JetBlue Pet Policy

JetBlue Pet Policy

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If you want to fly with your pet on JetBlue then you must be aware of JetBlue Pet Policy. Don’t worry, here, in this article, you will learn the complete details about pet policy. Also, you should know that it allows cats and dogs to fly in the cabin on both international & national flights. But it doesn’t allow pets to air cargo and checked bagged and it allows only 4 pets per flight. Thus, you need to do an advance book so that you don’t face any trouble while taking your pet with you.

Toll-free +1-866-217-1292 to Book Pet Reservation in JetBlue

A Brief Detail of JetBlue Pet Policy

You can easily reserve your pet on the official website during your booking. For making the reservation, the pets are supposed to include in the extra areas;

  • The pet cost would be around USD 125 for each way.
  • Four pets are generally allowed but 6 can be the maximum that is allowed per flight but that totally depends.
  • Your pets would be counted as your personal data and so, you need to fit it beneath the seat before you.
  • Combined size, as well as the weight of the pet and also, the carrier, should exceed 17″ L x 12.5″ W x 8.5″ H 43.18 cm x 31.75 cm x 21.59 cm (L x W x H) or 20 pounds.
  • You must carry a personal item along with the pet carrier but carry-on baggage is not allowed while flying with the basic fare.
  • Also, mint doesn’t allow pets.
  • Members of TrueBlue can easily add a pet to the reservation and thus, you will soon receive 300 points for each of the flights segment.
  • Pets are not allowed on interline or codeshare reservations.
  • Also, pets are not allowed on flights or from London, Trinidad, or Tobago.

Guidelines for Pet in JetBlue

  • Only small dogs as well as cats are allowed to fly in the cabin in a pet carrier and that should be certified by FFA. Also, they should easily fit properly beneath the seat in front of you.
  • All the passengers can only carry a single pet but at a time, flights only allow 4-6 pets to travel.
  • According to JetBlue Pet Policy, cargo services are not allowed for live cats or dogs.
  • Also, if your pet is not cleaned or smells bad then the airline has the authority to not allow it on the flight.
  • You can easily book a pet under the extra section while booking the tickets from

Quick Steps To Book a Pet on a JetBlue Flight

For booking a pet on a JetBlue flight, you need to follow the steps as follows;

  • First of all, access the booking link that is provided on the booking page for your new trip.
  • Also, if other passengers have only bought their tickets on JetBlue then in such case, you can easily buy tickets or add pets to your existing booking simply by searching for the reservation and that comes under the JetBlue Airways Manage booking section described on its official website.
  • After getting your flight or itinerary on the screen, you need to just go to the menu and then have to search for extra options.
  • Next, you have to move ahead to add pet button and then you need to easily add a pet to your respective itinerary.
  • You have to then pay for adding your pet to your respective reservation.

Thus, these are the steps that help in booking a pet on JetBlue Flight.

About JetBlue Pet Carrier Policy

  • The pet and carrier will be counted as the carry-on item. Also, your pet must be able to stand up as well as move around with the carrier easily so that they don’t face any trouble while traveling.
  • The pet carrier size should not exceed more than 17 x 12.5 x 8.5 inches or 43.18 x 31.75 x 21.59 cm (L x W x H).
  • Also, the weight of your pet, as well as the carrier together, should not be more than 20 pounds.
  • The carriers must have leak-proof buttons and should be well-ventilated for safety purposes.
  • The soft-sided, as well as hard-sided carriers, are accepted as per pet policy.
  • The containers that allow for possible escape are not allowed in the airline.
  • You can only carry a single pet in a carrier and it should be well-ventilated.
  • The pet carriers can be easily purchased for USD55 from the airport ticket counter.

Detail about JetBlue Pet Allowed;

The pets should provide any endanger to any other travelers or also, they must be of small size so that, you can easily sit at the feet on your lap. Also, according to JetBlue Pet Policy, you should bring well-behaved, clean pets so that, no one gets disturbed by your pets on the flights.

Also, the policy suggests that you should avoid snub-nosed dogs as well as cats while traveling. Along with that, because of new travel laws, emotional support animals are now being prohibited by airlines such as JetBlue. Also, you need to make sure to follow the policy for JetBlue’s ESA for your pets.

About JetBlue Pet Fee

  • The airline executes a pet cost of $125 roundtrip for the pets who are traveling in the cabin as per the ESA policy of JetBlue.
  • The live animals are not allowed to be shipped or transported as checked baggage. Only, small pets are allowed on the board & the total weight should not be more than 20 pounds.
  • The service animals or the animals that are used for psychiatric purposes have been exempted from this traveling cost.

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Need more help?

If still, something is bothering you related to the pet policy then you must contact the professional right away. They will guide you with the proper guidelines related to JetBlue’s Pet Policy. So contact them quickly for getting instant and 100% satisfying solutions.


1. How strict is JetBlue with pet policy?

JetBlue is strict with its pet policy as you should not exceed the size of the carrier by 17 x 12.5  x 8.5  inches or 43.18  x 31.75  x 21.59  cm (L x W x H). Along with that, it should be well-ventilated and you are allowed to carry only one pet in a carrier.

2. Does JetBlue allow pets?

Yes, JetBlue allows pets but you must be aware of the pet policy before taking your pet to plane.

3. Does JetBlue require a health certificate for a pet?

Yes, JetBlue requires a health certificate for a pet and according to Federal Regulations.  Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old, and also, it must be weaned 5 days or more before flying to your destination.

4. How to quickly add a pet to your flight?

You can easily add a pet to your flight while booking your ticket. And also, you must take care of the rules and regulations while travelling with your pet.

JetBlue Support Number +1-866-217-1292, if you have any quires related to your flight. 

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