United Airlines Reservations

United Airlines Reservations

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United Airlines reservations can take you to 356 destinations in 48 countries across five continents. United Flight cabin configurations typically comprise Premium (United Polaris Business, First Class, Business Class) and Basic Economy—with seat upgrades.

Un Flight is a significant American airline headquartered in Chicago. The airline operates from 8 hubs—the largest of them is the Chicago-O’Hare. Based on the number of routes and fleet size of 843+ aircraft, United is the third-largest airline in the world.

You are more likely to book a United Airlines trip in the future since it is one of the biggest US airlines, especially if you reside close to its hub.

Customer Support Number: +1-866-217-1292

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About United Airlines Flights

One of the well-known airlines is United Airlines. The Airline does more than 5000 flights every single day. With more than 350 airports, it offers services on all seven continents. United Airlines is 94 years old and began operations in the year 1926. The third largest Airline flies to 343 locations worldwide with its enormous 843-strong fleet!

It belongs to Star Alliance, the world’s biggest code-sharing and marketing alliance. United reservation Holdings, INC was the new name of the business. It is among the greatest, safest, and most reliable airlines. There are more than 160 satisfied clients.

So, you can depend on United Airlines Flights reservation to get you anywhere you need to go!

United Airlines Reservations—Options

You can make a flight reservation on United Airlines in several ways:

  1. Online via United.com
  2. Via phone at +1-866-217-1292
  3. Through mobile application
  4. Through the United Airlines sales office
  5. Via a travel agency

United Airlines Policies

United Airlines provides its flyers with numerous facilities. Some of them are below.

  • Cancellation policy

United exclusively provides United tickets that are completely refundable under their accommodating 24-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations made after 24 hours will not be refunded. However, they also offered a reimbursement when United was the one who canceled the trip. Anyone inquiring about Is United repaying may contact customer care:+1-866-217-1292 . It is also good since you may get direct information from the person managing your return regarding flight refund procedures.

  • Baggage policy

Each class has a distinct Baggage policy. It primarily relies on the seat that you reserved on United Airlines flights. Additionally, it depends on how long the travel is, as opposed to how short. The amount of luggage you may bring is always limited. Customers with MileagePlus membership can transport up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms).

According to United Airlines Guidelines, travelers who are Mileage Plus members receive a few extra privileges. They can carry one additional bag following the regulations for bookings made in business class. You must spend a certain sum of money or additional fees if you want to carry more bags.

The United Airlines Baggage policy controls all prices. It is advised to pay the costs while making reservations and using online methods.

United Airlines Reservations by Phone Number

If a traveler prefers to make a reservation by phone rather than online, they can call the United Airlines Reservations Phone Number at +1-866-217-1292. Call this toll-free reservation line, provide your travel information, pick a fare option, and complete your reservation in minutes.

united Reservations Phone Number

United Airlines Mobile App Reservations

With the help of the mobile app, you can make reservations for United Airlines. You must install the app, create an account, and then begin.

How to Save Money on United Airlines Reservations?

  1. Call United Airlines Reservations number +1-866-217-1292 to make a reservation for a discounted flight. This number is available round-the-clock and offers tickets at a discount.
  2. See this page for promotions.
  3. Sign up for the email list here.
  4. View offers and discounts for MileagePlus on this page.

Flying benefits with United Flight

United Airlines has many perks, such as; members of Mileage Plus being given a credit card by United Airlines. United Airlines’ loyalty program, Mileage Plus, provides rewards, exclusive services, and advantages. It provides a relaxing and delightful trip for passengers. The reviews and user feedback of United Airlines indicate that it offers a remarkable experience.

They are renowned for delivering excellent in-flight services as well. The Airline provides premium in-flight refreshments, free snacks, and meals. Additionally, this Airline offers round-the-clock customer service if you have queries regarding your flight booking, cancellation, or any flight-related problem.

How to Check Your Flight Status on United Airlines?

To check the status of your United Airlines flight online:

  1. Visit United.com.
  2. The reservation box will appear on your screen.
  3. Go to the top and choose Flight status.
  4. Fill out the boxes with your flight information, then click Search to see your flight status.

How to cancel a united flight booking?

