Indigo Cancellation Policy

IndiGo Cancellation Policy

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Indigo Cancellation Policy: IndiGo Airlines, established in 2006, has emerged as one of India’s leading low-cost carriers, renowned for its punctuality, efficiency, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With its main office in Gurgaon, the airline has steadily increased its market share. It has been instrumental in changing the face of aviation in India. One factor that has helped IndiGo build its reputation for dependability and fuel efficiency is its fleet of contemporary Airbus A320neos.

The airline connects significant cities with a vast network of domestic and international routes, offering travellers reasonably priced travel options. Millions of passengers choose IndiGo for a smooth and affordable flying experience throughout the Indian subcontinent and beyond because of its unwavering dedication to safety, punctuality, and affordability.

To assist customers in changing their flights, IndiGo offers a cancellation policy that operates through several channels. The policy simplifies the cancellation process by covering online and offline methods, offering a practical means of cancelling reservations. Passengers can learn about fees, the terms of free cancellations, their eligibility for refunds, and more by investigating this policy. Therefore, before completing your airline ticket reservation, understand this policy. This information makes the cancellation process more accessible for travellers to understand and handle.

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What is Indigo Airlines cancellation policy?

Indigo flight cancellations may be costly, complicated, and confusing, especially for people who need to become more familiar with the procedure. The IndiGo cancellation policy, on the other hand, is particularly clear-cut and easy to understand. You can quickly understand how the policy operates and get clarity on what to do in the event of a flight cancellation by going into its details. Because of the transparency, travellers are guaranteed to be well-informed about the process, which makes it easier to handle and less daunting. It’s essential to comprehend IndiGo’s cancellation policy to handle flight cancellations when needed and navigate any potential obstacles.

What are the rules and regulations of the IndiGo Flight Cancellation Policy?

Enabling smooth flight ticket cancellations is the primary goal of the Go IndiGo flight cancellation policy. It is a precisely worded collection of rules created to ensure that tickets are cancelled safely and correctly. Customers are guided by these guidelines, but the policy also puts their security first. It also explains the several ways that flights might be cancelled and offers thorough details on reimbursements and damages. This policy outlines specific eligibility requirements and covers each stage from commencement to confirmation:

  • IndiGo allows for the cancellation of direct bookings at any time.
  • A cancellation request must be submitted at least two hours before the flight’s departure for most ticket fares.
  • Customers can cancel their airline reservations immediately after making a reservation.
  • There may be a service charge if you need direct assistance from airline representatives due to modifications or cancellations.
  • Immediate cancellations within twenty-four hours are possible for flights planned more than seven days from the probable cancellation date.
  • Reversals of tickets might not be possible for flights with codeshare or interline partners.
  • If you inadvertently purchase two tickets, you can cancel the ticket at a cheaper price.
  • For tickets purchased through third-party websites or agencies, clients must contact the appropriate agents to cancel an IndiGo flight.
  • Passengers must divide group bookings into individual tickets and follow the appropriate cancellation procedure to cancel them. Passengers on IndiGo flights can be guaranteed a seamless and informative cancellation procedure by comprehending and following these terms.

What are the reasons for IndiGo flight cancellation?

In the modern world, flight cancellations are commonplace, especially in reaction to catastrophes. Reservations will inevitably reverse for a variety of reasons. The IndiGo cancellation policy is made to take into account the different reasons why these cancellations occur. Knowing about these specific causes can better prepare you to deal with cancellations should they become inevitable. This knowledge also gives you the ability to pinpoint potential preventative measures, which enables you to arrange your travel itinerary more carefully.

The most common causes of flight cancellations are family gatherings, last-minute schedule changes, unanticipated injuries, preferences for different destinations, problems with baggage, conference participation, job emergencies, and the importance of essential events. Knowing these typical causes of flight cancellations helps travellers anticipate issues and take proactive measures to address them, which improves their capacity to plan and make necessary adjustments to their travel schedules. This information helps people plan their travels more intelligently and resiliently, preparing them for unanticipated events.

