Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Except for travelers in Main Cabin Basic, Hawaiian Airlines no longer charges a change fee under the most recent revisions to the airline’s flight change policy.

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The following are some salient features of Hawaiian Airlines’ new flight change policy:
  • A change fee will only be charged if you change your flight to Main Cabin or a higher fare.
  • If you need to change the flight of an award ticket purchased with Hawaiian Miles points, there is no change fee.
  • Waivers for COVID-19 travel –

Honolulu Airlines All ticket types, including award flights bought using Hawaiian Miles and Main Cabin Basic tickets, are subject to the COVID-19 travel waivers.

If you purchased your ticket between March 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020:
  1. Your ticket’s validity has been increased to two years from the originating date of purchase.
  2. If you change your flight within the extension validity period, no change fee will be charged. However, the customer is responsible for paying the fare difference (if any). If the new plan is cheaper, your account will not be charged the difference.
    • If you purchased your ticket before 1st March 2020 for travel between 1st March 2020 and 28th February 2021, your ticket validity has been extended to 31st May 2022 .
    • Up to May 31, 2022, you can rebook your flight without a change fee, but you must pay the higher fare (if applicable). Your account will not be charged the difference if your new fare is less expensive.
    • The same terms (described above) will apply if you buy your ticket from an offline or online travel agency like Flights Assistance.
    • For them to rebook your flight, you must make a direct request.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy for Main Cabin Basic Fares

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy

The following is under Hawaiian Airlines’ Main Cabin Basic price flight change policy:

  • A Main Cabin Basic ticket cannot be altered.
  • If you need to modify a Main Cabin Basic ticket, the best course of action is to cancel it within the risk-free cancellation window of 24 hours and rebook.
  • Before checking in, a seat cannot be chosen.
  • A Main Cabin Basic ticket cannot be upgraded to a Preferred Seat, Additional Comfort Seat, Business Class, or First Class.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Policy Under Medical Waiver

You can be eligible for a change charge waiver on a Main Cabin Basic ticket if you need to change your flight due to hospitalization of you (or a family member or co-passenger). Online or over the phone, you can modify or cancel your flight.

It would be best if you did the following in order to modify your flight online and rebook later:

  • Fill out the Medical Waiver Request form completely.
  • Send HawaiianAirlines.com/CAO a scanned copy of the form as mentioned above.
  • If Hawaiian Airlines grants your request, you will get a 30-day refund of your change cost.

How to Change a Hawaiian Airlines Flight

If you wish to alter a current flight, you must comply with Hawaiian Airlines’ flight change policy.

  • You should first call or cancel your flight online.
  • You cannot cancel an online reservation, so you must rebook your new ticket by calling Hawaiian Airlines Reservations before it expires.

Point to Remember: Rebooking your ticket will waive the change fee (save for Main Cabin Basic), but you’ll still have to pay the cost difference (if any). 

Online flight cancellation for Hawaiian Airlines:

Change a Hawaiian Airlines Flight

  • Go to hawaiianairlines.com home page.
  • Please enter your travel information (such as your last name and the confirmation code or E-ticket number) to retrieve your trip from My Trips.
  • Choose your flight, then reschedule it.

If you want to change your reservation, contact the travel company or website where you bought your ticket.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Change Fee

The Hawaiian Airlines flight change policy is as follows:

  • All fares on Hawaiian Airlines are now changing fee-free, except for Main Cabin Basic fares. This way you may not be charged a extrade price for Main Cabin, Business Class or First Class tickets. Also, there is no change fee for changing award tickets purchased with Hawaiian Miles.
  • For restricted refundable fares, the refund charge is:
    1. For nearby islands: $25
    2.  For flights to North America: $100
    3. For international flights: $100
  • Corporate travellers and Pulani Platinum and Gold members are eligible for complimentary same-day standby flight adjustments to neighboring islands.
  • Tickets for the Main Cabin Basic are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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Q1 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ change flight policy?

Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy has changed. However, if your Main Cabin Basic ticket is eligible for the Hawaiian Airlines COVID-19 Travel Waiver, you may change and rebook.

Q2 Can you change your flight to Hawaiian Airlines?

Indeed, under Hawaiian Airlines’ recently amended policy, all travellers (apart from those in Main Cabin Basic) can modify and rebook their flights before they expire. In addition, you can cancel and rebook a Main Cabin Basic ticket within its extended validity period if it qualifies for the COVID-19 travel waiver.

Q3 How can I change my Hawaiian Airlines flight without paying a fee?

The following scenarios qualify for free flight changes on Hawaiian Airlines:
You paid the Main Cabin fare or more.
Hawaiian’s COVID-19 travel waiver permits rebookings for your Main Cabin Basic fare.

Q4 What is the Hawaiian Airlines flight change fee?

Hawaiian Airlines no longer levies a flight change fee for Main Cabin and above rates. Previously, Hawaiian Airlines assessed change fees of up to USD 300 for international flights, USD 200 for flights to the mainland, and USD 30 for interisland flights. These modification fees, however, are no longer necessary.

Q5 Is changing flights on Hawaiian Airlines possible?

There is no price for changing or rebooking tickets for anyone with a Main Cabin or above fare. However, you will not be able to alter your flight if you are holding a Main Cabin Basic fare.

Q6 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ change flight number?

The phone number for Hawaiian Airlines is +1-866-217-1292 to change flights. This number is available 24/7 and is toll-free in the USA and Canada.

Q7 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ fee to change a flight?

For Main Cabin and higher rate customers, Hawaiian Airlines no longer charges a fee for changing flights. However:
Base fares for large cabins not covered by the COVID-19 travel waiver cannot be changed. Flights to nearby islands incur a $25 cancellation fee. A $100 cancellation fee applies to flights to North America and other regions.

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