United pay tickets are now considerably easier to change or cancel than they always were. However, his one form of purchased ticket on United Airlines cannot be altered or withdrawn. Simple economic fare. Unfortunately, you can change these rates only in certain situations. To do this, visit the website on United and sign in to your United account. On the home page, click the “My Trips button.” Click the Manage Trip button to the right of the trip you want to cancel. Click the Cancel Flight button at the top of the screen. After this, follow the instructions on the screen to cancel your Flight ticket with United Airlines.

How to get Senior discounts on United Airlines?

You must be 65 or older to be considered a senior traveler. Seniors can save money by:

  • Request details when making a reservation over the phone or through your travel agent.
  • When booking online, select the seniors’ category (65 years of age and older).

United Airlines Manage Reservation

You can manage your reservations quickly using the Manage Reservations tab. My trips, a feature of United Airlines Manage Reservations, is an online dashboard that enables you to carry out numerous beneficial tasks, including:

  • Check out your reservations
  • Alter your seat
  • Modify your flight.
  • Enter your frequent flier information
  • Reserve an exceptional service.
  • Refund requests
  • Your reservation in print
  • View or order a receipt online, by fax, or via email.
  • Send anyone your itinerary via email.

Mange United Flight Booking

  • Visit United.com.
  • Select the “My Trips” tab.
  • Obtain your flight reservation as follows:
    • Put in your last name and confirmation number.
    • Select the Search icon.
  • Now manage your flight by doing the following:
    • Check out your reservations
    • Alternate your seat
    • Modify your flight.
    • Enter your frequent flier information
    • Reserve an exceptional service.
    • Refund requests
    • Your reservation in print
    • View or order a receipt online, by fax, or via email.
    • Send an email with your itinerary.

United Airlines Customer Support/Service

You can contact United Airlines customer service by using the following:

Classes of Air Travel on United Airlines

The Airline provides United First, United First Plus, United Business, United Business Premium, and United Polaris Business Class. The best 31-inch legroom, plush, reclining seats, and individual in-flight entertainment displays are all features of United Economy. You get a small upgrade to United Economy Plus, which offers up to 37 inches of extra legroom and additional recline.

While United Airlines Business Class has 38 inches of legroom, United First offers flat bed-like seats, priority check-in, additional luggage allowance, and complimentary meals. You receive a customized amenity pack with all the travel necessities. It is a magnificent method to go where you need to go. Priority check-ins, delectable meals, fine china, pricey snacks, and attentive drinks contribute to a more comfortable trip. Ultra-large seats with tonnes of luxury, including complimentary booze, excellent meals in china, amenity packages, and a blanket and pillow, are provided by United Premium Plus.

Lastly, traveling on a United Premium Polaris provides you with flat-bedding seats, lots of storage, ambient lighting, free access to the United lounge, and a multi-course dinner. Book a flight with United Airlines that meets all of your requirements.


Your United Airlines boarding card is now available online. No more enduring agonizing roads. You can acquire your boarding card and pack your bags when you fly on United Airlines. Along with saving you time, it also enables you to double-check that you have packed everything quickly. All you need is a functioning internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. It will be possible to check in online starting 24 hours before departure. Depending on the airport you’ll be utilizing, and where you’re going, different airports have different closing times. You may check-in for your overseas flights with United Airlines and your luggage.

The United Airlines online check-in is among the most practical approaches. If you choose this option, you can save valuable time. You can start by going to united.com. Register with your account. After that, select “web check-in.” Please provide the necessary booking information. Choose a seat or move to a different one. You will now be sent to the payment gateway by the website. Pay the appropriate fare for the chosen route. After selecting “check-in.” This procedure should be finished two hours before departure. The check-in process typically begins 48 hours before the flight or boarding time.

Travel Classes of United Airlines

There are several classes of united airlines. Here you will see few of them below.

United Polaris-Business Class

United Polaris-Business Class

The top-tier cabin provided by United Airlines is the United Polaris Business Class.

