Air Canada Baggage Policy

Air Canada Baggage Policy

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Air Canada Baggage Policy: In addition, the airline provides several facilities. Its baggage policy also aids the flyers in several ways. Your location, fare category, and air miles status will affect the amount of baggage you are allowed and how much you are charged under Air Canada baggage policy. Additional fees will be assessed if your luggage exceeds the free allowance in terms of items, weight, and measurements.

The national airline of Canada and it’s most significant in terms of size and passenger volume is Air Canada. In the Montreal, Quebec, neighbourhood of Saint-Laurent, Air Canada keeps its main office. The 1937-founded airline serves 222 locations throughout the world with scheduled and charter air travel for passengers and freight.

Main points of the Air Canada luggage policy

  1. The total overall measurement of checked luggage shouldn’t be more significant then 158cm/62in (L + W + H).
  • It is 203 cm in length.
  • Bags weighing more than 70 lbs (32 kg) and having total measurements larger than 292 cm are not permitted.
  1. Carry-on items
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring one regular carry-on baggage and one personal item.
  • A typical carry-on bag cannot be larger than 55 x 40 x 23 cm.
  • The individual item cannot exceed 43 x 33 x 16 cm.
  • The capacity of carry-on luggage is unrestricted. It must, however, fit in the overhead compartment or beneath your passenger seat.
  1. A minimal checked luggage allowance is guaranteed to Aeroplan and Star Alliance members.
  2. Three checked bags that weigh no more than 70 lb/32 kg each is allowed for active-duty and retired military personnel.
  3. The use of child strollers and mobility devices, including crutches, braces, wheelchairs, and walkers, is free of charge.
  4. Via My reservations, you can prepay for your baggage over the phone or online.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance—Carry-on Baggage

According to Air Canada Baggage Policy, the maximum amount of carry-on luggage allowed by Air Canada is one regular bag plus one personal item.

  • One Standard Carry-On Bag Free

Size maximum: 55 x 40 x 23 cm

Weight limit: There is no weight restriction, yet you have to be able to place it into the bin by yourself.

  • One Free Individual Article

Size maximum: 33 x 16 x 43 cm

No weight limit maximum

Examples include Backpacks, laptop bags, suitcases, racquets for a sport, a carrier for small pets, camera bags, backpacks for diplomats, duty-free bags, bags for clothing, etc.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance—Checked Baggage

According to Air Canada baggage regulations, there may be a charge starting with the initial checked bag for Basic Economy flights. However, using Air Canada’s baggage calculator, one can check their free allotment and additional luggage fee.

The list below includes the different routes luggage allowances for Air Canada:

  • Allowance for Baggage—Premium Economy 2 bags checked

50 lb (23 kg) apiece, 158 cm (62 in) each

On all itineraries, travellers travelling in premium economy are permitted two checked bags that weigh a combined 23 kg. A single bag must be larger than 158cm (L + W + H).

  • Checked bags—Business Class 2 baggage allowance

158 cm/62 inches each, 70 lb/32 kg each

Business Class travellers and travellers flying to or from Brazil in any class are permitted two checked bags, each weighing no more than 32 kilogrammes. A single bag must be larger than 158cm (L + W + H).

  • Baggage Allowance—Economy Class


For 1 Bag, USD 30

2 Bag, USD 50

For any 3+ Bags, USD 100 each


For 1 Bag, USD 30

2 Bag, USD 50

For any 3+ Bags, USD 225 each


For 1 Bag, USD 0

2 Bag, USD 100

For 3+ Bags, USD 225 each


For 1 Bag, USD 0

2 Bag, USD 100

For any 3+ Bags, USD 225 each

Within the U.S.

For 1 Bag, USD 0

2 Bag, USD 70

For any 3+ Bags, USD 225 each

Within Canada

For 1 Bag, USD 30

2 Bag, USD 50

For any 3+ Bags, USD 100 each

  • The first bag is free when flying with Latitude; the second is free.
  • Baggage Allowance—First Bag Complimentary on Flex and Comfort Tickets (U.S. – Canada, Within Canada)
  • Luggage Allowance for Members of Air Canada Altitude and Star Alliance

A minimum amount of luggage is permitted for Star Alliance and Air Canada Altitude members as follows:

  • Gold members of the Star Alliance 50lb/23kg and one bag
  • Members of prestige 25k 50lb/23kg per bag in two bags
  • Elite individuals 70lb/32kg apiece for three bags
  • Members of Super Elite 70lb/32kg apiece for three bags

Air Canada Baggage Fees—Excess Baggage

The following table lists the additional, overweight, and excessive baggage charges for Air Canada. One must arrive at the airport no later than two hours prior to your flight if you are travelling with extra baggage, overweight baggage, or big bags.

