what terminal is Alaska at sfo

what terminal is Alaska at sfo?

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When it comes to air travel, one of the most common questions people ask is which terminal their airline is located at. In this article, we will specifically focus on the question of what terminal Alaska Airlines is at SFO.

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San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is a busy airport that serves millions of travelers every year. With four terminals and seven concourses, it can be overwhelming to navigate. However, with a little bit of information and preparation, finding your way around can be a breeze.

Understanding SFO’s Terminal Layout

Before we dive into which terminal Alaska Airlines is located at, it is important to understand the layout of SFO. The airport has four terminals labeled as Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and the International Terminal. Each of these terminals has a few concourses that are identified by a letter. For example, Terminal 1 has Concourse B and C.

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Alaska Airlines at SFO

Alaska Airlines is located at Terminal 2 at SFO. Specifically, it is located in Concourse D of Terminal 2. The airline has a sizable presence at SFO with multiple flights per day to and from various destinations.

How to Get to Alaska Airlines at SFO

Now that we know which terminal Alaska Airlines is at, the next question is how to get there. If you are arriving at SFO, the airline’s location will be clearly marked on the airport maps and signs. Once you have arrived at the airport, you can take the AirTrain to the terminal. The AirTrain is a free train system that operates 24/7, which connects all four terminals and the rental car center.

Tips for Navigating SFO

Here are some tips to make navigating SFO even easier:

1. Use SFO’s Mobile App

SFO has a mobile app that can help you navigate the airport, find your gate, track your flight, and even order food.

2. Arrive Early

Arrive at least two hours before your flight to give yourself plenty of time to navigate the airport, check-in, and go through security.

3. Know TSA’s Security Guidelines

Make sure you know what items are allowed and not allowed through security. This can save you time and hassle.

4. Bring a Portable Charger

SFO has charging stations throughout the airport, but they can be crowded. Bringing a portable charger can ensure that your devices stay charged during your travel.


Knowing which terminal your airline is located at is an important step in making your travel experience smoother. In this article, we answered the question of what terminal Alaska Airlines is at SFO. We also provided tips for navigating SFO to make your travel experience as stress-free as possible.


Q1 Does Alaska Airlines have a lounge at SFO?

A. Yes, Alaska Airlines has a lounge at SFO in Terminal 2.

Q2 How long does it take to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 at SFO?

A. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2.

Q3 What restaurants are at Terminal 2 at SFO?

A. Terminal 2 at SFO has a variety of food options including Burger Joint, Firewood Cafe, and Lark Creek Grill.

Q4 Is there a shuttle between SFO terminals?

A. No, there is no shuttle between SFO terminals. However, the AirTrain is a free train system that connects all four terminals and the rental car center.

Q5 How many gates does Alaska Airlines have at SFO?

A. Alaska Airlines has 14 gates at SFO, all of which are located in Terminal 2

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