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Singapore Airlines Manage Booking

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You must already know that choosing Singapore Airlines for travelling is a great experience you can get. It is one of the most successful airlines and is globally known. The airline offers its passengers world-class service in several destinations. Therefore if you have booked your flight ticket with Singapore Airlines and would like to know more information on Singapore Airlines Manage Booking then you have made it to the perfect blog. You just got to read along and then you will be able to handle your Singapore tickets with ease.

Toll-free Number +1-800-504-6979  to Manage United Airlines Booking

How To Easily Manage My Booking With Singapore Airlines?

How To Easily Manage ‘My Booking With Singapore Airlines?

You should be aware that ‘Singapore Airlines Manage my booking’ is a useful option that allows you to manage your flight bookings according to your travel requirements. Whether you want to change a name or date, cancelling a flight booking, reschedule, booking, upgrade to business class etc. these are only some common services that you can manage easily by clicking on the option ‘Manage My Booking’. Moreover, you can also utilize this option by managing the booking for adding other services as well in your flight bookings.

Do you know that you also get to manage your flight tickets right after your flight booking? Yes, you just need to click on ‘Manage Booking’ to proceed with editing your booking. You can even edit your bookings using the mobile app all you need to do is enter your booking reference number and last name to complete the process. The entire procedure is made up of intelligence and that’s why you will not face any problems in completing the process. When you are you can proceed with adding the following services;

  • Change Flight, class and seats
  • Make an add-on
  • Pay for extra baggage
  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Book airport lounge
  • Rent a car

If you like you could go ahead and add any of the above services after you arrive at the airport. However, you may need to make some payments for the add-on services and to do so you can use online banking, debit or credit card.


You would find it very easy to manage online booking with Singapore Airlines; it is simple and you just need to fill in your details in the booking form provided. Nevertheless, it is always better to plan your trip ahead of your tickets. You should take a little time in finding out all the important information regarding Singapore Airlines Manage bookings. When in the process of planning a trip you should try and read the travel advisory and COVID-19-related information for safe travels.

  • You must begin by filling up the journey details in the given booking form which you should find on the first page displayed. The form will include fields for origin and destination, journey date, selecting class, fare type as well as number of passengers. And then you just got to click on ‘Search’ when you are done filling up the information required.
  • And now on this page you will see a list of available flights, you can view the fares for each class available then you can decide which one suits you best for your travel.
  • When you are done making the fare adjustments and clicking to proceed then you should enter the passenger details. You will need to enter your contact information, age, gender and other related details for your identity.
  • After that, you would need to select your preferred seats as well as make a confirmation.
  • Once you have done the seat selections then you could also select add-ons such as meals or other services that you would like to avail before you proceed to make the payments. Singapore Airlines allows payments through different forms such as credit and debit cards, UPI, net banking and EMI. And you also get to view the summary of your tickets before you proceed to make the final payments.

Mobile app

Now if you do not want to go for booking your flight tickets via the Singapore Airline website or the offline method then you can always choose the Singapore Airlines mobile app booking. The airline’s mobile app allows you to book flights and reservations in almost the same manner as you would online. All you would need to do is first download the airline’s mobile app and then click on the ‘Book Flights’ option to start Singapore Airlines flight booking process. You can complete your booking by paying through your credit and debit cards, UPI or net banking. Furthermore, using the mobile app you will also be able to view your travel history and flight status, make seat changes and also edit booking details for your passengers. Along with that, you will also get notifications if your flight gets delayed and any cancellations take place.

Phone Number +1-800-504-6979

Well, you should know that Singapore Airlines has specific phone numbers for each operating location. Therefore if you need to contact Singapore Airlines then you can call the numbers provided by mentioning the location in which you would like to make a call. You just got to click on the ‘Contact Us’ option that is seen at the bottom of the airline’s website and you can find all the contact details mentioned. You will be taken to a page where you can find the ‘Self Help’ resources as well. Moreover, you can also click on a city or location name to be able to view the contact number for that particular location.

The Process For Checking Your Flight Status on Singapore Airlines

The Process For Checking Your Flight Status on Singapore Airlines

Do you know that Singapore Airlines allows you to access several options for checking your flight status? The first place you can check your flight status is on the official website of the airline. You just got to click on the flight status option that is on the ‘Homepage’ of the website. And then you need to select the ‘By Route or By Flight number’ options and then you can review your flight status but you would also need to enter the details required. You could also click on the ‘Flight Status’ option on the mobile app and check the route or the flight status. Furthermore, you can also query the flight status via an SMS or phone call.

How Can I Check My Flight Ticket To Singapore?

You should know that to be able to have the details about the confirmation of your flight ticket you must first check your PNR status.

Now you must be wondering what is PNR, right? It is a ‘Passenger Name Record’ a unique code that is assigned to every passenger. The PNR contains information about your passport, meal preferences, travel itinerary, etc. Moreover, with the help of this code, you will be able to identify whether your Singapore flight booking has been confirmed or not. You even get to unlock details related to the arrival and departure timings of the flight. Thus if you check your PNR status you will be provided information regarding any changes in the flight schedule.

The following ways are to check your Singapore Airlines PNR status:

  • You must first check your flight PNR status by visiting the airline’s official page.
  • And then in the ‘Plan Travel’ section, you got to navigate to the ‘Your Booking’ section.
  • And now you should click on the ‘Manage Booking’ option.
  • Next, you can enter your SQ Booking Reference number which is a six letters and numbers code.
  • After that, you also need to enter your last/family name just as mentioned in your passport.
  • Along with that, you can use your SQ E-ticket number to retrieve your booking if you want.
  • Now you need to keep in mind that the number that starts with ‘618’ must be entered along with the last/family name.
  • When you click on ‘Manage Booking’ you will receive the details of your flight.

What Do You Require To Manage Booking?

If you would like to quickly get through with ‘Managing Bookings’ then you should log in with your PPS Club/KrisFlyer membership number or email address. You can easily access Singapore Airlines Manage Booking by visiting the website booking. And then you just need to enter your booking reference number and last name.

Where Is The Ticket Number In Singapore Airlines?

You should know that the Singapore Airlines ticket number is a 13-digit number and you should see it on your receipt and on your boarding pass as well, kindly ignore the ‘0’ in front of the ETNo.

Why You Should Choose Singapore Airlines Services?

Why it’s the best choice to choose Singapore Airlines for your travel experiences; as many passengers also prefer this airline you would also do the same. And the reasons are that the airline provides its passengers with world-class hospitality and they make sure to take care of the safety of each passenger. Furthermore, the in-flight services and the off-flight services are known to be one of the best services ever. You even get to contact Singapore Airlines at any time as the highly responsive representatives are available to solve any queries related instantly. In the following you will find the reasons why the Airline is popularly known for its services;

  • Premium services for those travelling in Suites cabin
  • Women’s safety measures are taken care of
  • Prompt on-demand services
  • Complete assistance to minors from departure to arrival
  • Instant resolution via call or email
  • Online seat selection
  • Special medical assistance
  • Hot deals and discounts in the off seasons
  • Rewards for flight booking
  • Free Wi-Fi during the journey
  • Booking a cook for special meals during the journey
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Now that you have finished going through the above-given information on Singapore Airlines Manage Booking we trust that you have finally found all the answers to your queries. If not so and you still require further details then you can contact Flight Assistance at any time. The team is available and they will definitely guide you with relevant information.

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