets. It spares you not only from the inconvenience of delays but also from paying any surcharges.

 Change Avianca Flight Online

  • Visit the official website of Avianca Airlines .
  • Use your login information to access your account.
  • Once logged in, go to the modify booking tab on the home page, which will take you to a separate page that deals, particularly with the adjustments.
  • Before clicking “continue,” provide your full name and the confirmation number.
  • To access the Avianca ticket modification button, click on the provided link.
  • Before cancelling, double-check your information, and then click the Proceed option.
  • You will now get a notification or SMS on your entered email address or phone number once the process is complete.

How To Change Flight Via A Call?

  • Call the Avianca Airlines customer service line.
  • In order to help you with the additional modifications, a customer service representative will speak with you on the phone.
  • Specify the modifications you want to make.
  • Your PNR number would be requested by the executive, who would then check to see if the passenger was authorized to make any changes.
  • When you cover the distinction in the airfare, the executive will advise you of the modification fees and make the necessary changes

Changing Flight At The Ticket Centre

  • Visit one of Avianca Airlines’ ticket offices.
  • Find a customer executive at the terminal, and provide them with information about your flight so they can investigate it further.
  • To avoid errors, be explicit about the adjustments you must make and elaborate on them.
  • The executive would compare your requests with Avianca’s policy about flight changes. If necessary, a modest fee would be assessed against you.
  • Lo and behold! Once you have finished making the payment, the executive will make the changes.

Avianca Flight Change Rules

The airline doesn’t consider going above and above to provide you with a memorable experience. But, you need to be aware of a few standard restrictions and limitations to continue taking advantage of Avianca Flight Change Policy.

  • You will be liable for the airline’s charges if you repeatedly modify your Avianca Airlines reservation in violation of the terms for changes.
  • Avianca Airlines must keep the reservations that have been bought from a 3rd person. To make adjustments or cancellations, if you purchased a ticket through the agents, get in touch with them.
  • Modifications to the meals and seats should be made at least 24 hours before takeoff. For your requests to be fulfilled, the carrier needs some time.
  • You must maintain your class upgrade when changing your ticket to make a claim for reimbursement.
  • You are eligible for full reimbursement or the choice of the next available alternative flight if the airline delays the aircraft by more than three hours.

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Q1 Can I change my flight with Avianca airlines?

Definitely, if the adjustments are made within 24 hours, Avianca Airlines provides you with the ability to modify your flight entirely free of charge. You can adjust your order both online and offline, but you must cancel or modify it in the same manner that you purchased your ticket.
In other words, if a passenger purchased their online booking, they can only implement alterations online. The same is true for customers who bought tickets over the phone or through customer service.

Q2 How much do Avianca airlines cost to change a flight?

If the complimentary change period has passed and you still want to make changes, you will be charged. The costs typically vary depending on a number of variables, particularly the ticket class. Regardless of whether the cancellations are made less than 24 hours in advance, all passengers will be liable for any discrepancies in their flights.
When making modifications, a traveller with a Premium economy seat must pay 500 USD in addition to the difference in the ticket.
Flex class ticket holders are obligated to shell out 150 USD in addition to the fee difference. Each person having a promotion class ticket must pay an additional 700 USD for the additional ticket price.

Q3 How to change seats on Avianca?

According to Avianca’s flight change policy, switching seats on the airline is simple. However, it would help if you went to the “manage to book” area of the official website. Afterwards, you can enter your flight information and access the seating option.
The customers must give up their current seats and reserve a new one in their preferred location. Make sure the airline is letting you modify the seats before proceeding.

Q4 Can I change my flight date while travelling with Avianca airlines?

Without a doubt, you can alter the date of your travel after purchasing a ticket from Avianca Airlines. However, although all date adjustments are free, you must cover the distinction if the flight you want to purchase is more costly than the one you already booked in anticipation of making any changes.
Avianca Airlines occasionally needs to permit changes to the departure date, however. Therefore, when reserving the ticket, verify whether you are permitted to make any changes.

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