Sun Country Cancellation Policy

Sun Country Cancellation { 24 Hours } & Refund Policy

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Sun Country Cancellation Policy: With its low prices and straightforward style, American ultra-low-cost airline Sun Country Airlines has made a name for itself in the aviation sector. The airline was established in 1982, and its main office is in Eagan, Minnesota. Sun Country offers flights to a number of domestic and international locations, with a primary focus on leisure travel. Sun Country provides an essential travel experience with a fleet of contemporary Boeing planes, offering all the necessities while letting customers personalise their trip with add-ons.

Due to its reputation for providing courteous and prompt customer service, the airline is now the go-to option for travellers on a tight budget who need dependable air transportation. Sun Country has made a name for itself in the aviation industry. It upholds safety standards in spite of its cost-effective approach.

What is Sun Country Airlines Cancellation Policy?

The Sun Country cancellation policy includes a number of essential details that address different situations. First, travellers can cancel their flight and get a full refund if there is a Significant Delay, which is defined as a delay of six hours or more. Likewise, travellers are entitled to a complete reimbursement in the event that a flight is cancelled and the timetable of the substitute flight turns out to be unpleasant. In addition, if the replacement flight arrives more than an hour later than the scheduled departure time, passengers who are involuntarily denied boarding are entitled to a complete refund in addition to compensation.

One other feature that is worth mentioning is the 24-hour cancellation window. During this period, travellers can cancel their trip or itinerary and get a complete refund, as long as the first flight departs at least 7 days (168 hours) after the original booking. It’s important to remember, though, that non-refundable tickets are non-refundable beyond these 24 hours.

Additionally, tickets that are refundable may be cancelled prior to departure for a complete refund. Finally, a customer cancels their ticket at least 60 days prior to the scheduled departure. In that case, they can do so without incurring any fees for any ticket, even non-refundable ones. This extensive policy demonstrates Sun Country’s dedication to meeting diverse needs and guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Sun Country 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

Travellers who purchase their tickets at least 7 days (178 hours) in advance of the scheduled departure are able to cancel their flight or itinerary within the first 24 hours of purchasing, according to Sun Country’s 24-hour cancellation policy. If a cancellation happens inside this window, all tickets will be quickly refunded, regardless of the type of ticket. Nevertheless, it is essential to remember that this specific regulation only applies to average published airfares and does not include reservations for group and tour bookings, Sun Country Vacation package reservations, land products, or other non-air items or activities.

Sun Country Airlines Refund Policy

Following the guidelines set forth by Sun Country’s flight cancellation policy, valid tickets will have their refunds processed as follows:

  • Refunds for credit card purchases of tickets will be processed quickly—they will be completed within seven days of your request being received and thoroughly documented.
  • For transactions made with cash or checks, there is a 20-day refund processing time.
  • If Flight Credits are applicable, the reimbursement will be issued in Flight Credits or back to the original payment method.
  • Furthermore, full or partial discretionary reimbursements will be processed in accordance with the time as mentioned earlier limitations. This policy gives passengers requesting reimbursement clear instructions based on their payment method and the kind of refund, ensuring efficiency and transparency in the processing of refund claims.

Sun Country Cancellation Fee

The timing of your ticket cancellation determines the cancellation cost assessed by Sun Country Airlines, which is subject to the following conditions:

There won’t be a cancellation fee in the following situations:

  • I am requesting a ticket cancellation at least sixty days before the flight date.
  • You may cancel your ticket within 24 hours of purchasing it as long as your flight is schedule to depart 7 days (168 hours) after the original purchase date.

In contrast, cancellation results in a charge that is arrange as follows:

  • Suppose you need to cancel your ticket between 14 and 59 days before the intended departure. In that case, there is a USD 39 cancellation fee per segment.
  • Suppose you cancel your ticket between 0 and 13 days prior to the departure date. In that case, there will be a cancellation cost of USD 79 per segment.
  • With tiers of fees that correspond to how close a cancellation is to the departure date, Sun Country’s cancellation policy is transparent. When considering ticket cancellations, passengers are advise to take into account certain time-specific circumstances in order to make an informed decision base on the accompanying fees.

Sun Country Cancellation Policy for COVID

Regarding COVID-19, Sun Country Airlines has stopped offering penalty-free returns. Despite this modification, travellers are still able to cancel their tickets in two particular circumstances without being charge a price. First, in the event that the cancellation happens inside the initial 24-hour timeframe after the reservation. Secondly, in the event that the ticket is cancel at least sixty days prior to the travel date. These exclusions give customers flexibility in specific circumstances. Still, they also highlight how crucial it is to pay attention to the deadlines when making changes to your Sun Country Airlines itinerary in order to avoid incurring extra fees.

Sun Country Cancellation Process

You can easily cancel your Sun Country Airlines ticket over the phone or online, provided you follow these particular guidelines:

  • Flight-Only Booking:
    • Suppose you made a direct reservation with Sun Country Airlines through their website, phone, or Expedia. In that case, you can cancel online using My Trips.
    • As an alternative, you can also cancel over the phone or call the travel agency for the same at +1-866-217-1292.
  • Reservations for a flight plus hotel:
    • Reservations for flights and hotels can only be cancel over the phone. It is essential to remember that this cancellation completed at least 14 days prior to the departure date. In the 13 days preceding departure, there can be no cancellations.
  • Flight-Plus Car Reservations:
    • If you used to make your original online arrangements for a flight and a car, you can cancel your plans online through My Trips.
    • Reservations for cars alone made directly with Budget and Avis, Sun Country’s preferred partners, permit cancellation up to two days prior to departure. However, the full money will be forfeited if the reservation is cancelled during these two days.
    • You can use the Avis/Budget website to cancel car-only reservations, either online or over the phone. Just give your last name and the email confirmation number you received at the time of booking.

How to Cancel a Flight-Only Booking Online

To cancel a Sun Country Airlines flight-only reservation online, adhere to the following detailed instructions:

  • Go to the Home Page: Go to, the official website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Access My Trips: Click on the “My Trips” section.
  • Add Information: Enter the 6-character Reservation Code and your Last Name on the next page.
  • Manage My Trip: Select “Manage My Trip” by clicking on it.
  • Choose Flight: Locate and pick the precise flight you want to cancel.
  • Observe Prompts: Comply with the given on-screen instructions to assist you in cancelling.

Passengers can effectively cancel their Sun Country Airlines flight-only reservations online by following these easy-to-follow instructions, guaranteeing a smooth and convenient online experience.

A trustworthy website that offers guidance and details on a range of airline regulations, including Sun Country Airlines’ cancellation policy, is Flights Assistance is a valuable tool for travellers, providing in-depth explanations of Sun Country’s cancellation policies. Renowned for its dedication to client satisfaction, Sun Country Airlines offers a cancellation policy that considers various elements, including the kind of ticket, the date of cancellations, and unique situations like modifications linked to COVID-19.

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