Interjet Flight Change Policy

Interjet Flight Change Policy

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Interjet Flight Change Policy: One of the top airlines in Mexico is Interjet Airlines. If you need to change your ticket, Interjet Change Flight is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can change and fix mistakes without fuss.

To complete the work, you must be familiar with Interjet Modify Flight Policy. You’ll be able to save time, effort, and money over time if you learn all the nuances of insurance. Be a wise traveller and make the adjustments quickly and pleasantly.

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What is the Interjet Flight Change Policy?

The traveller must have an airline-verified ticket in order to use the Interjet Change Flight facility. In addition, it implies that tickets bought from a third-party agent are not entitled to a complete refund.

According to the Interjet Flight Change Policy, the Airline will not charge a change fee if the passengers make the required changes within the free change window. However, if a traveller changes a ticket after booking it for 24 hours due to an unforeseen circumstance, the change cost must be paid. In addition, the Airline may not charge a change fee if a change is necessary because of a passenger’s illness.

The Airline offers some of the most affordable ticket prices. Hence they do not permit cancellation after the first 24 hours of purchasing, as you can see when you look closely at the Interjet Flight Change Policy. Although there are modification fees involved, you can alter the scheduled ticket. However, if you purchased the ticket outside of an approved channel, you are not eligible to make adjustments, according to the Interjet Flight Change Policy.

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Does Interjet allow passenger to change their name on tickets?

name change on interjet flight

Indeed, Interjet permits its passengers to modify the name on their tickets. However, in order to do so, you must adhere to Interjet’s Change Flight Fee policy and pay the applicable fee. The change fee amount is determined based on the fare category of the passenger’s ticket and the time of the requested changes.

Interjet Change Flight Fee as per fare type:

1) Ultra-Light flight ticket

If you need to modify your scheduled airline ticket, you will be charged 799 MXN. However, if you are flying to destinations outside of Mexico, the Airline will impose an Interjet Change Flight Fee of 79 USD or 89 CAD. This fee will be applied to any changes you make to your itinerary, and it is essential to be aware of the associated costs when adjusting your travel plans.

2) Optima flight ticket

The Airline will charge 599 MXN for flights inside Mexico and 35 USD or 48 CAD for flights outside of Mexico as part of the Interjet Change Flight Charge.

3) Light flight ticket

In order to travel within Mexico, you must pay 699 MXN. However, the Airline will incur an Interjet Change Flight Charge of 69 USD or 79 CDN if you are heading to destinations outside of Mexico.

4) Priority

The Interjet Change Flight Charge is not charged to passengers with Priority Flight Tickets; they are permitted to make changes as many as they like.

Between 4 to 24 hours prior to departure

1) Ultra-Light flight ticket

This ticket type is subject to a change fee of 999 MXN if changes are made between 4 to 24 hours before departure for flights within Mexico. For routes outside Mexico, the change fee is 99 USD or 120 CAD.

2) Optima flight ticket

Flights within Mexico, the Interjet Change Fee for this ticket type is 899 MXN. For routes outside Mexico, the fee is 89 USD or 115 CAD.

3) Light flight ticket

Passengers with this ticket type must pay a change fee of 599 MXN for flights within Mexico. For routes outside Mexico, the Interjet Change Fee is 35 USD or 48 CAD.

4) Priority

This ticket type offers the most benefits, as passengers cannot pay the Interjet Change Fee and can make unlimited changes to their flight tickets. In addition, the Airline’s customer service team can be reached at a dedicated number for assistance.

There is a toll-free number accessible 24/7 from anywhere worldwide that passengers can call for assistance with changing their flight tickets. In addition, Interjet Airlines offers a dedicated staff team to assist passengers with the process.

Other methods by which you can make changes are mentioned below:

The simple instructions for Interjet Ticket Change Procedures are provided below:

Interjet Ticket Change Online Method

The Interjet Ticket Change Online Method is an easy and popular way for passengers to change their airline tickets. It offers convenience and allows travellers to save money without sacrificing comfort. There are two options for using this method: the Interjet Airlines official website or the official mobile application. Both options provide a user-friendly interface, making changing a ticket quick. Using the online process, passengers can enjoy extra luxury and a hassle-free experience.

