KLM Baggage Policy

KLM Baggage Policy

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The KLM check-in and carry-on KLM Baggage Policy are effortless.

  • A checked bag’s combined length, width, and height cannot exceed 158cm/62 inches.
  • A bag’s overall weight should not exceed the following:
    • Business Class: 32 kg/70 lbs
    • Economy Class: 50 lbs./23 kg
  • You must transport your belongings as cargo if,
    • Unless you repack it to make it lighter such that it weighs at most 70 lbs./32 kg, your checked suitcase is heavier than that limit.
    • More than ten of your checked luggage are with you.
    • Your special luggage’s total length, width, and height surpass 300 cm (118 in).
    • You’re traveling with uncommon, peculiarly sized, or delicate stuff.

According to KLM Baggage Policy, the carry-on and checked baggage allowances are generally:

  • Economy Class:
    1. Flex and Standard Fares—1 checked bag up to 50lb/23kg*.
    2. Light Fares—N/A.
  • Business Class:
  1. 2 bags weighing no more than 70 lb/32 kg.

KLM Baggage Fees—Excess and Overweight Bags

According to KLM Baggage Policy, the following costs are assessed for extra and overweight Baggage:

  • Extra baggage charges
    1. You will be required to pay an excess baggage fee as indicated below, depending on your route:
      1. USD 30–60/EUR 25–50 for the initial bag.
      2. Extra bags USD 54–USD 230/EUR 45–192 per bag.
  • Costs for KLM Overweight Baggage
    1. The following fees apply to overweight Baggage under KLM’s baggage policy:
      1. 50lbs./23kg–70lbs./32kg bags cost between $84–143 and EUR 70–120.

When to Transport Baggage as Cargo on KLM

According to the KLM Baggage Policy, you must speak with a regional shipping agent if you intend to:

  • Checking luggage that is over 70 lbs./32 kg.
  • Lug around more than ten items of checked Baggage per traveller.
  • Carry sporting goods longer than 300 cm/118 inches.
  • Carry uncommon or delicate luggage.

KLM Sports Baggage Policy

If it fits your usual baggage allowance, the KLM sports equipment baggage policy lets you transport some sporting goods without paying any additional fees. However, other products like bicycles and scuba diving gear require reservation and payment.

  • The following sporting goods can be checked in as regular Baggage without a reservation as part of your free baggage allowance. But, if your free luggage allowance is over, there will be an extra price.
    1. Golf slings
    2. Diving apparatus (except scuba tanks)
    3. NHL equipment
    4. Fishing and skiing gear up to 300 cm
    5. Surfboards
      • The maximum height for flights to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico is 107 cm.
      • For all other flights, to be at most 300cm.
  • There are the following weight and size limitations:
  • Linear Size Maximum (L + W + H).
  • Maximum Weight:
    1. Economy Class: 50 lb/23 kg at 300 cm
    2. Business Class: 70lb/32kg
  • For the following sporting goods, you must make a 48-hour reservation and pay a specific item fee:
    • Bicycles
    • Tank for scuba diving
    • Surfboards over 107 cm are prohibited on flights to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico.
    • Odd sports equipment dimensions
  • The following is the standard sporting equipment fee for the items above:
    • Fifty-five euros to 54 dollars within Europe.
    • EUR 125, USD 150, and CAD 175 is the exchange rate between Europe and the United States/Canada.
    • EUR 100/around USD 120 between Europe, Mexico/the Middle East.

Special Baggage Items

The following are the size and weight limitations:

According to KLM Baggage Policy, you must transport any special baggage items more oversized than allowed in terms of both weight and size as cargo. You should contact a nearby shipping agent or freight forwarder in this situation.

Special luggage may consist of the following:

  • Wedding dress
  • Musical apparatuses
  • Sporting goods
  • Mobility equipment
  • Hunting, shooting, and sporting weapons
  • Audiovisual apparatus

Booking Special Baggage Items at KLM

As detailed below, Bookings KLM Flight for particular luggage goods must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

  • To reserve a particular piece of luggage online:
    1. Go to KLM.com.
    2. Choose the “My Travel” tab.
    3. Enter your travel information, then press the Search button (your trip details will appear)
    4. Scroll down under the Passenger information tab to find Baggage
    5. Book your unique piece of luggage by following the instructions.
  • To phone book a particular luggage item:
    1. Contact a local KLM Consumer Service Center by phone.

