Fiji Airways Business Class

Fiji Airways Business Class

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Are you looking forward to learning more about Fiji Airways Business Class flights? If so then you wouldn’t regret coming to this site as here you will find all the answers to your queries. Do you know that with Fiji Airways you can book the cheapest business class tickets if you want? Well in this blog you will be introduce to all the facilities provide to Business class passengers with Fiji Airways.

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What Services Does Fiji Airways Flight Provide To Business Class Passengers?

Well, you will be glad to know that Fiji Airways provides a variety of services to its Business Class passengers to make sure that the passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. Below you will find some top-notch services provided to Business Class passengers.

  • Priority Check-In –Business Class passengers get to use the priority check-in counter at the airport; it allows them to skip the regular queues and save time.
  • The Lounge access – Only Business Class passengers are given access to the Airways exclusive lounges, this is where the passengers can relax, enjoy refreshments as well as make use of the facilities before the flight takes off.
  • Increased baggage allowance – This facility is only provide to Business Class passengers as they are allow to bring more baggage than Economy Class passengers, using their extra allowance however this depends on the flight route as well as the type of fare purchase.
  • Comfortable seating – In this class the seats are even more spacious compared to the Economy class and the seats have adjustable headrests, legrests and also lumbar support which makes the journey even more comfortable.
  • In-flight Entertainment – The passengers have full access to Fiji Airways’ in-flight entertainment system; this includes a range of movies, TV shows, music and games etc.
  • Premium Dining – The business class is serve with premium meals and drinks as well as a variety of alcoholic beverages that are prepare by highly experience chefs and served on fine China utensils.
  • Amenity kit – This kit includes a range of essential travel products like earplugs, eye masks, socks and toiletries the business class passengers get to use.
  • Priority Boarding & disembarkation – The passengers are also given the priority boarding & disembarkation facility which allows them to exit the aircraft quickly with ease.

Fiji Airways: Popular Business Class Routes

Place         Direction

  1. Adelaide – Nadi
  2. Adelaide – Sydney
  3. Auckland – Christchurch
  4. Auckland – Nadi
  5. Auckland Suva
  6. Auckland Wellington
  7. Apia – Honolulu
  8. Apia – Nadi
  9. Brisbane – Nadi
  10. Canberra – Nadi

Where Can You Fly With Fiji Airways Business Class?

Do you know that Fiji Airways offers its Business class passengers a range of destinations in the Pacific, Asia and North America?

In the following list are some cities and countries where you can fly to by purchasing the Fiji Airways Business Class flight:

  • Australia – The airline operates business class flights in several cities in Australia this also includes Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.
  • New Zealand – The passengers get to fly to cities in New Zealand such as Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.
  • Fiji – you already know that Fiji Airways is based in Fiji as well as it operates business-class flights to several domestic destinations, even Nadi, Suva, and Labasa.
  • United States – The airways also offers business class passengers to Los Angeles in the US which makes it convenient for passengers who are heading to North America.
  • Asia – The passengers are offer several destinations in Asia, this includes Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
  • Pacific Islands – The airline also operates business class flights to several Pacific Islands destinations such as Tonga, Samoa, and Vanuatu.

Difference Between Business And Economy Class

You should know that Fiji Airways offers a variety of services between Business and Economy class on their flights in the following you will find some key differences.

  1. Seat and Cabin Space – In the Business class flight the passengers usually have larger and more comfortable seats along with more legroom and additional recline in comparison to Economy Class. Furthermore, these cabins are less crowded which makes them more spacious and a relaxing environment.
  2. Check-In and Boarding – The passengers are also provided with dedicated check-in counters and priority boarding and this facility allows them to board the plane before the Economy class passengers.
  3. In-Flight Amenities –Business class passengers are given additional amenities like blankets, pillows, noise-cancelling headphones, an amenity kit that contains skincare products, toothbrush/paste etc. They are also offer a wider selection of meals and drinks which includes champagne and wines etc compare to economy class.
  4. Entertainment –Business class has access to a larger selection of in-flight entertainment varieties such as TV shows, Music, individual screens, etc than Economy class.
  5. Frequent Flyer Benefits – A business class passenger can earn more frequent flyer points or miles compare to Economy class passengers and these points or miles can be use for future travels, upgrades or other benefits.


Now, you should be already done reading the above information regarding Fiji Airways business class. Therefore we hope find this post useful and are all set to manage your Fiji Airways flights with ease. Nevertheless, if you have other queries related as well then you can feel free to reach out to the experts at Flight Assistance. And the team will in no time guide you with the most appropriate and relevant details.

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