Interjet Ticket Change Offline Method

Many people need clarification about online methods, and for those individuals, Interjet Airlines provides an offline option to change their tickets. This traditional process is known as the Interjet Ticket Change Offline Method. However, this offline process is more demanding and requires more time and energy than the online change process. There are three different ways to make changes offline, such as visiting the airport counter or ticketing office of Interjet Airlines. The offline cancellation process takes more time, and an additional administration fee needs to be paid.

How to Execute the Interjet Change Flight Methods?

Using the official mobile app:

  1. Visit the official Interjet website or call to +1-866-217-1292
  2. Use the user credentials to finish logging in (username and password).
  3. Choose “My reservation” from the menu.
  4. Enter the reservation code and the passenger’s last name to search for the ticket you want to modify.
  5. Choose the ticket, then select the change tab.
  6. Make the adjustments as necessary. If you update the passenger’s name, it must match the name on the passport.
  7. Go through the Change request form before submitting the request.
  8. Choose the method of payment that best suits your preferences for the Interjet Change Charge.
  9. Finally, the replacement ticket will be delivered to the email address and phone number associated with the Airline.

At the Airport counter or ticketing office:

Interjet flight change at airport

  1. Visit the Interjet desk at the airport.
  2. Provide your passport and ticket as identification.
  3. The agency will verify your booking.
  4. Request the required modifications, then pay the Eva Air Ticket Change Charge.
  5. Your replacement ticket will be delivered to your registered email and phone number as soon as you pay the change cost, at which point the agent will finish the procedure.

Interjet Change Flight through KIOSK Tower:

Interjet Change Flight through KIOSK

  1. Visit the KIOSK tower at the airport for self-service and speedy service.
  2. Complete your identification process.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and make the required modifications using your ticket number. Before submitting, be sure the changes are correct.
  4. Choose a payment method to pay the Interjet Ticket Change Fee.
  5. The Airline will give you the new confirmed ticket with your registered credentials, and you can now print the new ticket.

Interjet Change Flight by calling on the customer service number

Interjet Flight Change through call support

  1. Call the free hotline to Interjet Change Flight.
  2. To verify your identity, choose the language and enter your login.
  3. Provide the agent with the passenger’s name, the date of departure, the reservation number, and additional user credentials.
  4. Request any necessary adjustments from the agent. The agent could enquire as to why you modified it.
  5. Appropriately pay the Interjet change fee.
  6. Your registered email address and mobile number will receive notifications from the agent with the updated, changed ticket.

Does the Interjet Airline offer a Date change facility?

Certainly, Interjet Airline provides its passengers with the option to change their travel dates. However, passengers will be charged a fee for this service in accordance with the Airline’s policy. The Interjet Date Change fee varies depending on factors such as the passenger’s fare type, travel route, membership program, and the reason for the Change. Availability also affects the date change facility, and permission from the Interjet Airlines authority is required to make any changes.

How to perform the Internet Date change without paying the change fee?

To make changes to your departure date without incurring any fees, you must do so within 24 hours of booking, and the new departure date must be at least one week from the date of Change. Premium ticket holders do not need to pay change fees, even after the 24-hour window. They can change their booking as often as possible without incurring costs. However, passengers who do not have premium tickets will need to pay the Interjet Change Date fee, which will vary based on the fare type they purchased. The Airline may waive the change fee in cases where changes are due to illness or bereavement.

How do you make changes to the date of departure online?

The following are some useful guidelines that will assist you in changing your departure date on the official internet portal:

  • Go to the official Interjet Airlines website.
  • Login to your account by completing the sign-in process.
  • Navigate to the “My reservation” section and enter your booking reference number and the passenger’s family name.
  • Select the ticket for which you want to change the departure date.
  • Make the necessary changes to the date as per your requirements.
  • Fill out all the required fields and click the “Continue” button.
  • Pay the Interjet Change Date fee in accordance with the Airline’s terms and conditions.
  • Click on the “submit” button to finalize your request.
  • Interjet will send you a new, modified ticket via your registered email and phone number.

Does Interjet Airlines offer same-day flight change?

Yes. The Airline permits same-day changes to flights. You must, however, pay the Interjet Change fee in order to do so. A premium ticket holder can make adjustments repeatedly and without incurring a cost. But, depending on the route and kind of tickets, the remaining passengers must pay a change cost that ranges from 50 to 100 USD.

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