Significant features include

  • Premier access
    • Reservation-only check-in desks and security lanes
    • Priority in baggage handling
    • Preferential boarding
  • Free of cost checked bags
    • Maximum two checked bags with no service charge.
  • Wi-fi access
  • Restaurant and Bar
    • Multi-cuisine meals
    • Customized dining experience
    • Local and imported brews, fine wines, and premium spirits
  • Personalized luxury bedding
    • Direct aisle access and fully flat seats
    • Powered privacy divider for sleeping areas up to 6 feet 6 inches and 23 inches wide.
    • Relaxing rest areas
    • Shower facilities
  • Amenities with a sleep theme
  • Comfortable Seating, a shower, and spa amenities are available in the airport lounge’s premium bedding.
  • Entertainment during flight (movies, TV shows, documentaries, music video playlists, etc.)

United First Class

The Features of United First are:

  • Premier access
    • Reservation-only check-in desks and security lanes
    • Priority in handling bags
    • Preferential boarding
    • No-cost checked bags
  • Free checked bags
    • Free service for up to two checked bags
    • Priority in handling bags
  • Comfortable and spacious Seating
    • Spacious and comfortable seating
    • Curved leather chairs
    • Six-way movable headrest
    • Sufficient personal item storage
    • A cocktail table made of granite and a tray table
  • Upscale dining and drinking
  • Entertainment during flight
  • Wi-fi access for a fee on some flights

United Business Class

The services offered by United Airlines Business cabin:

  • Premier Access
    • Reservation-only check-in desks and security lanes
    • Priority in handling bags
    • Preferential boarding
  • Free checked bags
    • Free service for up to two checked bags
    • Priority in handling bags
  • Spacious Seating
    • Spacious and comfortable seating
    • Six-way movable headrest
    • Well-considered personal item storage spaces
    • A cocktail table made of granite and a tray table
  • Entertainment during flight
  • Can dine and drink

United Basic Economy Class

With some limitations, United Airlines‘ Basic Economy Class offers nearly the same in-flight services and amenities as standard Economy fares, such as food and beverages and in-flight entertainment:

  • There is no free seat selection.
  • Group/family seating is unavailable, but Economy Plus is an option you can purchase at check-in.
  • On some routes, full-sized carry-on bags are not permitted (but permitted on trans-Atlantic flights and for MileagePlus members)
  • One personal item is permitted, such as a laptop, shoulder, or purse.
    • Maximum size allowed: 9 in. x 10 in. x 17 in (22cm x 25cm x 43cm)
    • Beneath the chair in front of you, the object must fit.
    • Additionally permitted are assistive, mobility, and medical devices.
    • The cost of checked bags is
      • First bag: USD 60
      • Second bag: USD 100
      • Third bag: USD 200
    • Restrictions at check-in if you mention that you’re checking a bag
      • Only using the app or website.
    • Flight modifications are not allowed.
    • Refunds are only valid for flights if you cancel within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before takeoff.
    • Some limitations apply to the benefits of MileagePlus and Premier members.
    • Last group to board
    • To check a bag on transatlantic flights, you must pay.
    • Additional limitations include:
      • No accessible will seat in the economy plus
      • No upgrades for a fee
      • No mileage increases permitted
      • Free Premier upgrades are not permitted.
      • Upgrades with Plus Points are not permitted.
    • Still, you can benefit from the following advantages:
      • With most travel options, customize your journey.
      • Purchase club access, and baggage delivery
      • Secure your reservation with insurance
      • With the Award Accelerator program, purchase more miles.

United Airlines Seating Options

United Airlines Seating Options

Three seating options are available on United Airlines: Preferred Seating, Economy Plus, and United Premium Plus.

Preferred Seating

The Preferred Seating option, slightly more expensive than Basic Economy, places you directly behind the Economy Plus seats in the front rows.

Some Important features include the following:

  • Available on all aircraft
  • Standard legroom
  • Frequent onboard services
  • Quicker disembarkation
  • Available to MileagePlus members at no additional cost

Economy Plus Seating

Economy Plus seats are located in front of Preferred Seating and provide:

  • Available on all flights operated by United and the majority of flights operated by United Express
  • Larger legroom
  • Faster exit at destination if near the front of the cabin
  • Accessible with a yearly subscription

You can only upgrade to Economy Plus seating at check-in if you have a Basic Economy ticket or are a MileagePlus Premier member.