You can also reserve your particular baggage item by logging onto your account.

  • All of your upcoming excursions will be visible after you check-in.
  • Choose the relevant journey.
  • Go to the Luggage section under the Passenger information tab.
  • By following the on-screen instructions, reserve your unique luggage item.

KLM Musical Instruments Policy

Following KLM Baggage Policy, travelers can travel with their musical instruments as checked Baggage, hand luggage, or on a reserved seat in the passenger cabin.

  • Instruments for music in Checked Baggage
    1. Small musical instruments may be stowed in your checked bags if they take up less space than your free baggage allowance.
  • Economy Class
    1. Maximum Weight 50.5lbs./23kg
    2. Maximum Dimensions 158cm/62inches (L + W + H)
  • Business Class
    1. Maximum Weight 70.5lbs./32kg
    2. Maximum Dimensions 300cm/118inches (L + W + H)

If your luggage is heavier or larger than what is allowed, you must:

  • Call KLM’s Consumer Service Center to make a reservation.
  • Reserve at least 48 hours beforehand.
  • Spend additional money.

Musical instruments are permitted in hand luggage.

If the size and weight of your hand baggage are within your baggage allowance limits, you are not charged to bring small musical instruments.

On-Seat Musicians on Paid Seats

By acquiring an extra seat, you can transport larger musical instruments that are delicate, heavy, or enormous in the passenger cabin. However, the maximum permitted weight and size of your musical instrument must not exceed those specified below, and you must make your reservation in advance through the KLM Consumer Contact Center:

  1. Weight limit: 100 lbs./45 kg
  2. Maximum size: 140 cm/55 inches

Delayed, Lost and Damaged Baggage Items

You must notify KLM Booking online or at the airport’s luggage service office if your Baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged. You will receive a Property Irregularity Report and a reference number after making a report, which you must keep in a secure place on you in order to locate and retrieve your luggage.

When you get your luggage, you must provide the baggage claim tags you received before your flight, so be sure to save them.

What to Do If Something is Missing from Your Bag

If anything from your luggage is missing, you must:

  • Before leaving the airport, notify the baggage service office in the person of the lost items.
  • Within seven days of arrival, send an email to report any missing items.

How to Contact KLM for Delayed Baggage

You’ll be given a phone number when you report your lost luggage. If you prefer, you can contact KLM through the following channels to learn the most current status:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook

What should I do if my Baggage is still missing after three days on KLM?

After three days, if your bag is still missing, you should:

  1. Online Baggage Inventory and Claim Form completion is required.
  2. After three days, login:
    1. The file reference number and your last name.
    2. Complete the required fields.

If KLM cannot locate your luggage within 21 days, your form will be forwarded to the KLM Customer Contact Center for prompt resolution.

KLM Baggage Tracking

You can follow your luggage online with KLM’s Global Tracer baggage tracking feature.

Seeking Reimbursement for a Missing Bag

You must contact the KLM Consumer Contact Center to get your money back or receive compensation if your luggage was lost, damaged, or included something missing.

  • Within 21 days of receiving your delayed Baggage, you must report if you want your charges related to the delay repaid.
  • You have seven days from receiving the luggage to report any damaged baggage if it is delayed.

As with any airline, KLM will not be responsible for covering minor damages like scratches, punctures, stains, etc. or harm to an item carried in an overloaded bag.

Lost and Damaged Bags Liability

KLM’s maximum compensation per passenger for a lost, damaged, or delayed bag is SDR 1,288, or roughly USD 1,780. However, it does not apply if you paid extra for KLM to insure your Baggage or if it contains wheelchairs or other adaptive equipment and assistive gadgets. In the latter scenario, you will receive the (higher) affirmed in the event of loss or damage.

