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Southwest Lost & Found Policy

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If you want to know complete details about Southwest Lost and Found Policy in detail then you are at the right place. Here, you will learn everything about its lost and found policy, so move ahead and check out everything about it so that, you don’t face any trouble after losing your item or baggage at the airport.

Contact Southwest Support Number +1-800-504-6979

What is Southwest lost and Found policy?

According to Southwest’s Lost & Found Policy, you can easily find your lost item or baggage. But for that, you just need to contact customer service or you can easily go to the helpdesk for found and lost policy. Also, if you don’t able to find your item then the airline will provide a refurbishment but that totally depends on them. But there is a good chance that you can easily find your lost item if you lost it at the airport or on the plane.

An Instant Way to Track your Lost Items with Southwest Airlines

If you have lost any  items at the Southwest airport then in such case, you can easily track down your items. No matter where you left your baggage, the airlines are too supportive to help your lost item. They will try every possible way to find it and provide it back to you. You just need to inform them about your item so that, they can easily find it and provide it back to you.

If Items were Left on a Southwest Plane then;

You can easily contact the customer service and then the agent will help you in finding the item for you. Also, they can help you in returning to your place and that totally, depends on the airlines.

In case, if you have lost it on the plane then you can do an immediate search;

  • Let all the passengers go out of the plane and ask a flight attendant to search for you.
  • But if you have to leave the plane then you can contact the agent so that they can do the search and provide it back to you.

If you realize this after leaving the plane, but still at the airport then;

You can have a talk with the agent and inform them about your lost item. They will quickly send someone to look over your baggage but if you have already passed the restricted entry zone then you need to just go to the lost and found desk for instant help.

Items Lost at The Southwest Airport

If you left something at the airport then in such case, you can call the helpline number 1-800-435-9792 and need to provide complete details. You need to confirm where you have lost it or just give them the details about the possible place so that they can easily find it. The representative will quickly reach the lost and found department and thus, try to find your lost item as soon as possible.

Things to do while losing your Things at Southwest Airlines

If you have lost something at the airport then you don’t need to worry. You can go through the several steps described below so that, you can easily find out your lost item;

1. Contact the Airport

If you think, you have lost your item at the airport then you need to contact the Department of Lost and Found as per Southwest Lost and Found Policy. You have to describe the complete information for instance, description, size, or any identifying marks so that the experts can easily find it and arrange the item so that you can easily pick it up.

2. Contact Southwest Airlines

You have to contact Southwest Airlines as soon as you realised that you have lost your item or baggage at the airline. The customer service team will quickly try to find your item and provide it instantly to you.

Also, here are some numbers provided that you can contact in case of lost & found;

  • Delayed/Damaged Bags:  1-888-202-1024
  • For Cargo: 1-800-533-1222
  • Southwest booking Travel Agency: +1-800-504-6979
  • Southwest Airlines En Espanol: 1-800-826-6667
  • Get Flight Information: 1-888-792-8747
  • Southwest Group Travel: 1-800-433-5368
  • International Customer Service: 1 (800) 435-9792
  • For any items or baggage Left at the TSA Checkpoints: 1-866-289-9673
  • TTY: 1-800-535-1305.

You can easily call the phone numbers depending on your requirement for finding your item in just an immediate time.

3. File a Claim

If you are encountering some issues while tracking down your lost item that you need to just make a claim at the airline. You will be soon connected to one of the representatives and then have to fill out the form properly for filing a claim. You need to make sure that you write all the necessary datils there so that the airline team can track it as soon as possible. After filling out the form, you will receive an item regarding the update of your lost item.

4. Keep Track of the Claim

It is very important for you to keep proper track of your claim. Typically, it takes 30 days to respond, so make sure to go through email on a regular basis.

Also, if you want, you can easily file a lost items claim, and for that;

  • You need to properly gather all the documentation. You need to mention your phone number, email address, and other important details so that, the missing baggage or item can be easily found.
  • Next, you need to file your claim online, and in that, you need to provide some important information such as personal details, flight details, date & time of your flight, name of the item that has been lost, the value of the item, and other additional details. Soon, you will receive a confirmation email with a case number but if you don’t receive it then directly contact customer support.
  • You have to wait for the response and it could take up to 2 weeks but till that, you can easily track the progress of your respective claim online with the case number. In case of any other details, you can easily contact the support team for quick help or guidelines as they are available 24/7 hours to assist you.
  • According to Southwest Lost and Found Policy, you can easily receive reimbursement for your lost item (by Southwest Airlines). But your claim should be applicable for a refund according to their policy. It is totally dependent on its estimated value, but generally, it refunds up to $3500 for lost items but again that matters.


If you are feeling sad because you have lost your important items or baggage at the airline then don’t have to worry. The team will try their best to find the item for you, so you have to just contact them & also, you are suggested to be careful about your luggage or items while traveling. But, if already lost then in such case, you have to just be hopeful and check your email regularly for any updates. There is a good possibility to find your luggage as the airline’s team tries their best to find your lost item or baggage. But still, if they don’t able to find it then in such case, you can get refurbishment for your item but that totally depends on your item & Southwest’s Lost & Found Policy.

Southwest Help Line Number +1-800-504-6979, If you have any related issue regarding Spirit Airlines

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