United Premium Plus

United Premium Plus seats are located nearer to the front of the aircraft and include the following:

  • More elbow and legroom
  • More lying down
  • Saks’s foldable leg rest Five Avenue linens
  • A plug for electrically connecting objects
  • Upgraded dining options and complimentary alcoholic beverages
  • Larger entertainment screens
  • Noise-canceling headphones for audiophiles

Some of The other Benefits are:

  • Premium Access
  • Two free standards checked bags
  • Your carry-on bag has a designated overhead compartment.
  • Early access to upscale airport lounges

United Airlines Seat Reservation

On United Airlines, you can select your seat online, through an app, or from a travel agent:

  • While purchasing your ticket (except fares like Basic Economy)
  • Once you’ve paid for your access (via My trips)
  • When you check-in.

Reasons to Book United Airlines Flights

One of the main benefits of booking cheap international flights with United Airlines is that they provide a 5-tier hierarchy of cabin classes, which makes it much simpler for passengers to choose the services that fit their budgets. While going on a trip might be the next important thing, the exorbitant prices can turn us away. Because there are so many good options, making a decision only gets simpler.

United’s enormous flight route covers every area of the United States and the whole planet! It is the third-largest Airline as a result. You may book nonstop flights with United Airlines to travel to a foreign country! That universe is there for you to explore.

United airlines reservations number

United Airlines offers a convenient way to make reservations for flights and other services. The United Airlines Reservation Number is a Toll-free number: +1-866-217-1292 that customers can use to Book flights, check flight status, and manage their reservations. It is also the number to call when customers have questions or need assistance with their reservation.

With the help of this number, customers can easily book flights, make changes to existing reservations, and more. This makes it easier for customers to get the help they need in order to ensure a smooth flight experience.

How to Choose or Change Your Seat on United Airlines?

For most flights, you can select or modify your seat assignment. If seat assignments are unavailable, recheck seating options closer to your departure date.

To select or modify your seat on United Airlines online:

  • Visit United.com.
  • Getting to your flight:
    • Go to the My Trips tab.
    • On the Search button, type your confirmation number and last name.
  • Select View or Alternate Seat.
  • Choose or modify your seat, then confirm.

United Flight Booking Process

Using the Manage Bookings option, you can manage your reservations fast. You may do various useful actions using the online dashboard known as My travels, which is a part of United Airlines Manage Reservations.

The United Airlines managed booking method is a really easy and practical technique that doesn’t entail anything complex or common. To ensure that passengers are at ease and have a positive flying experience, the Airline takes a highly flexible approach to managing reservations. All you have to do is go to www.united.com, the Airline’s official website.

After visiting the website, you will see a “My Trips” option on the homepage. You must follow the same procedure even if you are using an airline’s mobile application. First of all, you have to enter your information, including name and booking number, as soon as you click on the “My Trips” area. You must provide those data. If you are a Mileage Plus member, you may use your login information to access your account and view all the information. You will see a managing booking page on your screen.

After that, you need find the “Change Flight” tab and click on it. You must proceed to the “Edit” option after selecting the “Change Flight” option to make any changes to your travel schedule. You must choose the “Trip Details” option if you want to make any more changes to your trip. While you are at the airport, you have the opportunity to amend your travel plans or cancel your trip. You only need to go to the check-in desk and inform the appropriate agent of your needs.

  • Online Booking

You can use your web browser to visit the Airline’s official website, www.united.com. Enter your information to create a new account, then follow the sign-up instructions. If you are already a user, sign in using those details. After entering the website and providing the essential information, you must fill out the reservation form. Choose your favorite flight right now. Pick the seat you desire. After completing the payment, you will receive an e-ticket.

You can contact specialized United Airlines Reservation customer service: +1-866-217-1292 if you are having issues so that you may get answers to your questions.

The Airline offers an official app on iOS and Android operating systems. The business improved the reservation booking procedure by releasing the application. The app provides access to manage all airline-related duties, including seat reservations, tracking your flight status, checking in online, etc.

  • Offline Booking

United Airlines provides easy access with its vast customer executive support. You can easily book your flight tickets by going to the United Airlines desk at your nearest airport.

