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Virgin Atlantic Upgrade Guide

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Virgin Atlantic Upgrade: If you’re sick of travelling in cramped seats, consider upgrading with Virgin Atlantic. This blog post will examine their various upgrade options and how they can significantly improve your trip. More legroom, priority boarding, fine dining, access to exclusive lounges, and increased luggage allowance are all available to you. Although upgrading comes with a higher price tag, the added benefits and comfort make it well worth it.

Key Highlights To Upgrade Virgin Atlantic Seat

The following are the essential details to be aware of when upgrading your Virgin Atlantic seat. Upgrading can significantly improve your travel experience, whether you choose the comforts of Premium Economy or the luxury of Upper Class. You can easily understand the upgrade process by referring to the points below.

You can upgrade your Virgin Atlantic seat in three ways:

  • Bid for an upgrade
  • Upgrade with miles/points
  • Pay for an upgrade

Be aware that upgrades are unavailable for the lowest fares (Economy Light and Holiday fares, V, N, and O). However, you can upgrade your Economy Classic and Economy Delight fares if they have higher-class (more expensive) codes like Y, B, R, L, U, M, E, Q, and X.

All passengers must upgrade if there are multiple people on your flight reservation. The upgrade fee includes all taxes, fees, and charges and applies to each passenger and segment of the trip. Even if you upgrade with Flying Club points, you’ll still have to pay the additional amount if the upgraded class has higher taxes and fees.

The original ticket’s terms apply for cancellations, refunds, and modifications; however, Flying Club members receive miles and tier points for the upgraded ticket rather than the original. After an upgrade, the upgraded ticket’s baggage allowance is valid upon check-in.

Virgin Atlantic Bid for Upgrade

By participating in Virgin Atlantic’s Bid for an upgrade program, you can place a bid for a ticket in the next higher class. It implies that you may move from Economy to Upper Class or Premium to Premium. You must purchase your ticket straight from Upgrade Virgin Atlantic to accomplish this. If your trip meets the requirements, you will receive an email invitation to bid for an upgrade. You can make your bid up to two days before your departure date.

Recall that these upgrades are contingent upon seat availability. It’s still worthwhile to use My Booking to check online or inquire with airport staff about upgrade options if you were unsuccessful in bidding for one.

How Virgin Atlantic Upgrade Auction Works?

To submit a bid for an upgrade, take these easy steps:

  • Enter your booking information on the bid for an Upgrade page (or locate your booking via My Booking on the homepage).
  • Select the option to “Bid for an upgrade.”
  • State your willingness to pay when placing your bid. You may submit your bid up to two days before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • Your bid will be evaluated between one and two days before your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • You must place a bid for each passenger if your reservation contains more than one. Each passenger must have their bid amount. For instance, you must bid £360 if your reservation includes three passengers and you wish to bid £120 for an upgrade.
  •  If your bid is accepted:
    • An email confirming your bid’s success will be sent to you.
    • The bid amount will be charged to your card.
  • If your bid is rejected, take no further action. You can still use your original ticket, and your card won’t be charged.
  • You may change or cancel your bid up to two days before your flight’s scheduled departure. Nevertheless, you cannot withdraw your bid if it has already been accepted.

Bidding Upgrade Terms and Conditions

The guidelines to be followed when bidding on Virgin Atlantic upgrades are as follows:

  • Only those with a confirmed, valid ticket issued directly by Virgin Atlantic for a flight that the airline operates are eligible to bid for an upgrade.
  • Up to 48 hours (2 days) before your flight’s scheduled departure, you can place an online bid through Virgin’s Your Bid auction services for the next higher cabin. The airline’s My Booking link on their website or a link in one of their service emails will allow you to view Your Bid.
  • Your bid must be for each passenger on your reservation, regardless of how many travel with you.
  • As stated on the Your Bid page, Virgin Atlantic has selected specific routes, destinations, and dates for the Your Bid auction service.
  • You must bid for each segment of a multi-segment trip if you wish to upgrade for the entire trip.
  • Bids are reviewed 7–2 days before the departure of the flight. You will be notified if it is accepted 7–2 days before the flight’s departure.
  • You can change or cancel your bid up to two days before departure.
  • The difference in fees, taxes, and surcharges for the upgraded class must be paid in addition to the bid amount.
  • Virgin Atlantic will attempt to upgrade you if they have to rebook you on a different flight. You will receive a complete refund for your original ticket and the upgrade fee if unavailable.
  • If your bid for an Upper-Class seat is accepted, you may use the Clubhouse or a third-party lounge for the upgraded section, provided that there is room.
  • For flights operated by other airlines or tickets not issued by Virgin Atlantic, you are not eligible to bid on an upgrade.
  • The travel class you initially purchased will determine the number of points (Tier and Virgin Points) you accrue, not the upgraded class.

Virgin Atlantic Upgrade with Miles/Points

Using miles or points for an upgrade is a great way to improve your Virgin Atlantic travel experience. It’s essential to ensure you have enough points in your frequent flyer account before upgrading. After you’ve accrued the required points, you can check the available upgrade options by visiting the Virgin Atlantic website or contacting the airline’s customer service department.

