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Saudia Upgrade program, travellers have a quick but alluring chance to improve their trip. This policy offers the opportunity to improve comfort, take advantage of more legroom, enjoy better eating selections, and enter private lounges. Depending on their preferences, passengers have the chance to upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class. Upgrading is possible. However, it depends on fare circumstances and seat availability. Passengers can quickly check online, get in touch with Saudia’s customer support, or go to the airport counter to see if they qualify for an upgrade. Saudia’s philosophy of brief upgrades allows travellers to experience a more abundant and customized travel experience.

Through Saudia’s upgrade program, travellers can improve their overall trip experience. Those who choose to upgrade can enjoy more luxury, more legroom, better food options, and the opportunity to use private lounges. The airline offers a number of choices for seat upgrades, including moving from Economy to Business or Business to First Class. These upgrades are subject to fare conditions and seat availability. Passengers can quickly check online, contact Saudia’s customer service, or visit the airport counter to find out if they qualify for an upgrade.

Key highlights of Saudia upgrade policy

If you are currently planning to travel with Saudia Airlines, knowing about the airline’s upgrade policy can significantly improve your trip by giving you access to higher class service benefits and perks . The following part provides a comprehensive analysis of the salient features of Saudia’s upgrade policy, including the eligibility requirements, the upgrade alternatives that are available, and the detailed procedure for submitting a request for an upgrade.

Saudia’s Upgrade program makes upgrading your seat from Economy Class to Business or First Class easier on flights that qualify.

Upgrade purchases can be paid for with cash or miles. Upgrades are available on all domestic and international flights operated by Saudia Airlines, offering a wide range of travel options. Please note that upgrades are subject to availability. Therefore, the sooner you submit your upgrade request, the more likely it will be approved. Remarkably, customers can request upgrades via the Saudia website or customer support centre, regardless of whether they booked their original reservation through a travel agency or an online travel portal.

When a passenger is able to obtain an upgrade, they are granted access to a variety of high-end services and facilities. These consist of, among other things, special lounge access, priority boarding, better seating selections, individualized services, and better meal options. The availability of seats in higher classes, loyalty status, and fare class are among the variables that determine eligibility for Saudia upgrades. All rates, with the exception of Guest Saver, are upgradeable on domestic routes; on international routes connecting Saudi Arabia with the Middle East or Africa (except from Ethiopia), all fares are upgradeable.

Saudia Upgrade to Business Class

An upgraded trip to Saudia Business Class can provide you with a number of advantages and make your travels more wealthy and comfortable. On B77Z aircraft, the Business Class seats are roomy and have extra legroom, giving you plenty of space to stretch and unwind during your journey. Designed for maximum comfort, these chairs feature built-in lumbar support and adjustable headrests for a comfortable and relaxing ride.

Business Class seats on B77Z aircraft are notable for having completely adjustable electric seats that unfold into long, broad seats, fully flat beds for incredibly comfortable resting places, a touchscreen interface providing complete control over the seat, and large 17-inch wide HD screen monitors. Additionally, Business Class travellers have access to a wide range of more than 3,500 hours of video entertainment. To improve the overall in-flight experience, the seating configuration features a big dining table with an ottoman, a privacy partition for increased isolation, a personalized credenza stowage area for personal goods, and a luxurious overnight package.

In addition to the tangible perks, Business Class passengers enjoy priority check-in, boarding, and luggage handling, making for a smooth and stress-free flying experience. Onboard, enjoy a delicious selection of food and drinks, carefully selected by our award-winning chef.  The extensive collection of films, TV series, music, and games available on the in-flight entertainment system enhances the travel experience even more. Business Class travellers get access to a few designated airport lounges for an exceptional pre-flight experience. These lounges offer complimentary beverages, free Wi-Fi, and a peaceful setting. With this extra benefit, your entire travel experience will be even more comfortable and luxurious, making Saudia Business Class the go-to option for discerning passengers looking for a sophisticated yet laid-back atmosphere.

How do you upgrade to Business Class in Saudia?

On Saudia, you can upgrade to Business Class in a number of ways, depending on your preferences and the availability of seats. Using your loyalty or frequent flyer miles to your advantage can help you obtain the much-desired Upgrade. As an alternative, you can take part in My Upgrade, Saudia’s Upgrade Bid Auction program. With this special offer, you can bid on a Business Class seat—also known as the Saudia upgrading offer. You will be notified if your bid is accepted before your flight, guaranteeing your preferred seat.

