Allegiant Air Booking

Allegiant Air Booking

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Allegiant Air is a low-cost American airline, which is in Summerlin, Nevada. It is frequently misidentified as Booking Allegiant Air near Las Vegas. One of America’s largest airlines, Allegiant, has a fleet size of over 105 aircraft. With an Allegiant Air Booking, you can visit 128+ US locations, ranging from small towns to renowned tourist hotspots.

One-class, all-coach cabins are available on Allegiant flights, with paid upgrades like Allegiant Extra, Giant Seats, and Legroom+ available on some routes. In 2017 Allegiant won the Women’s Choice Award, and in 2020 Glassdoor named it one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in America.

Contact Support Number: +1-866-217-1292

Allegiant Air Booking Options

Wondering how to make an Allegiant Air Booking? There are several ways to reserve a seat with Allegiant Airlines:

  • Via phone
  • Online
  • The mobile application (Android or iOS)
  • From a ticket office of Allegiant Airlines
  • Via a travel agency

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You can also call +1-866-217-1292 or send an e-mail to help to get in touch with us. In order to make your vacation easy and pleasurable, we offer the 700 sites stated above. In addition, your executive will help you with travel arrangements and reservation-making.

How to Book a Flight Online?

To book an Allegiant flight online, follow these steps:

  • Check out
  • Enter your details.
  • Click the “Search” button
  • Follow the instructions listed below:
  • Bundles
  • Moving About
  • Travellers
  • Select your seat(s)
  • Bags
  • Payment

How to Book a Flight with the Mobile App?

Using the smartphone app, you may Book a flight with Allegiant Air. Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app. You must sign up for a free Allegiant account after downloading the programmed.

Enter your trip needs, choose your preferred flight from the list, finish your choices (such as seats, baggage, savings Bundles, and so forth), and then pay. Your app will receive your e-ticket.

How to Book a Flight by Phone?

Booking your flight over the phone is an option if you’re uncomfortable doing so online or using a mobile app. When you contact the airline, a knowledgeable travel agent will assist you in booking a cheap airfare and creating a detailed vacation itinerary.

An itinerary number will be given to you after you have made a phone reservation for a flight. The check-in counter at the airport will require you to present this number, or you can use it to create a boarding pass on (or the mobile app).

Allegiant Air Booking for Passengers with Special Needs

For customers that require special assistance, Allegiant Airlines offers the following services:

  • Passengers who are handicapped or have limited mobility
  • Travellers who are carrying medical gadgets, including POCs
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Travellers with young children or babies
  • Individuals travelling with emotional support and service animals
  • Pet-carrying passengers

How to Make an Allegiant Air Booking for Special Needs Passengers?

When making an online reservation for a traveller with special needs:

  • Check out
  • After entering the passenger’s name, select the link for Special Assistance Request.
  • Please specify the Special Service Request (SSR), for example:
    • Wheelchair support
    • Seating arrangements
    • Stowage for assistive devices
    • Help with escorting
  • Complete the details and pay for your flight reservation.

How to Check Your Flight Status on Allegiant?

To check the status of an Allegiant Air Booking flight online:

  • Check out
  • Click Check Flight Status from the Flight Status dropdown menu.
  • Select the airport of departure or the flight number.
  • Enter your flight information:
    • By departure airport (which is always open), or
    • Via Flight Number
    • To check the status, click the button.
  • You can see the status of your flight.

How to Get Senior Discounts on Allegiant?

At this time, Allegiant does not provide senior discounts. Call if you’re seeking a senior citizen ticket at a reasonable price.

 Group Booking of Allegiant Air

For parties of ten or more, Allegiant offers discounts on its regular itineraries. There are two ways to request a group reservation discount while travelling in a group:

  • Contact with your inquiry.
  • Request an immediate group discount by calling.

Allegiant Manage My Booking

“Manage Travel,” a handy online tool offered by Allegiant, is the Manage My Booking function that lets you:

  • View your trip schedule
  • Change or cancel your flight reservations.
  • choosing or upgrading seats
  • Buy luggage in advance
  • Priority Access Upgrade
  • Add a hotel stay or car rental.

