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How Can I Upgrade My Seat On Alaska Airlines?

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It is essential for even infrequent travelers to comprehend the nuances of the Alaska Airlines upgrading procedure. With regard to the procedure of upgrading to an Alaska Airlines Premier or First Class seat, this blog goes into great depth. It includes a detailed examination of the available upgrade options, the Elite status-based upgrade hierarchy, and the several ways to obtain an upgrade—whether with cash or miles. Through a thorough examination of these facets, readers will acquire a thorough comprehension of how to optimise their travel encounters with Alaska Airlines, guaranteeing a more seamless voyage and an augmented degree of comfort.

Types of Alaska Airlines Upgrades

Many upgrade choices are available on Alaska Airlines, although they are mainly available to passengers who hold elite status. Even non-elite customers can improve their seating experience by purchasing an upgrade, which is possible 24 hours before departure. In order to clarify Alaska Air seat upgrades, it’s crucial to remember that Premium Class seats, which are located at the front of the main cabin, come with an additional 4 inches of legroom, early boarding rights, and free booze. Passengers who reach a recognized standing in Mileage Plan, Alaska Airlines’ frequent flyer program, are awarded elite status. This elucidation guarantees a lucid comprehension of the accessible enhancements, accommodating tourists of all stripes.

How to Purchase Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade?

There are two ways that one can experience Alaska Airlines First Class travel:

  1. Purchase Upgrade: If you decide to upgrade to first class, your trip will be much more enjoyable. This choice offers a convenient route to a more abundant travel experience, enabling customers to take advantage of the improved facilities and comfort of first-class seating.
  2. Upgrade with Miles: As an alternative, Alaska Airlines lets you use your accrued miles to get the much-desired First Class upgrade. You may effortlessly upgrade to a premium cabin and enjoy the perks and pleasures only available to first-class passengers using your Mileage Plan rewards.

The two routes cater to various travel preferences, allowing travelers to choose best option for their specific needs and style. Whether you want to pay with cash or use your collected miles, Alaska guarantees a flexible and superior travel experience.

 How to upgrade to First Class on Alaska Airlines?

There are two ways to investigate upgrade options with Alaska, and each has its own set of steps to follow:

Paid Upgrades:

  • Upgrades for current Alaska or SkyWest reservations purchased on behalf of Alaska Airlines go on sale 24 hours before departure via online check-in, Also you can call the travel agency like Flights Assistance to upgrade your Class within no time. Call them +1-866-217-1292.
  • Depending on the length of the flight, a one-way upgrade to First Class starts at USD 23.
  • A First Class upgrade is also available the day of your travel at an airport counter, departure gate, or self-service kiosk, subject to availability.

Upgrades to Mileage Plan Miles:

  • When you book your journey, you can use your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles to upgrade your ticket.
  • Flights run by Alaska Airlines and flights made by SkyWest on behalf of Alaska Airlines are both eligible.
  • Visit, go to the Book area, select Mileage from the Upgrade fare type, and pick flights with an F in a blue box to start an upgrade in Mileage.
  • A First Class upgrade typically costs 15,000 Mileage Plan miles per way.

To request a First Class upgrade with miles on an existing reservation, contact Alaska Airlines Reservations by phone. 15,000 Mileage Plan miles is the same price for a one-way upgrade that includes connecting flights. With the help of these thorough instructions, passengers will be able to fully comprehend the processes involved in both mileage and paid upgrades, enabling them to make selections that suit their travel needs and preferences.

 How To Upgrade To First Class on Alaska App?

Using the Alaska app, you can enjoy the convenience of First Class through a simple procedure:

  • Sign in and Proceed: Open the My Trips area of the Alaska app after logging into your account.
  • Choose Your Aircraft: To view the specifics, select the flight you want to upgrade by clicking on it.
  • Upgrade Options: Scroll down to the Upgrade Options section. There, you’ll see a detailed list of all the improvements that are available, along with their associated costs.
  • Select Your Upgrading Option: Examine your alternatives and choose the improvement that best suits your requirements and tastes.
  • Checkout Procedure: Complete your First Class upgrade by going through the checkout procedure without problems.
  • Check Back for Availability: Plan to return to the app closer to your travel date if, at the time of booking, there are no upgrades available. It’s possible that availability will shift, giving you more chances to get the desired update.

The Alaska app’s user-friendly interface allows travelers to easily follow instructions, make informed decisions, and enjoy first-class perks.

Alaska Upgrade to First Class for Advantage Elites on American Airlines

American Airlines AAdvantage program members with Executive Platinum or Platinum Pro elite membership status are entitled to free reciprocal upgrades to First Class and Premium on Alaska Airlines. After completing upgrades for MVP Gold (100K and 75K) members, the confirmation of these improvements becomes available 120 hours before departure. To be clear about which fare types apply, it is essential to remember that Alaska Airlines Saver rates are not eligible for upgrades. The arrangement demonstrates the seamless integration of elite privileges for eligible AAdvantage members, enhancing their travel experience with Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade Cost

The cost of upgrading to First Class on a one-way basis is dependent on the distance travelled and starts at USD 23. After the free elite upgrades are cleared, the window for securing upgraded seating opens 24 hours before departure. Due to this sequential procedure, premium upgrades are only sometimes available; instead, elite upgrades are provided at no cost. If you are one of those travellers who prefer to upgrade based only on miles, each first-class upgrade costs fifteen thousand miles. Passengers may make informed decisions about their upgrade options by fully grasping the complexities of timing and the associated prices, thanks to the dynamic pricing structure.

Alaska Airlines Upgrade to Premium Class

There are other choices to consider if you want to experience Alaska Airlines Premium Class at an even higher level. The first involves an easy method: make sure you book a Premium Class ticket while making travel arrangements. Premium Class offers a range of benefits, including more legroom, priority boarding, and free food and drinks, ensuring prompt access.

On certain flights, Alaska Airlines offers Mileage Plan members the option to exchange their accrued miles for a Premium Class upgrade. It’s important to remember that the number of miles needed for an upgrade varies depending on the route, the season, and general availability.

Additionally, if you are an elite Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan member, a path to free upgrades to Premium Class opens up. Priority placement on the upgrade list is granted to elite members, significantly increasing their chances of acquiring a seat when one becomes available. With multiple facets, this approach accommodates a wide range of passenger preferences.


Q1. Is it possible to upgrade Alaska Saver fares to Premium or First Class?

A. No, there isn’t a way to upgrade Alaska Saver tickets to First Class or Premium. Saver flights offer a less expensive option for passengers on a tight budget. Still, they have a significant drawback: upgrading to First Class or Premium is impossible. To enhance your Alaska Airlines experience, consider choosing a different fare category or contacting them directly for personalized assistance.

Q2. What are the different methods available for passengers seeking an upgrade with Alaska Airlines?

A. There are several ways to get an upgrade on your Alaska Airlines flight. First, the airline’s website or mobile app can be used to verify if you qualify for an upgrade. If you are qualified, you can pay with a credit card or use Mileage Plan miles to seek an upgrade. Another way is to ask at the airport check-in desk whether upgrades are available on the day of your travel. It’s crucial to remember that updates cannot always be available and depend on availability.

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