Frontier airlines sfo terminal

Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal

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Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal: The San Mateo County unincorporated region is home to San Francisco International Airport (SFO). It provides domestic flights over the entirety of North America and acts as a significant entry point to places like the Middle East, Oceania, Asia, and Europe. Frontier Airlines has its hub at SFO, the biggest airport in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Terminal 1 is located. The terminal offers additional amenities to make travelling more comfortable, as well as effective services for a variety of aircraft.

Toll-Free to Contact Frontier Airlines Number +1-866-217-1292

SFO Airport, which covers 5,207 acres and has a maximum height of 13.1 feet, has two parallel asphalt runways that cross one another. It has 115 gates distributed across its four terminals and seven concourses. The airport has a number of amenities, including the SFO Museum, which has over 20 galleries with both ongoing and sporadic displays of fine art. During layovers, passengers can take in these displays. The Boarding Area has 18 gates, and other amenities are included in the Frontier San Francisco Terminal 1 to improve the travel experience.

What Terminal is Frontier Airlines at SFO?

Frontier Airlines’ operating hub is International Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport. This terminal offers a variety of amenities to passengers, including accessible ground transit alternatives. There are numerous counters for purchasing tickets at the airport, which also houses the SFO museums for visitors to tour. Additionally, Terminal 1 offers fast access to visa immigration services.

Information About The Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal

At SFO, the Frontier Terminal effectively manages passenger planes and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Passengers can take advantage of a number of amenities at the terminal. The TSA programme makes sure that appropriate security precautions are taken. Airport transportation services are offered, and some clients might benefit from loyalty programmes for extra perks.

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
Airport AddressSan Francisco, CA 94128, United States
IATA Airport CodeSFO
CitySan Francisco
CountryUnited States
Airport Phone Number+1 650-821-8211
Frontier Airlines San Francisco TerminalTerminal 1
Working Hours24 hours
Flight Booking / Cancelling Number+1-866-217-1292
Official Website

Where is Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal for Departure and Arrivals?

Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal

Numerous airlines use San Francisco Airport, including Frontier, which runs from International Terminal A. Despite what the name might suggest, this terminal does not just serve foreign flights. All domestic flights operated by Frontier Airlines arrive and leave from Terminal A.

In addition to non-stop flights to Atlanta, Denver, Ontario, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, Frontier Airlines now offers non-stop flights to Dallas-Fort Worth four times weekly. These departures come from Terminal A. Please take note that terminal designations are subject to change for a variety of reasons, including excessive traffic or operational issues. Confirming the most current flight schedule using your boarding pass or the flight tracker is critical. Additionally, Frontier Airlines notifies customers by email or text message of any terminal changes.

Terminal A also houses the services provided by Frontier Airlines. Depending on eligibility and availability, passengers with layovers may access the Frontier Airlines terminal lounge. Check the gates designated to Frontier at the SFO terminal if you want to visit the airline’s service office.

Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal Service Locations

Frontier Airlines offers the following services at SFO Airport:

  • Frontier Check-In: Travelers can check in online or at the ticket counter or kiosk at the Frontier Airlines Terminal in San Francisco. To check-in and complete the requirements to board the plane, follow the instructions provided.
  • Baggage: After check-in, place your luggage at the IN terminal of SFO Airport’s designated baggage drop area. Make sure to pack your bags in accordance with the airline’s allowance rules and be aware of any Frontier Airlines fees for carry-on baggage.
  • Reward Program: Use Frontier Miles, the frequent flyer programme Frontier Airlines provides, as a reward. Elite 20K, 100K, and 50K members can benefit from free checked luggage, priority seating, Discount Den membership, and family seating, among other things.
  • Flight Status: Frontier Airlines makes every effort to run flights on time, but occasionally delays may happen for internal or technical reasons. At Frontier Airlines SFO Terminal 1, travellers will promptly get updates in the case of a flight cancellation.
  • Check-in Facility: Travellers can check in at a variety of convenient locations with Frontier Airlines. Depending on the method selected, a specific time window may be available. Passengers should be informed of the particular requirements and required documentation for the check-in process.
  • Ticket Counter: The SFO Airport’s ticket counter is open for reservations, cancellations, and any other assistance required. The official website offers comparable services, so going to the airport in person is unnecessary. Additional actions could be necessary if you want a refund from Frontier Airlines to make sure the money is paid to your account.

Facilities and Shops at San Francisco Airport

The IN terminal is just one of the terminals of San Francisco International Airport that provide a variety of services. Depending on their preferences and available time, travellers can stop by these terminals to utilise the services. The services available are listed below:

  1. WiFi
  2. Air Train
  3. Pet Relief Areas
  4. Shower and Nap Rooms
  5. Klein’s Deli and Coffee Bar
  6. Sankaku
  7. Starbird
  8. Andale Mexican Kitchen+ Bar
  9. 24th and Mission Taco House
  10. DFS Watches, Jewelry, and Accessories
  11. Zoom Travel Stores
  12. Black Point Cafe
  13. DFS Duty-Free
  14. The Chocolate Market
  15. DFS Sunglasses and Watches
  16. Napa Farm Market
  17. Compass Books
  18. Zoom Travels
  19. Yoga Room
  20. Hudson News Kiosks
  21. San Francisco Magazine News

For travelers to improve their airport experience, these services offer a variety of facilities, culinary choices, retail opportunities, and convenience.

Top Destinations Covered by Frontier Airlines SFO

A vast network of destinations is served by the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), a significant hub. From Terminal 1 at SFO, Frontier Airlines runs its flights, providing easy access to numerous locations across the globe. Recently, a lot of travellers have used this terminal to catch flights to cities like Denver, Orlando, and other areas. Regular aircraft service makes it simpler for travellers to explore these varied locations.


To clear up any potential uncertainty, this page of provides precise information regarding the Frontier Airlines terminal location at SFO. The service part also provides further information by defining the gates and level. Once at the airport, visitors can either use the airport shuttle bus or follow the gates to find their desired terminal quickly. Another practical method for getting to the terminal where Frontier Airlines is located is the Air Train. Signals are positioned strategically throughout the airport to help with navigation, and travelers can use the terminal map on their smart devices to find the desired area.

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1. What is the Frontier Airlines terminal at SFO?

From Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport, Frontier Airlines runs its regularly scheduled flights.

2. From which SFO terminal does Frontier leave?

Typically, Terminal 1 is where Frontier Airlines planes take off and land.

3. Where can I locate the Frontier Airlines phone number at the San Francisco Airport Terminal?

Visit the SFO Airport website to find the desk phone number for Terminal 1.

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