To change an online flight reservation with Allegiant:

  • Check out
  • Select “Manage Travel” from the tabs.
  • Choose one of the three possibilities:
    • By e-mail Confirmation
    • By Confirmation
    • Via Debit or Credit card
  • Fill out the details for the option you select.
  • Follow the instructions to:
    • Modify or revoke your reservation for a flight.
    • Choose a seat.
    • Buy luggage in advance
    • Priority Access Upgrade
    • Add a hotel stay or a rental vehicle

The smartphone app also allows you to manage your Allegiant air booking. In addition, customer relations can provide guidance if you run into any issues or are unsure what to do next.

Phone Numbers—Customer Relations

Customer service at Allegiant can be reached by phone, e-mail, or live chat.

  • Customer Relations Officer (CRO), +1-702-505-8888
  • Special Service Request: +1-702-430-3283
  • Concerns and Questions e-mail
  • Option of Live Chat

Allegiant Cabin Classes

Allegiant provides Economy Class seating in an all-coach arrangement with the following choices:

  • Standard Seats (all flights)
  • Giant Seats
  • Allegiant Extra
  • Legroom+

Seating Allegiant Options

Except for Boeing 757s, which offer roughly 30% more spacious seats, the majority of Allegiant’s aircraft facilitates its flyer with around 90% Standard Seats & 10% Extra Space Seats. The chairs on Allegiant are not reclining.

Standard Seats

Allegiant’s Standard Seats, which are accessible on all flights, include the following:

  • 30″ seat pitch (34in on Airbus A319 and A320)
  • 17-inch seat width (17.5in on Boeing 757)

Giant Seats

Allegiant’s Giant Seats, which are available on some aircraft for a seat allocation charge, provide first-class luxuries like:

  • Superior site
    • First-row
    • Cabin’s middle exit row
  • Wider seats
  • 36″ more legroom
  • luxurious headrests
  • 34-inch seat pitch
  • 25-inch seat breadth

Allegiant Extra Seats

Allegiant Extra Seats, which the airline offers on some flights, are near the front of the cabin and offer:

  • At least 6 inches more space for the legs (vs Standard Seats)
  • Preferential boarding
  • Complimentary refreshment
  • First to use in-flight amenities

Legroom+ Seats

The Legroom Plus Seats on Allegiant offer:

  • An additional 6 inches of legroom
  • Thirty-four inches or more may separate seat rows.
  • 34-inch pitch for seats
  • Seat size: 17.5 inches on Boeing 757

Allegiant Seat Booking —FREE and Paid Seat Assignment

You have two options from Allegiant to personalize your tickets:

  • Free seat assignment at random-

You won’t be charged extra for Allegiant to choose a seat at random for you.

  • Paid Seat Reservation-

For a charge, Allegiant will reserve a seat for you. However, it implies that you can reserve your seat in advance by selecting the location and people you want to sit with.

How to Make a Seat Booking on Allegiant?

It would help if you bought a seat assignment in order to secure your seat on Allegiant. You can order seat assignments over the phone or online (). The more options there are, the earlier you book.

Your seat can be reserved at a later time (online through Manage Travel), over the phone, through a mobile app, or in person when you check-in.

If your seat assignment is not purchased:

  • During check-in (i.e., within 24hrs of your flight’s departure), you will be given a free (Standard) seat at random.
  • You can lose contact with your group.

Optional Services offered by Allegiant

To maintain as cheap a price as feasible, Allegiant provides a number of à la carte options. You can add these extra services to your schedule for a fee. The costs are determined by the number of people and by the segment, or each takeoff and landing.

Optional ServiceFee
Seat SelectionUSD 0 – 80
Priority AccessUSD 4 – 12
Trip FlexUSD 29 – 43
Cancelation with Trip FlexUSD 0
Cancelation without Trip FlexUSD 75
Food and BeverageUSD 2 – 7
In-cabin petsUSD 100
Electronic Carrier UsageUSD 18
Call Center Booking ChargesUSD 14.99
Boarding Pass PrintingUSD 5
Baggage Fees and Allowances1 Personal Item Free


1 Carry-on Bag USD 10 – 75

Checked Bags/Overweight Bags

  • 18.2-31.8kg – USD 50
  • 32.2-45.4kg – USD 75
  • Oversized Checked Bags – (Height + Width + Depth) > 80in/203.2 cm – USD 75
  • Oversized Personal Item USD 50 – 75
Gate-checked BagsUSD 0 – 75

Allegiant Bundles

With Allegiant’s bundle rates, you may save more on your travel arrangements by combining frequently purchased services by customers. The packages include:

  • Allegiant Basic Bundle
  • Allegiant Total Bundle
  • Allegiant Bonus Bundle

Benefits of Allegiant Bundles

Allegiant Bundles have advantages:

You can save your time and money by using Allegiant’s bundles to:

  • Purchase the same services for less money.
  • Without having to buy the services separately, book without trouble.

