Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

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Do you want to know more about Singapore airlines premium economy? If so then, you would be thrill to know that you have come across the best blog you could as here you will be explain in detail all the important terms and conditions along with all the first class facilities Singapore Airlines provides its passenger who choose Premium Economy to travel.

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A Complete Guide: Singapore Airlines Premium Economy

Well, Singapore Airlines had their Premium Economy space products offer onboard from 2015 only and therefore it is comparatively new compared to several airlines. There are many ‘Premium Economy’ products that tend to hover somewhere between economy and business class and in this case; Singapore Airlines Premium Economy is just no exception. So the passengers with Premium Economy on SIA (which is longstanding shorthand for the airline) can look forward to having the most comfortable services along with many important bells and whistles of business class.

What You Must Know About Singapore Airlines Premium Economy?

Well, you may already know that ‘Premium Economy’ is available on a widebody aircraft that serves long-haul markets, right? This is because some flights that are shorter routes within Asia that continue onward to further destinations might also be operated with the airlines outfitted with Premium Economy cabins.

Furthermore, the passengers that connect onward to short-haul flights within a Premium Economy cabin will also be book in Economy Class on those particular flights. Such as the passengers that are travelling from San Francisco to Penang, Malaysia will travel in Premium Economy onboard the Air-bus A350 to 900 from San Francisco to Singapore and in Economy onboard the 737 to 800 to Penang.

How Does Premium Economy Singapore Airlines Compare To The Regular Economy?

The ‘Premium Economy’ Singapore Airlines provide; experience is much closer to Economy class than to Business class. The seats are way larger with more extra space, and the passengers will benefit from a larger screen and noise-cancelling headphones instead of earbuds. However, the meals are virtually the same with the same crockery only with one important difference.

How Does Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Compare To Business Class?

The airlines Business Class on the long-haul flights on which Premium Economy is offered to passengers is a noteworthy experience which has elevated space and it includes lie-flat seats and renowned catering served in courses on china utensils along with linen dressed trays.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Experience At The Airport

  • Lounge – The airline’s Premium Economy class has no lounge access included.
  • Check-In – The passengers who have Premium Economy get a dedicated check-in line. ‘Check-In’ is a standard process that involves verifications of the passenger’s documents, seat selection and baggage check as well.
  • Baggage – Now for the itineraries that are originating in the United States and Canada, the airlines use the piece concept which allows Premium Economy passengers to check two bags up to 50 pounds//23 kilos each. And this is also the same check baggage allowance for Economy Class passengers and less than 32 kilo/70-pound allowance for each bag for Business Class.

You should also know that ‘Checked Baggage’ is a priority–tagged for Premium Economy passengers and is the same for Business Class. Moreover Premium Economy has the same carry-on bag allowance as Economy passengers-one bag up to 15 pounds/7 kilos per bag.

The Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Experience In The Air


You should know that the airline provides the same seat as the Premium Economy class for each aircraft. The only difference is the location of the seat on the aircraft. The seats provided in Premium Economy are ‘19 wide with 38’ of pitch; it is almost equivalent to domestic first class in the USA. In addition, a large 13.5 LCD screen for entertainment is also available with a separate handset as well as a leg and footrest that deploys from the bottom of the seat itself.


Well the Premium Economy cabins are smaller and a little more intimate compared to Economy cabins which also offer more privacy and less noise. The seats in Premium Economy are larger with more space and recline however, like other carriers offer Premium Economy cabins there is no increase in baggage allowance or any significant differences in the dining and amenities the airline offers.

Furthermore, the amenities offered are the same as provided in Economy Class; the kit contains socks, lip balm, and a dental kit if requested. The passengers may also ask for sleep masks or earplugs and will find skin moisturizers, mouthwash, shave lotion etc in the lavatories.


The passenger’s meals are served on a single tray and you will see that it is virtually identical when served in the Economy class. But there is one massive difference the passengers with Premium Economy can have their own version of the Airlines’ famous ‘Book the Book’ service as well. And therefore this facility allows them to pre-order specific entrees up to 24 hours before the flight departure.