IndiGo Cancellation and Refund Policy

Respecting these guidelines is crucial when cancelling an IndiGo ticket:

  • For domestic flights, cancellations are accepted up to two hours before departure and up to four hours before departure for international flights. The total sum, less relevant taxes, will be forfeited after the deadline.
  • There are two ways to go about the cancellation process: you can call a call centre and pay INR 250 per person for each sector, or you can go online and cancel using the Manage Bookings page’s View/Edit Booking option. There are no further fees involved.
  • Refunds are issued back to the original payment method in accordance with airline fare regulations and cancellation policies. The reimbursement will be handled through the same method of payment, whether it was paid with a bank account, credit/debit card, or wallet.
  • It usually takes 7 business days for the refund to be credited. The refund procedure, however, takes longer—21 days—if the reservation was made using an American Express card. Electronic financial transfers begin after cash payments are made at any IndiGo airport counter and a Refund Form is submitted.
  • Suppose you are still waiting to receive your refund within the allotted time. In that case, you should contact or start a chat with an IndiGo agent by using the provided link. Communicating directly with third parties regarding cancellations and refunds for reservations booked through them is recommended.
  • The person whose name is on the reservation, who made the money, or the travel agent in question will all receive refunds. Refunds to people not listed on the ticket require proper documentation proving the recipient’s eligibility. Comprehending and complying with these protocols guarantees a seamless and lucid encounter during IndiGo ticket cancellations.

IndiGo Airlines 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your domestic IndiGo airline reservation, there are no penalties if you follow these guidelines:

  • If the reservation was made at least one week (168 hours) before the flight’s scheduled departure, and if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking.

It is significant to remember that all tickets bought for domestic flights inside India are subject to IndiGo Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy. If the reservation satisfies the deadline requirements, this clause gives travellers the flexibility and freedom to change their itinerary during the first 24-hour window without being charged for cancellation.

 Indigo COVID Policy

Before boarding your aircraft, visitors departing from another country and heading to India must fill out and submit a self-declaration form via the Air Suvidha portal. If this necessary criterion is followed, boarding will be allowed. On the other hand, if your trip requires you to leave India, you must receive your International Travel Vaccination Certificate. To do this, go to the CoWin site, choose “Show Certificate,” then “International Travel Certificate.” After that, enter your information, submit your request, and download the certificate. Following these guidelines guarantees adherence to legal requirements and promotes a seamless travel experience when entering and leaving India.

How to Cancel a Flight Ticket on IndiGo Airlines

You can easily cancel your IndiGo flight ticket by several methods, including phone, internet, or through the travel agency where you initially bought it.

Suppose you bought your ticket directly from IndiGo Airlines via their website, app, ticket counter, or contact centre. In that case, you can use the Edit Booking tool to cancel over the phone or online. However, you purchased your ticket through a travel agency. In that case, you must contact them directly to start the cancellation procedure for your airline reservation.

The time limits for cancellations must be noted. Cancellations must occur at least two hours before the scheduled departure for domestic flights. In contrast, cancellations must occur at least four hours before the scheduled departure for international flights. Following these deadlines ensures a seamless and prompt cancellation procedure, enabling travellers to organize their travel arrangements efficiently.

How to Cancel Your IndiGo Flight Booking by Phone

Call IndiGo Airlines at their designated Cancellation Contact Numbers, available globally, to cancel your flight reservation. The customer support line is toll-free and available around the clock in the USA and Canada. You can also reach IndiGo in India at (0124)-4973838 or +91-(0124)-6173838.

Ensure the agent knows that you want to cancel your airline ticket when you contact them. For verification purposes, you must enter your name, mobile number, and PNR/booking reference number. The agent will inform you of any applicable charges based on your particular situation before completing the cancellation. Following the cancellation procedure, you will receive a notification on your registered email address or mobile number, and the refund will be executed in the allotted period. The phone cancellation service guarantees an easy and quick approach to handling modifications to your IndiGo Airlines travel itinerary.

How to Cancel Your IndiGo Flight Booking Online

You can conveniently cancel your booking online if you bought your IndiGo flight ticket straight from the airline via their website, mobile app, contact centre, or ticket office. To use the airline’s website’s cancellation procedure, adhere to the detailed procedures provided below:

  • Go to
  • Select the tab labelled “Edit Booking”.
  • Enter the necessary information for your flight reservation: PNR/booking reference number and email address/last name.
  • Select “Get Itinerary” from the menu.
  • As seen, pick the “Cancel Booking” option.
  • Examine your schedule to make sure it is accurate.
  • The “Finish” button will enable you to complete your cancellation.

You can cancel your IndiGo flight reservation by following these simple instructions on the airline’s website, making it easy to handle changes to your travel schedule.

IndiGo Airlines Cancellation Charges

IndiGo Airlines charges a cancellation cost that varies depending on several criteria, including the type of ticket (standard versus Flexi Plus), the destination (local or international), and the time of cancellation (within 3 days or at least 4 days before departure).