Allegiant Basic Bundle

Certain services, such as seat preference and baggage allowance, are not included in Allegiant’s basic cost. In addition, the Allegiant Basic Bundle gives customers the option to select additional services individually.

Allegiant Bonus Bundle

You may save 23% by using the Allegiant Bonus Bundle, which enables you to:

  • Choose a seat.
  • Pick a single personal carry-on item or bag.
  • On specific itineraries, Trip Flex (included in the itinerary) allows you to change your itinerary once.

Allegiant Total Bundle

With the Allegiant Total Bundle, you may save a minimum of 38% by:

  • Choose a seat.
  • Bringing both checked and carry-on luggage
  • With Trip Flex, you can alter your schedule (including the itinerary)
  • boarding rights with priority

Allegiant In-flight Entertainment (IFE) Services

Being an ultra-low-cost carrier, Allegiant doesn’t offer any in-flight entertainment options like video streaming or Wi-Fi.

Allegiant In-flight Amenities

Allegiant’s onboard amenities could be more extensive in comparison to more expensive conventional airlines. As a result, Allegiant does not offer the following services to keep ticket prices low:

  • Inflight Wi-Fi
  • Movies
  • Video streaming
  • Electrical outlets
  • Games
  • Podcasts
  • Additional kinds of onboard entertainment

Pay-for-service food and beverages such as:

  • Combos
  • Signature drinks
  • Snacks
  • Wines and beers
  • Alcoholic beverages and mixers

Allegiant Air’s Frequent Flyer Program

The Allegiant World Mastercard® card lets you accrue reward points with Allegiant Air, in contrast to other frequent flyer programs that allow you to accrue and redeem miles by taking flights.

What You Should Know About my Allegiant Rewards

  • The value of each my Allegiant point is one penny.
  • Your reward points can be applied to flights or other forms of Travel.
  • When checking out, you can decide to use your reward points as payment.

When you link your Allegiant World Mastercard® card with my Allegiant account at just USD 59/year, you can:

  • Get a bonus for sign-up
  • Earn while you spend
    • 3 points/USD 1 on Allegiant
    • 2 points/USD 1 on dining
    • 1 point/USD 1 on all other purchases
  • Get a free Buy-One-Get-One Airfare
  • Get complimentary inflight facilities, such as
    • Priority boarding
    • One free beverage
  • Save your points for
    • Flying with Allegiant
    • Hotel stays
    • Car rentals

Allegiant Phone Numbers and Contact Details

Here is some crucial Allegiant Airlines contact information.

The toll-free number of Allegiant Airlines Reservations is available 24/7.

  • Customer Relations Officer (CRO) – +1-702-505-8888
  • Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) – 702-430-3283

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Q1 What is Allegiant Airlines’ booking phone number?

The toll-free number (702) 505-8888 is for booking with Allegiant in the US and Canada. However, this number is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Q2 How do I book a flight only on Allegiant Airlines?

Only Allegiant Airlines accepts bookings; thus, you must do it directly through, the Allegiant mobile app, the Allegiant phone number, or at a local Allegiant Airlines ticket office.

Q3 I want to book a flight on Allegiant Airlines directly; how should I do it?

You can book a direct flight with Allegiant by visiting, using their mobile app, calling them on the phone, or going to a local Allegiant Airlines ticket office.

Q4 How can I check Allegiant Airline reservations and flight booking deals?

Visit Allegiant’s flight deals page to uncover fantastic flight booking discounts, sign up for their mailing list to receive the latest specials, and call Allegiant at this number (702) 505-8888 to request a special discount.

Q5 Does Allegiant Airlines book online tickets?

The answer is yes; Allegiant allows online reservations through

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