For example, the passengers that depart from LA can choose from a spiced cauliflower steak, croquet madame (breakfast), Lu Rou Fan (this is five spices pork belly), pork congee or katsu curry as a main dish. The passengers also have an option to choose from a third main dish onboard this is in addition to the two dishes offered already in the Economy cabin.

Now from a recent flight, the entrée choices also included peanut curry beef, baked fish, or braised chicken along with noodles. You should also keep in mind that unlike other carriers Singapore Airlines do not include vegetarian as the main dish on the regular menu except for the flights to India. Hence if any passenger would like a vegetarian meal then they would need to order a special meal or use the ‘Book the Cook’ service which definitely includes one vegetarian main dish at least.

Do you know that the ‘Book the Cook’ facility allows Premium Economy passengers to preselect a main dish from the in-flight menu? Moreover, they can also view the dish in their reservation about a week before the flight departure.


Now just like the Economy Class, a full bar is also available throughout the flight. You will always have a favorite cocktail on board as it is Singapore Sling, a mix of gin, Benedictine, orange liqueur, cherry brandy, pineapple juice, bitters as well as grenadine, this is known as Singapore’s national drink.

How To Book Singapore Airlines Premium Economy?

To book a Singapore Airlines flight online or Through Travel Agency at +1-866-217-1292.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the “Book Trip” tab (default selection).
  3. Fill in your travel details in the provided fields.
  4. Click the “Search” icon.
  5. Review the available flight options displayed.
  6. Select your desired flight.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to:
    • Choose a payment method.
    • Enter the necessary information.
    • Optionally select a seat.
    • Verify your reservation details.
    • Make the payment.
  8. In case of booking issues, contact Singapore Airlines reservations at +1-866-217-1292.
  9. After successful payment, receive your e-ticket via email.

What is The Cost of a Premium Economy Ticket on Singapore Airlines?

The cost for a premium economy ticket on Singapore Airlines from the West Coast to Singapore can be as low as $1,400 roundtrip (the lower fares are frequently available on flights with stopovers instead of nonstop flights to Singapore). Furthermore the roundtrips from New York’s JFK to Frankfurt, Germany the flight continues onward to Singapore however it also sells fares for the Transatlantic sector as well which start around $985.

How To Upgrade To The Premium Economy of Singapore Airlines For Free?

You need to know that the airline does not upgrade passengers for free with a good reason such as overbooking. However, when they do need to upgrade a passenger, the members of the airline’s frequent flier programs KrisFlyer and PPS Club (this is their program for frequent First and Business class flyers) are first considered.

Does it Cost To Upgrade To Premium Economy on Singapore Airlines?

Do you know that Singapore Airlines sells upgrades within 72 hours of its flight departure? The emailing passengers get an email in their reservation, or it allows the passengers to login into their reservation in order to check for offers. Nevertheless, the upgrading price varies; reports online indicate that upgrades to Premium Economy on Transoceanic flights usually are from $500 to $1200.

How Many ‘Miles’ Do You Need To Upgrade to Singapore Airlines Premium Economy?

The members with the KrisFlyer program are allow to upgrade from ‘Discount (Singapore Airlines calls this ‘Standard’) Economy to Premium Economy for as low as 26,000 miles from New York JFK to Frankfurt, and 48,000 miles from Los Angeles to Tokyo, or 50,500 miles from San Francisco to Singapore. Additionally, from ‘Full Fare’ (known as Flexi in Singapore Airlines) Economy to Premium Economy is as low as 15,500 miles from New York JFK to Frankfurt, 33,000 miles from LA to Tokyo and 33,500 miles from San Francisco to Singapore.


Now that you are done reading the above information you should be all good to go about Singapore Airlines premium economy. However, if you require any more details regarding the same then you can always connect with the team at Flight Assistance. And they will guide you accordingly with the most suitable information.

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