Unless the cancellation happens within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket booked at least 7 days before departure, IndiGo Airlines’ cancellation fees for domestic flights are contingent upon the kind of ticket and the timing of the cancellation. The following table lists the charges. In addition, there will be an additional charge of INR 250 per passenger per sector if the cancellation is handled through an IndiGo call centre.

To minimize potential financial consequences and make educated decisions, travellers wishing to cancel their domestic flight tickets with IndiGo must be aware of these aspects and the corresponding penalties.

IndiGo Airlines Domestic Ticket Cancellation Charges(Flights Within India)
LiteRegularFlexi PlusReturnLiteRegularFlexi PlusReturn
INR 3,5003,500 INRINR 3,5003,500 INRINR 3,0003,000 INRINR 5003,000 INR
AED 171.50171.50 AEDAED 171.50171.50 AEDAED 147147 AEDAED 24.50147 AED
USD 45.5045.50 USDUSD 45.5045.50 USDUSD 3939 USDUSD 6.5039 USD

IndiGo Airlines’ cancellation fees for overseas flights depend on your fare type and the time of your reservation cancellation. The table below provides the details. Passengers wishing to cancel their overseas tickets with IndiGo must know these elements to make an informed decision and understand the accompanying costs.

IndiGo Airlines International Ticket Cancellation Charges
LiteRegularFlexi PlusReturnLiteRegularFlexi PlusReturn
INR 6,5006,500 INRINR 6,0006,500 INRINR 6,0006,000 INRINR 1,0006,000 INR
AED 318.50318.50 AED294 AED318.50 AEDAED 294294 AEDAED 49294 AED
USD 84.5084.50 USDUSD 7884.50 USDUSD 7878 USDUSD 1378 USD

What to Do If IndiGo Airlines Changes Your Flight

Suppose there are any changes to the flight schedule. In that case, IndiGo will notify passengers by SMS as soon as possible if they have given their mobile number. The passenger’s registered email address will also receive the updated flight schedule.

If these changes cause your flight to be delayed by more than 2 hours or moved forward by more than 1 hour, or if you miss your connecting flight within the same reservation, you will be entitled to a full refund. You can also rebook the same trip to the same destination at no additional charge, subject to availability. This policy seeks to provide a customer-centric approach to resolving disruptions by giving passengers options and flexibility if unforeseen modifications to their travel schedules occur.

IndiGo Airlines Flight Rebooking Options

For domestic flights, you can adjust and rebook up to two hours before departure; for international flights, you can make changes up to four hours before departure. It is crucial to remember that any changes are subject to any applicable fees and pricing discrepancies.

With the introduction of Plan B, IndiGo gives customers the freedom to modify or cancel their travel plans at no extra cost. You are eligible for this complimentary service if your flight is cancelled, delayed by more than two hours, or advanced by more than one hour. IndiGo’s Plan B illustrates the airline’s dedication to accommodating changes while avoiding cost consequences for passengers by providing a hassle-free alternative in unanticipated situations.

How to use IndiGo’s Plan B

To utilize IndiGo’s Plan B option, complete these easy steps:

  • Go to the page for Plan B.
  • Enter your last name, email address, and PNR (booking reference number).
  • The “Retrieve Booking” button should be clicked.
  • Based on your preference, select “Change Flight” or “Cancel Flight.”
  • To finalize the flight modification or cancellation process, follow the instructions.

Passengers can quickly traverse the Plan B option thanks to this simple method, which allows them to adjust their travel plans in reaction to unanticipated situations. Through the easy-to-use Plan B tool offered by IndiGo, travellers may make well-informed decisions and required revisions to their trip plans by following these steps.


Q1 How can I cancel my online ticket for a domestic IndiGo flight?

With IndiGo, the process for cancelling your domestic tickets is similar to that of international travel. Just go to the airline’s website to cancel your tickets online, provide the required information, and use the IndiGo flight cancellation tool. The online platform offers a quick way to pay the cancellation fee.

Q2 Are refunds available for IndiGo tickets?

Of course, you can get your money back if you change your plans.

Q3 What percentage of a ticket can be refunded if an IndiGo flight is cancelled?

You are eligible for a 100% refund if you cancel your IndiGo flight ticket within 24 hours of making your reservation.

Q4 What fees does IndiGo charge for cancellations made during the first 24 hours?

Within the first 24 hours of confirming a reservation, passengers are not subject to any fees for cancellation.

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