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How to Cancel a Southwest Airlines Flight?

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Southwest Cancel Flight: Southwest flight changes are possible. Yes. The cancellation policy at Southwest Airlines is among the finest of the big airlines.

If all you want is your money back and you aren’t trying to fly again, you are at least somewhat fortunate. With its accommodating cancellation and change procedures, Southwest has historically distinguished itself from other airlines.

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How to Cancel Southwest Flight?

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines website: Use a web browser to navigate to the Southwest Airlines official website.
  • Find the “Manage Reservations” section: On the homepage, look for the “Manage Reservations” or “Flight” tab. Typically, it can be found at the top of the page.
  • Retrieve your booking: To access your reservation, provide the necessary data. Your confirmation number, passenger name, and departure city can be mentioned here.
  • Locate the flight you want to cancel: Find the individual flight you want to cancel after you’ve entered your reservation.
  • Initiate the cancellation process: To cancel your flight, click the link. Depending on the kind of fare and the time of cancellation, Southwest Airlines often issues a refund or credit for the amount of the cancelled flight.
  • Review cancellation policy and fees: Review the conditions, cancellation policy, and any fees linked with your particular fare type now. Before the cancellation is officially cancelled, this information is typically given.
  • Confirm the cancellation: If you’re positive that you want to cancel the flight, confirm it by following the on-screen instructions. Be informed that depending on the situation and fare restrictions, cancelling your flight can result in a refund or credit.
  • Check for refund or credit: Southwest Airlines will normally provide a refund to the original mode of payment or a travel credit for future use after cancelling the ticket. To be sure you get how the refund or credit will be handled, carefully read the facts provided.

Before you cancel southwest flight please read the below short southwest cancellation policy

Read in Brief: Southwest Flight Cancellations Policy

What is Southwest Cancel Flight Policy?

You must be informed of Southwest Flight cancellations policy if you intend to cancel the reservation in order to go forward more easily. The following are the policies’ guidelines:

  • The made reservation may be cancelled at any moment up until an hour before the departure time without incurring a cancellation fee.
  • If you have cancelled a ticket that you purchased using miles, you will receive your money back in the same way.
  • In order to be eligible for risk-free cancellation, regardless of the type of ticket purchased, you must complete the cancellation process within 24 hours after purchasing a ticket lasting seven days or more.
  • You have the option of cancelling the reservation if the flight is delayed.

Does Southwest Give Compensation For Canceled Flights?

A passenger will receive compensation, with the amount depending on the distance, if a flight is cancelled or delayed for three hours or more, per the Southwest cancel flight policy:

  • $325 for local flights
  • Long-haul flight prices range from $445 to $700

The following condition below will make a passenger eligible to receive a compensation amount:

  • If your flight is cancelled or delay by the airlines fault.
  • If the flight misses its destination or makes a last-minute destination change.
  • If you denied boarding owing to overbooking
  • If somehow you miss the flight because of the delay in the airport or in check-in and security issues.

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1. Can I contact Southwest Airlines to cancel a flight?

Call the airline’s customer service department at +1-800-504-6979 to cancel your reservation if you are unable to do so through the Southwest app.

2. Does Southwest have a free cancellation?

If a customer wants to cancel a Southwest reservation without incurring fees, they must do so within 24 hours of making the reservation. You won’t be penalised if you cancel during this time with Southwest.

3. How much does it cost to cancel Southwest? 

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge cancellation or change fees. If you cancel at least 10 minutes prior to the departure time, there is no price and you will receive a credit for a future trip.

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