Air Canada Baggage Fees
Departure – ArrivalAdditional Bag Overweight BagOversized Bag
U.S.  to CanadaUSD 100–105 100–105USD 100–105
U.S. to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Costa Rica, MexicoUSD 225–265.50  100–118USD 100–118
Within CanadaUSD 100–115  105–115USD 105–115
Canada to Other International Destinations USD 225–265.50  100–118USD 100–118

Note that in accordance with Air Canada baggage Policy, you are always permitted to carry the following elements at no charge is added to your usual luggage:

  • Assistive technology and mobility assistance for travellers with disabilities.
  • Outerwear, including jackets and other movables.
  • Walking sticks and umbrellas.
  • Strollers for kids.

How to Pay Air Canada Baggage Fees

You may purchase your luggage costs for Air Canada by:

  • Online on the Air Canada webpage
  • From the smartphone app for Air Canada
  • Self-service at the airport check-in terminal
  • During check-in at the airport

Air Canada Musical Instruments Policy

You are permitted to bring your musical instruments on board Air Canada as carry-on luggage, checked baggage, or as part of a ticketed seat.

  • Music gear is allowed in carry-on luggage:

A musical instrument—such as a flute, violin, guitar, etc.—can be brought on board as carry-on luggage if it meets certain conditions, including the following:

  • The baggage should safely fit in the overhead compartment.
  • The baggage can fit beneath your front seat securely.
  • On a Paid Seat, Musical Instruments:

You can purchase an aeroplane seat for your musical instrument at a 50% reduction on the quoted fare if it cannot fit in your carry-on luggage allowance’s size restrictions. The Economy/Premium Economy Seats will be capable of holding your instrument if you are travelling in Signature Class.

Limitations on Size and Weight. If you’re buying seating for your wind instrument, it can’t be heavier than 36 kg or taller than 162.5 cm.

After making your reservation, or at the very least 48 hours prior to your flight’s departure, get in touch with Air Canada to purchase a reservation for your wind instrument or to obtain additional information.

  • Music gear is permitted as checked luggage:

If you are unable to carry your musical instrument with you, you may also check it in.

Air Canada Sports Equipment Policy

Almost the majority of sporting equipment is permitted as complimentary checked baggage under Air Canada baggage Policy.

By contacting Air Canada Bookings, your travel company, or Air Canada Vacations at least 24 hours prior to your flight’s departure, you should register your services and goods.

Athletic Goods

The types of Athletic goods that Air Canada accepts as checked baggage include:

  • Bicycles
  • Golf Clubs
  • Surfboards
  • Paddleboards
  • Kiteboards
  • Wakeboards
  • Sports balls
  • Bowling balls
  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Skeleton Sleds
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Racquets
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Pole Vaults and javelin
  • Parachutes and parachuting equipment
  • Kayaking equipment
  • Inline Skates
  • Ice Skates
  • Hockey equipment
  • Hammer
  • Firearms used for sporting activities
  • Fencing equipment
  • Equestrian equipment
  • Climbing gear
  • Broomball equipment
  • Boating/Fishing equipment
  • Bat and balls
  • Avalanche rescue equipment
  • Archery equipment – bows and arrows

Aforementioned Sporting Goods

The aforementioned sporting goods are exempt from oversized baggage fees, although extra checked baggage regulations will apply:

  • Equipment for golf
  • Equipment for hockey
  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Kiteboards, wakeboards, paddleboards, and surfboards
  • Surf skis

Bicycles may not incur additional charges for overweight or oversized cargo.

There is a $50 plus tax fee for bicycles and a $100 plus tax fee for wakeboards, kiteboards, paddleboards, etc.

The sports equipment mentioned above cannot be checked in as checked baggage.

  • Windsurfing gear
  • Hang Gliders and Luges
  • Canoes
  • Canoes

Booking hunting gear through Air Canada Reservations or even a travel company is necessary no less than 24 hours prior to departure, subject to the following restrictions:

  • Fishing Supplies
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Bounty
  • Arrows and Bows
  • Horns and Antlers

What to Do If Your Baggage is Missing

Inform the baggage service representative of the company where your trip ended if you can’t find your checked luggage once you’ve arrived.

  • For lost baggage, you must provide account information, a description of the baggage and its parts, boarding pass information, and a copy of your baggage claim.
  • A Word Tracer event report is generated based on the information you provide.
  • Using the Word Tracker website, you may verify the current condition of your luggage or amend it.
  • Contact Air Canada’s Central Luggage Office right away.
  • If you have not received your baggage after 3 days, first fill out a Baggage Claim Form (located in Air Canada’s Baggage Issues section).

Air Canada Contact Information

Here are some actual Air Canada phone numbers.

Air Canada Reservations Phone Numbers are Toll-free and available round-the-clock.

Call +1-888-689-BAGS (2247) (toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week) for missing or damaged luggage.

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