Additionally, you can look at last-minute upgrades at the airport on the day of your departure if you’re looking for something more impromptu. This tactic can be especially helpful because there’s a chance that seats will open up because of cancellations or missing people. You can add some flexibility to your travel arrangements by asking about last-minute upgrades, which gives you the opportunity to book a business-class experience even at short notice.

Upgrade of Saudia Miles

With the Saudia Miles Upgrade program, you may use your accumulated miles to upgrade your seat and improve your overall travel experience. The ability to enjoy the benefits of a higher class of service without having to pay the whole fare is one of the most significant advantages of choosing a Saudia miles upgrade. You can easily upgrade from Economy Class to Business Class or from Business Class to First Class on select Saudia flights by redeeming your Alfursan miles. It lets you enjoy a plethora of opulent extras, including roomy seating, priority check-in, quick boarding, efficient luggage handling, fine dining options, and individualized services, among other benefits.

To begin this enhanced virtual journey, sign in to your Alfursan account, then select My Trips under Reservation. If there are still seats available, follow the instructions once you’ve made your reservation to upgrade to a higher class. The precise mileage needed for an upgrade depends on a few things, including your flight path, service level, and availability. Use the table provided to determine exactly how many miles you’ll need to upgrade to Saudia. Please do not hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions or need assistance. The Saudia Miles Upgrade program enhances your travel experience while offering a quick and easy method to use your miles to upgrade to a higher class of comfort and service.

Saudia Upgrade with Miles Table

RouteUpgrade from Economy to BusinessUpgrade from Business to First
Guest Basic to Business (100%)Guest Semi-Flex to Business (75%)Guest Flex to Business (50%)Business Basic to First (100%)Business Semi Flex to First (75%)Business Flex to First (50%)
Domestic (within Saudi Arabia)10,5007,8755,2507,5005,6253,750
Gulf (GCC): Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait19,00014,2509,50015,00011,2507,500
The Middle East: Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon,21,50016,12510,75015,00011,2507,500
East Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan24,50018,37512,25022,50016,87511,250
North Africa: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia36,00027,00018,00030,00022,50015,000
South Africa: South Africa, Mauritius, Nigeria38,50028,87519,25030,00022,50015,000
Europe (A): Only Turkey25,50019,12512,75022,50016,87511,250
Europe (B): Entire Europe excl. Turkey34,00025,50017,00030,00022,50015,000
Sub-continent (A): North India, Pakistan25,00018,75012,50018,75014,0639,375
Sub-continent (B): South India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives**25,00018,75012,50022,50016,87511,250
Far East: China, Singapore, Malaysia,Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines46,00034,50023,00037,50028,12518,750
North America (A): United States excl. Los Angeles48,50036,37524,25045,00033,75022,500
North America (B): Los Angeles60,00045,00030,00052,50039,37526,250

Key Points Regarding Saudi Miles Upgrade:

Eligible Flights: Upgrades with reward miles are applicable exclusively to Saudia flights on a per-sector basis. Codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not eligible for upgrades.

  • Sufficient Miles Requirement: Ensure you have an adequate amount of reward miles at the time of requesting an upgrade.
  • Single Cabin Class Upgrade: You can only upgrade to a cabin class one level higher, for example, from Guest to Business Class or from Business to First Class.
  • Limitations on Remaining Sectors: Once a reward upgrade is completed, further upgrades on the remaining sectors of your journey are not permitted.
  • Confirmed Ticket Requirement: Holding a confirmed ticket before initiating an upgrade request with miles is necessary.
  • Subject to Seat Availability: Upgrades with miles are contingent upon seat availability, emphasizing the importance of early upgrade requests.
  • Remaining Trips Upgrade: If your base ticket is partially used, you have the option to upgrade the remaining trips on your itinerary.
  • Refundable and rebookable: Mileage upgrades are refundable and can be rebooked within the validity period, giving travelers flexibility.
  • Earning Miles on Upgraded Tickets: Miles earned on an upgraded ticket will be based on your original (non-upgraded) booking class.
  • Ticket Type Restrictions: Certain ticket types do not allow mileage upgrades, such as Guest Saver (U), special fares, and discounted/free tickets.