Baggage Items Prohibited on KLM

Due to safety concerns, the following items are not permitted aboard KLM aircraft:

  • Except for use in shooting sports and for hunting, firearms are forbidden.
    1. Firearms, including shotguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers, etc.
    2. Guns using air, air pistols, pellets, ball bearings, etc.
    3. Guns for starting/signalling flares, spearguns, and harpoons
  • Hand luggage is not permitted to contain stunning devices. Instead, they consist of the following:
    1. Cattle prods, stun grenades, stun batons, etc.
    2. Animal killers or stunning devices
  • Objects with points or edges, such as:
    1. Axes and cutting tools
    2. Sabres, sword sticks, and other weapons with blades over 6 cm (2.35 inches) are prohibited.
    3. Axes, icepicks, razor blades, needles, crochet hooks, box cutters, etc.
  • Due to safety concerns, the following items are not permitted aboard KLM aircraft:
    1. Tools used by craftspeople that double as weapons include:
    2. Machines with a blade or shaft that is longer than 6 cm/2.35 in
    3. Saws, including cordless power portable saws
    4. Drills and drill bits, including cordless power drills for mobile use
    5. Crowbars
    6. Industrial staplers, nailguns, and boltguns
    7. Blowtorches
  • Sharp objects that can hurt people that are carried in hand luggage include:
    1. Longboards and skateboards
    2. weapons used in martial arts, such as knuckledusters
    3. Canoe/kayak paddles
    4. Lacrosse sticks, cricket bats, golf clubs, and hockey sticks
    5. angling gear
    6. clubs and buttons, including nightsticks, blackjacks, and billy clubs
    7. Cues for pool, snooker, and pool
    8. Bats for softball and baseball
  • Both hand luggage and checked Baggage are forbidden from containing explosives and combustible materials. Things like, but not restricted to:
    1. Canisters or cartridges that produce smoke
    2. Explosive military equipment such as mines and grenades
    3. Bottled gas and gas.
    4. Solids and liquids that can ignite
    5. fireworks of all kinds and flares, i.e. Toys and Christmas crackers
    6. explosives such as dynamite, gunpowder, and plastic
    7. fuses and detonators
    8. Beverages that are over 70% alcohol by volume
    9. Paint thinner, turpentine, and aerosol paint cans.
  • Toxic and chemical substances
    1. Acidic substances, including acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries
    2. Radioactive material, toxins, fire extinguishers, etc.
    3. Disabling sprays, such as tear gas, mace, and pepper spray.
    4. Biologically dangerous substances, such as blood, viruses, bacteria, etc.


Q1 How much does KLM charge for Baggage on international flights?

You won’t be charged anything if you stay under your KLM baggage allowance. But, if you bring more bags than your free baggage allowance, you will be charged an extra luggage cost and an overweight baggage tax if your loads are heavier than allowed.
The extra baggage charge for KLM varies depending on where you are travelling to:
The first bag costs $30–$60 (€25–€50) per bag.
Add $54–230 (EUR 45–192) per bag for extra luggage.
Unless you are flying business class, KLM charges an overweight baggage fee of USD 84–143 (EUR 70–120) for every bag weighing 50–70lb (23–32kg). Luggage weighing more than 70 lbs/32 kg must be transported as cargo for a cost ranging from USD 121 to 365 per bag (apart from Special Baggage items like musical instruments).

Q2 Does KLM include Baggage in my fare?

It depends on the sort of fare you pay. No check-in baggage is allowed if you are going on an Economy Lite rate ticket; only one piece of hand baggage is allowed. Free luggage allowance is included in your cost if you are going on another Economy Class fare, such as Standard, Full Flex, or Flex+.

Q3 How much does KLM charge for overweight Baggage?

Depending on your route, KLM levies an overweight baggage tax of USD 24-121 (EUR 20-100) for every bag weighing between 50 and 70lb (23 and 32kg). Nevertheless, if you’re flying business class, you’ll have a higher baggage allowance (70 lb/32 kg). Thus this won’t apply to you.

Q4 What is KLM’s check-in baggage allowance?

For travelers travelling in Economy Class, KLM allows one piece of checked luggage that weighs no more than 50 lbs. (23 kg) and measures no more than 158 cm. (62 in.) overall (L + W + H). Business Class travelers are permitted two pieces of checked luggage that weigh no more than 32 kilograms (70 lb) and have a total size (L + W + H) of no more than 158 cm (62 in).
Depending on their fare category, Flying Blue Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Sky Team Elite and Elite Plus members are permitted one additional checked bag.

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