United Airlines Seating Accommodations for Disabled Passengers

Please let United Airlines know if you have a disability at least 24 hours before your flight so they can assist you with the following:

  • Getting on the plane
  • Utilizing an aisle chair to enter the aircraft
  • Rows of chairs with movable armrests
  • Traveling with a companion
  • More space for the legs to accommodate a disability

United Airlines Reservation in-flight services

The good crew warmly welcomes the passengers. The onboard staff is committed to the passengers. The seating is lovely and comfy on the flights. Travelers can sleep in reclining seats in business-class cabins. Customers will get sanitary snacks, meals, and beverages. On the flights, you will get a variety of entertainment options. You can read the following details to learn more:

  • In-flight meals

When you fly with United Airlines, you can access excellent service and a selection of foreign, multiethnic cuisines. Airlines provide free wine, beer, juice, soft drinks, coffee, and tea in addition to other beverages. Although liqueurs and spirits are accessible, you must buy them. The Airline provides a mid-flight meal (on flights with more than 12 hrs of travel time). However, you will get a complete lunch for long journeys.

  • In-flight entertainment

United Airlines has an entertainment system called United Private Screening, so you’ll always be full of energy when flying with them. The main screen, on-demand seatback, and mobile device entertainment are all included. You may watch more than 100 live channels. Be mesmerized by short videos, audio, documentaries, and music. Video games are also in the entertainment offerings. With the well-known Vevo playlist, finding sounds will be simple.

United Airlines Frequent Flyer Program MileagePlus

For grown-ups 18 years of age or older, MileagePlus, United’s frequent flyer program, is free to join. When you sign up for MileagePlus, you can:

  • Begin accumulating miles with each flight.
  • Spend miles to reserve lodging, vehicles, and cruises
  • Take advantage of free checked bags, early check-in, priority security, and boarding.
  • Access to Economy Plus seats and Premier upgrades are free.
  • Use MileagePlus gift cards to purchase goods from your preferred retailers.

United airlines reservations website

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, and its reservations website provides customers with an easy and convenient way to Book flights. With the help of its website, customers can search for flights, compare prices and Book their tickets online. Customers can also use the website to check-in online and manage their reservations. Furthermore, the website offers a range of features such as flight status updates and seat selection options that make it easier for customers to plan their travel and some website is like Flightsassistance.com.

United airlines MileagePlus reservations

United Airlines MileagePlus Reservations is a great way to book flights and save money. With this program, you can earn points for every flight you book, which can be used to purchase upgrades, rewards, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive offers on travel and rewards that are only available through United Airlines MileagePlus Reservations. With this program, you can make sure your next trip is stress-free and cost-effective.

United Airlines Phone Numbers

Below are a few critical United Airlines phone numbers:+1-866-217-1292

  • Reservations (open 24/7)
  • Baggage Enquiries 1 (800) 335-2247 (U.S. and Canada), +1-866-217-1292 (Asia Pacific and Europe)
  • Baggage Service Office +1-866-217-1292 (U.S. and Canada)
  • Cargo +1-800-822-2746
  • Telecommunication Device for the Deaf or Teletypewriter +1-800-323-0170
  • Flight Status +1-866-276-7386
  • MileagePlus +1-866-820-3559
  • United Club +1-866-UA-CLUBS (+1-866-822-5827)
  • Travel Insurance +1-877-934-8308 (U.S.), +1-877-624-8196 (Canada)

Ticketing Fees Charged by United Airlines

These ticketing service fees are what United Airlines will charge:

  • In the United States and Canada
    • Via phone $25
    • At a city ticket office: $30
    • In-person at the airport $50
  • Outside the United States and Canada
    • Depending on the MileagePlus travel level

Special Assistance Services offered by United Airlines

The following passengers are eligible for special assistance services from United Airlines:

  • Pregnant while traveling
  • Traveling while handicapped (mobility, hearing, sight)
  • Having a condition that requires medical oxygen while flying
  • Being an unaccompanied minor when traveling
  • Bringing a pet or service animal on a flight
  • Senior citizen travel
  • Traveling with dietary restrictions
  • Bringing food allergies on vacation
  • Requiring additional Seating while traveling

Book United Airlines flights with Flights Assistance

You may anticipate days of joy with United Airlines discounts, whether you are traveling for a vacation or a family reunion. Without letting your money suffer, you can travel wherever you choose. It’s about time you booked a flight if it’s been a while since you explored the outdoors or saw the sky flush as the sun and the sea joined forces! Flight Assistance direct flights will take you to your preferred location, so rejoice since the good times are just starting.