Saudia Upgrade Bid (Auction Program, My Upgrade)

Offering passengers the chance to bid on an upgrade to a higher class of service, Saudia Airlines’ My Upgrade program is an inventive auction service that aims to improve the overall in-flight experience. With the help of this practical service, passengers can travel in more extraordinary luxury and comfort while still participating in an easy-to-understand bidding process. How My Upgrade Works:

  1. Pre-Bidding Check:
    • Visit the Saudia homepage ( and navigate to the Book & Manage section.
    • Click on Upgrade to ascertain the eligibility of your booking for an upgrade.
  2. Upgrade Submission:
    • Access, go to the Book & Manage section, then select Upgrade.
    • Input your booking reference number and last name in the designated fields.
    • Click the “Get Upgraded” button to initiate the bidding process.
  3. Bidding Details:
    • Specify the amount you are willing to pay for an upgrade, staying within the provided bidding range.
    • Provide your credit card information to complete the bidding process.
  4. Confirmation Email:
    • Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the specifics of your bidding offer.
  5. Bid Acceptance:
    • If your bid is accepted, your credit card will be charged the upgrade fee and you will be notified of your upgraded seat assignment via email or SMS.

Terms and Conditions for the Saudi Bidding Upgrade

When engaging in the bidding process for a Saudia upgrade, it’s essential to be aware of the following points:

  • Bid Validity: Bidding offers remain valid from the time of submission until 4 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Cancellation Option: You have the option to cancel your bid offer within the specified cancellation window using the provided cancellation link in the confirmation email from Saudia.
  • Single Bid per Flight: Only one bid offer per flight (for flights starting with 065) can be submitted.
  • Bid Range and Credit Card Details: Ensure that your bid offer falls within the minimum and maximum range.
  • Acceptance Possibility: Saudia Airlines reserves the right to accept or decline bids, irrespective of seat availability.
  • Flight changes and bid transfers: If you rebook to a different flight, you can transfer your bid offer to the new flight if seats in a higher class are available.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds or reissues will only be issued if your flight is canceled and you return to your original class, or if you have been upgraded but do not have a seat in the upgraded class for reasons beyond the control of Saudia Airlines .
  • Original Ticket Conditions: Despite an upgrade, the fare conditions of your original ticket remain applicable for baggage allowance, cancellation policies, change fees, and Alfursan miles accrual.
  • Ticket Changes: Changes to your ticket only automatically include an upgrade if done per Saudi flight change policies and the conditions of your original ticket.

Saudia Upgrade Bid Tips

If you are considering an upgrade bid to Saudi Arabia, the following advice will greatly increase your chances of acceptance. Give these important factors top priority in order to successfully navigate the bidding process:

  • Thorough Research: Before starting the bidding process, you read up on Saudia’s upgrade policies and procedures. Recognize any restrictions or eligibility requirements that could affect your bid.
  • Strategic Timing: Please make the most of it when you submit your bid. Airlines frequently have a better idea of the available tickets at that time, so placing your bid closer to the departure date may boost your chances.
  • Reasonable and Vibrant Offers: Choose your bid carefully, taking into account both competitiveness and realism. Create an offer that is competitive within the specified range and fits inside your budget.
  • Bidding Off-Peak: Consider placing your bid at off-peak hours when there are more seats available. There may be more excellent prospects for successful improvements during off-peak hours.
  • Less Traveled Paths: Bidding on less-travelled roads will increase your odds. There may be more space available on some journeys in the premium cabin, increasing your chances of getting an upgrade.
  • Inquire at Check-In or Gate: Consider asking the person at the gate or check-in counter directly about any enhancements that are available. Unexpected upgrades could arise from last-minute modifications or no-shows.
  • Maintain Flexibility: Recognize that there is no assurance of improvements. Being adaptable might make your trip more enjoyable.

Following these tactical pointers can increase your chances of getting the desired Upgrade on Saudia. You can enjoy an improved travel experience by strategically navigating the upgrade process through flexibility, route selection, and scheduling.

Saudia Last-Minute Upgrade at the Airport

Airlines offers travellers the chance to upgrade to a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience at the airport, adding convenience to last-minute upgrades. Saudia provides a smooth transaction procedure by accepting credit card and cash payments, enabling tourists to quickly improve their trip and take advantage of the extra advantages of first-rate services and amenities. Saudia offers flexible and convenient last-minute upgrades that cater to the tastes of discriminating passengers, whether you’re looking for more excellent legroom, special lounge access, or improved in-flight services.

If a last-minute upgrade is requested, passengers on Saudia flights must arrive at the airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 3 hours before the scheduled departure time for international flights, subject to availability. there is. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, travelers must arrive at the airport on time and allow enough time for any necessary improvements.

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