The airline usually provides upgrades from Economy to Upper Class or Premium Economy and from Premium Economy to Upper Class. It’s crucial to understand that upgrade availability can change depending on the flight and when the reservation is made. Ensure you include your flight information and your desired upgrade class when submitting your request. If seats are available, you can treat yourself to a more pleasurable and comfortable flight with Virgin Atlantic using your accrued points or miles to secure the upgrade.

How many points will I need to upgrade?

The number of points required for a Virgin Atlantic upgrade varies depending on your itinerary, class of travel, availability of seats, and whether you’re flying during a regular or busy season. Generally speaking, upgrading to a higher cabin class will cost more points than staying in a lower class. The tables below provide specific information about the points needed for an upgrade.

Virgin Atlantic Paid Upgrade

You can pay an additional fee to upgrade your seat to a higher class with the Virgin Atlantic Paid Upgrade program. You can access your reservation on the Virgin Atlantic website or contact customer service to see if there are any available upgrades. Should upgrades be available, you can purchase them with miles, cash, or a mix of the two. As soon as the upgrade is approve, you’ll have access to all the perks and advantages of the higher class, such as more baggage allowance, better dining options, and premium lounge access.

How do you check for available upgrades?

Using My Booking, you can look up available upgrades using the seat map. Click or hover over the desired seat to view the upgrade price, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the online payment.

For help locating the upgrade option, get in touch with customer service. As an alternative, select “Manage my booking,” click “Contact us,” and then select the “I want to upgrade” link.

You can opt for a paid upgrade:

  • From Economy (Classic/Classic Flex) to:
    • Economy Delight
    • Premium
    • Upper Class
  • From Economy (Delight/Delight Flex) to:
    • Premium
    • Upper Class
  • From Premium/Premium Flex to Upper Class 

Paid Upgrade Fees

All relevant taxes, fees, and charges are include in the price for paid upgrades, calculated for every passenger and sector. The terms about your original ticket, such as those about modifications, refunds, and cancellations of flights, will still apply. Upgrades have no cash credit or refund options and are non-transferable.

Paid Upgrade Refunds

Once your Flex Upgrade is confirmed, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • Flight changes or cancellations are not allowed.
  • No refunds or compensation will be granted.
  • Modifications to the name, date, or route won’t be approve.

How much does it cost to upgrade to Virgin Atlantic?

Virgin Atlantic upgrades can cost different amounts depending on the flight, route, and service class. Generally speaking, factors like demand, availability, the original ticket’s fare class, and the class you want to upgrade to will affect the upgrade cost. An upgrade can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Visit the website or contact Virgin Atlantic directly for exact information. By examining the seat map on My Booking and hovering over or tapping on your desired seat, you can also determine the cost of the upgrade.

Upgrades are contingent upon availability, and certain limitations might be in place. Choosing to upgrade with Virgin Atlantic can improve your travel experience and make your trip more enjoyable, whether you’re looking for a more comfortable seat or access to premium amenities.

How to Upgrade on Virgin Atlantic?

Upgrades with Virgin Atlantic can be arrange through any of the following methods:

  • Online via My Booking using cash or points.
  • By contacting customer service or your travel agent.
  • Through the bidding process.
  • At the airport check-in counter or gate.

Virgin Atlantic Last-Minute Upgrade

Selecting the Virgin Atlantic Last-Minute Upgrade is an excellent option for travellers seeking a more abundant flying experience. It’s an easy process where you can ask for an upgrade at the gate or check-in counter based on availability. If there are still seats available, you can upgrade your ticket at the current price to a higher cabin class. It gives you entry to all of the upgraded cabin’s extra benefits, such as more legroom, better meal options, lounge access only available to you, additional baggage allowance (if applicable), and more. Please ask about Virgin Atlantic’s last-minute upgrade option if you want to add a little extra luxury to your next trip.

Virgin Atlantic First Class Upgrade

Signing up for Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club loyalty program is essential to upgrade to First Class. With every flight on Virgin Atlantic and its partner airlines, your status in the program rises, increasing your chances of getting an upgrade. Another option is participating in Virgin Atlantic Upgrade Auctions, where you can bid with cash or Flying Club miles to win an upgrade.

Additionally, watch for any exclusive Virgin Atlantic promotions or offers that may allow you to obtain an upgrade at a reduced cost. These methods can increase your chances of experiencing the luxury Virgin Atlantic’s First Class offers, even though there’s no assurance that you’ll be upgrade to First Class.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy Upgrade

Join Flying Club for exclusive deals on Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy upgrades. When making your reservation, look for upgrades or ask about last-minute options at the check-in counter. Some airlines offer upgrade discounts when you book. Use your frequent flyer miles for an even more affordable upgrade. Remember that the availability of upgrades depends on things like flight occupancy, so look into your options if you want to improve your Virgin Atlantic experience.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy upgrade cost

 The cost of upgrading to Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy depends on your route, departure and arrival dates and available seats. Economy and Premium Economy can differ in price by a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars. It is advise that you use Virgin Atlantic’s online booking system or contact them directly for the most accurate and current pricing information, as rates are subject to change.

Many travellers consider the upgraded comfort and amenities of Premium Economy to be well worth the extra expense, even though the cost may be higher than that of Economy travel. Upgrading to Premium Economy, which provides more spacious seats, legroom, better meal options, and priority boarding, will make your trip more enjoyable and stress-free.

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