Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy

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Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy: Southwest Airlines is one of the largest low-cost carriers in the world, known for its affordable fares, exceptional customer service, and flexible policies. One of the many benefits of flying with Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy, which allows passengers to modify their travel plans without incurring hefty fees or penalties.

This policy has helped Southwest become a popular choice for travelers who value convenience and flexibility, as it allows them to adjust their flight itinerary to better suit their needs. In this response, I will provide more details about Southwest’s flight change policy and how it works.

Southwest Airlines enables customers to make changes to reservations for their travel and receive the price difference regardless they paid with cash or a credit card, or with miles. No matter the sort of ticket you’ve booked, Southwest lets you reschedule your itinerary at the best rates, not unlike other carriers that waive change fees for elite status holders.

Call Customer Support: +1-800-504-6979

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Wanna Get Away Tickets

Wanna Get Away tickets are the cheapest class of service in the Southwest, so they have a stricter cancellation policy than Anytime and Business Select fares. The same regulations regarding Southwest’s itinerary change policy apply when you choose to alter your itinerary; you may do so up until 10 minutes prior to departure without incurring any fees.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for any time and Business Select Tickets

Subject to Southwest’s flight change policy, you can change your Business Select ticket free of charge anytime up to 10 minutes before scheduled departure.

Anytime or Business Select travel bookings will be converted to travel credits even if you miss a visit and change your current itinerary. Within a year following the original date of purchase, the Travel credits are available for use at anytime time.

How to Change Your Southwest Airlines Flight

Southwest Airlines flight changes are possible over the phone or online.  To modify existing online flight tickets with Southwest Airlines:

  • Visit
  • Choose “Change/Cancel” from the tabs (on top)
  • Enter your confirmation number and name to get your flight reservation.
  • Leave the default selection of the Change route tab alone.
  • Press the search icon.
  • Then click Choose new flights after selecting the itinerary you want to alter. If you made a round-trip reservation, your departing and returning locations would be displayed.
  • Make the modifications and confirm them once you’ve selected your flight.

Remark: If you Book your flight with Flights Assistance, contact them and request them to alter your reservation.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Changing International Flight Itineraries

You must use the same procedure described above if you want to change an itinerary involving a flight abroad. Again, no change costs will be assessed, but the ticket change (if any) will be applicable.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Changing Fare Classes

There are a few exceptions if you’re switching fare classes. The amount of your Anytime fare will be changed into reloadable Travel Dollars, for instance, if you’re switching from an Anytime ticket to a Business Select fare. Nevertheless, if you alter your itinerary on the same day, you’ll be responsible for any extra fees and taxes associated with your new fare.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Same-Day Changes

Contact Southwest at 1-800-I-FLY-SWA (+1-800-504-6979) if you need a same-day modification to an international flight reservation or ask for a representative at the terminal check-in counter. Keep in mind that you’re only able to reserve a seat on an international flight up to two hours before your scheduled flight.

Southwest Airlines Flight Change Policy for Irregular Operations

You are entitled to free adjustments under Southwest’s flight change policy for any international flight impacted by severe weather or other uncontrollable conditions. Nevertheless, customers must dial 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to reach Southwest Customer Service (+1-800-504-6979).

What are Southwest’s Flight Change Fees?

Reservations purchased using money or points don’t have a booking fee with Southwest Airlines. We’ll turn the government security charge into travel funds. Always remember to retain the confirmation email so you can use your points again in the future.

What are Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy?

With the exception of last name changes or name changes resulting from marriage, Southwest Airlines does not permit name changes on reservations. Another option is to reschedule your ticket with the proper name and terminate the flight inside 24 hours of purchase.

Contact Customer Service at +1-800-504-6979 and provide documentation proof of your old and new names, including your old and new Identification, marriage licence, etc., if you are changing your name due to marriage or another circumstance.

Using Southwest Airlines Travel Funds

To buy a new airline ticket (including taxes and charges) with the reservation number attached, you can use your travelling funds. Nevertheless, you are unable to purchase a ticket for somebody else using your travel funds.

To view the balance of your travel funds:

  • To check your travel funding
  • Fill in the boxes with your name (last and first) and verification code.
  • Choose “Check Funds”
  • Information about your travel credit will show on display.

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Q1 Can I change my Southwest Airlines flight booking?

Absolutely, you are free to make changes to any Southwest Airlines flight reservations as long as you do so at least 10 mins before takeoff. offers both phone and online booking changes. To modify your flight booking online, recover your itinerary using the Change/Cancel tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q2 Does Southwest charge any fee to change a flight?

Southwest does not charge for flight changes. However, if the new flight is more expensive, you may have to pay the full fare difference. If the new flight is cheaper, the fare difference will be converted into Travel Dollars for future use or refunded to the original payment method within one year from the original booking date.

Q3 What is Southwest Airlines’ flight change policy?

According to Southwest Airlines’ free flight change policy, all customers may reschedule their trip as long as they do it at least 10 mins prior to takeoff. All flights, including Wanna Get Away fares, fall under this rule.

Q4 What do the plus and minus signs mean when I change my flight on

A (+) symbol next to the changed ticket price indicates that the new flight is higher than the original flight and will be charged more. Conversely, a minus sign (-) indicates that the ticket is cheaper than the original booking and the difference will be refunded to the original payment method or credited to travel credit for later use.
You can modify your ticket without paying more if you see USD 0, which indicates that the new flight will cost precisely the same as your initial flight.

Q5 What is Southwest Airlines’ change flight policy for Wanna Get Away tickets?

With Wanna Get Away tickets, Southwest Airlines’ complimentary change of flight policy permits customers to make modifications as long as they do so at least 10 mins prior to the takeoff time of their flights.

Q6 How many times can I change my Southwest flight?

The number of times you can change your Southwest flight is up to you. But, you will be responsible for paying the increase in fare if your flight is more expensive than the one you initially reserved.

Q 7 How does a fare upgrade work on Southwest?

By calling or using the Change Flight option online, you can upgrade a Wanna Get Away fare to an Anytime or Business Select ticket.

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