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United Airlines Travel Destinations

More than 356 cities in 48 different countries are served by United Airlines.

Popular Destinations

With a reservation with United Airlines, you can travel to some well-liked locations like:

  • Cuba
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • São Paulo
  • Brussels
  • New Zealand
  • Chicago
  • London
  • Las Vegas
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Rome
  • Dublin Aruba
  • Spain
  • Caribbean
  • Paris
  • Germany
  • Asia
  • Lucia
  • Bermuda
  • New Orleans
  • Orlando
  • Chile
  • Cayman Islands
  • Florida

Book a Ticket with Flights Assistance

You can book your tickets with Flight Assistance.com by following these steps-

  • Visit Flights Assistance.
  • Select “Origin” and “Destination.”
  • Fill in “Date of Departure” and “Return Date.”
  • Select “Number of Passengers”
  • Search
  • Select your ticket by pressing “Book.”
  • You will receive an email with your e-ticket after completing your payment.

United Airlines Customer Service

Travelers are always taken care of by United. It offers a very helpful resolution to any issue. You can get in touch with the airlines to make reservations or to discuss your journey.

  • On social media, you may file complaints as well: 3454421
  • Visit www.united.com for additional details about flights.

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Q1. When can I call the United Airlines reservations phone number to book a flight?

This number is available 24/7, so you can book a flight whenever.

Q2. Can I change a United Airlines reservation?

Yes, Regarding your flight’s date or destination, seat assignment, travel class, etc., you can change your United Airlines reservation by phone or online through My Trips.

Q3. How can I find my reservations on United Airlines?

You can access your United Airlines reservations—active and canceled—through My trips or Manage Reservations.

Q4.What cabin classes does United offer?

Additionally, United Airlines provides three different types of premium cabins (with three seating upgrades).
United Polaris Business
United First
Basic Economy
Preferred Seating
Economy Plus
United Premium Plus

Q5. To what destinations can I travel on United Airways?

You can book a flight on United Airlines to more than 356 locations in 48 countries. Refer to the section on this page titled Popular Destinations for specific information.

Q6. How can I find my current United Airlines reservations by confirmation number?

Your confirmation number, a six-character code, can be used to locate your United Airlines reservations as follows:
You could access your flight via the My trips tab on the homepage to find your reservation details if you booked through a different website or a travel agent.
You can find and save your reservation information if you made your reservations without logging into your MileagePlus account.
If you made your reservations after logging into your MileagePlus account, go to My trips to access your flight information online. Then, select Find previous or canceled flights with your MileagePlus number link.

Q7. How can I look up my United Airlines reservation?

By providing your confirmation number and last name, you can check the status of your United Airlines reservation online through My trips. Your reservation information will show up after you enter the information.

Q8. Can you tell me about United Airlines’ reservation lookup?

By providing your confirmation number and last name, you can check the status of your United Airlines reservation online through My trips. Your reservation information will show up after you enter the information.

Q9. Is it safe to make United airlines.com reservations?

Yes, Making reservations online through United.com is 100 percent secure. Any data exchange between you and the website’s web server. As a result, even if someone tries to intercept the data, all they will see is a disorganized string of characters.

Q10. How can I redeem a promotional offer I received online?

When making a reservation online with a promotional offer, you must enter the promotional code in the relevant field on the booking page. After entering the code, you can Reserve your flight with United Airlines at a lower cost. By entering it in the appropriate field on the payment page, you can use an e-certificate or gift certificate.

Q11. Why should you use Flight assistance to book a United flight?

Flight Assistance allows you to travel without worry since we want to ensure that your financial limitations do not prevent you from experiencing the globe! Our customer service team is available around-the-clock, and we welcome your travel-related dreams. We will thus examine even the tiniest of your requests, whether it be a certain amount of layovers or special help at airports.
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