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How Do I Cancel a Vueling Flight? | Cancellation Policy

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Those who have had to cancel a flight may find it to be an annoying and perplexing experience. Understanding the various airlines’ cancellation procedures is essential to avoiding pointless costs and hassles. This blog post focuses on taking a close look at Vueling cancellation policy. We will break down the key elements, including eligibility for refunds, waivers of cancellation fees, and how to cancel a flight. Whether you have already booked a flight with Vueling or are just beginning the planning process, this article will help you easily comprehend and handle the airline’s cancellation policy.

A Brief Overview of Vueling Cancellation Policy

In order to prepare you in the event that you must cancel your flight, this section provides a summary of Vueling cancel flight policy. To make the cancellation process easier for you to grasp, we’ll go over refund alternatives, rebooking opportunities, and other important information.

  • Though there are a few notable exceptions, Vueling’s cancellation policy generally prohibits ticket cancellations. Under some circumstances, you can cancel your ticket and get a flight credit that you or another person can use for future travel. Especially:
    • TimeFlex fares allow for online or over-the-phone +1-866-217-1292 cancellation up to 48 hours before departure.
    • The Flex Pack service permits cancellation for Basic, Optima, and Family tickets under the same terms.
    • Suppose you are unable to travel because of a high-risk pregnancy, illness, surgery, court order, or polling service commitments. In that case, you can modify or cancel your ticket by contacting customer care. In addition, you may be eligible for a reimbursement if you have travel insurance that covers cancelled flights.
  • If your flight is delay more than five hours, you can contact customer support and get a complete refund within seven days. In the event of a missed connection, the reimbursement includes the cost of the ticket or the unused flight segment, as well as, if necessary, a return ticket to the original departure location.
  • If a three-hour or longer delay in your flight is caused by Vueling’s fault and not by uncontrollable events like bad weather, then Vueling will pay you.
Some More Points of Vueling Cancellation Policy
  • You have a few choices in the case that Vueling cancels your flight or refuses your boarding involuntarily:
    • Reimbursement for an alternate flight or the entire cost of the ticket within seven days.
    • Select the next flight that is available in similar circumstances.
    • Choose a convenient flight that leaves later (assuming that seats are available and the weather is identical).
    • Make a refund request with customer service.
  • You can request a refund in the form of a flight credit or credit note with an 18-month validity period from the approval date. Alternatively, you can seek a change of travel date (subject to availability) if extraordinary circumstances prevent you from flying. It is necessary to contact Customer Service as soon as possible to begin this procedure. You can do this by phone before the departure of your flight, online via the airline’s website using the “Request refund for justified reasons” form, or by mail.
  • Within 30 days following the departure date, you can claim a refund in certain circumstances, such as the death of a passenger or a first- or second-degree relative, by producing a certified death certificate and the Spanish translation of the Libro de Familia.
  • In the event of a court subpoena or compelling official obligation, you may reschedule or receive a refund by providing a copy of the subpoena or related documents within 30 days of your departure date.
  • Direct communication with the relevant website or agent is required for ticket cancellations through a third-party website or travel agency.

Vueling Cancelled Flights Policy

According to Vueling’s cancellation policy, you have a few choices if the airline cancels your flight:

  • Request Reimbursement: Article 7.3 of EC Regulation 261 allows you to request a complete reimbursement of the cost of your ticket within seven days. If the flight is no longer necessary, this covers the flight segment(s) that have already been flown and the uncover flying segments. You may also request a complimentary journey back to your original departure location on the following available aircraft if appropriate.
  • Request Booking on the Next Available Flight: Select to be schedule on the subsequent flight that is available in comparable circumstances.
  • Request Booking on a Later Convenient Flight: If tickets are still available, you can choose to reserve a seat at no extra cost for a later trip that suits your schedule.
  • Request Full Refund: Alternatively, you can use the contact form or phone customer care to seek a complete refund.

In addition, you might qualify for reimbursement based on your flight’s route if the airline is to blame for the cancellation, excluding unforeseen events like severe weather, riots, strikes at airports, and similar situations.

How to Cancel a Vueling Flight?

You may start the cancellation procedure of a Vueling flight by phone or via the company’s website (or mobile app), following the steps listed below.

Follow these procedures if you need to cancel something online:

  • Open, the airline’s website.
  • After selecting “Travel,” go to “Your Booking” and choose “Manage your booking.”
  • To access your booking, enter the necessary flight information.
  • Click on “Cancel your booking.”

One of two methods will be used to process your refund upon cancellation:

  • You will receive a Flight Credit that you can use to book flights to the same or different destinations at a later time.
  • You may be eligible for a cash refund if your flight cancellation is due to an authorized reason, such as a medical condition, pregnancy, death, or court order (already discussed). But, you must alert customer service by phone or online before the departure of your flight, and you must provide the required supporting evidence within the 30-day window.

How to make a refund request with Vueling?

You can make an online request through Customer Services or over the phone to Vueling to request a refund. You can submit many kinds of refund requests, such as:

  • Refund Request with Valid Arguments: With this option, you can request a refund for legitimate and well-founded reasons.
  • Request for Airport Tax Refund: You can specifically request this kind of refund if you were charged airport tax and are qualified for one.
  • Refund Request for Booking or Double Payment: Suppose there are any booking problems or instances of double payment. In that case, you can use this option to obtain a refund for the amount that you paid in excess.
  • Refund Request for Wi-Fi Service Not Used: You can get a refund in this particular case if you paid for Wi-Fi service but did not utilize it.
  • Request for Refund for Double Wi-Fi Charge: If you discover several Wi-Fi service charges, you can submit a refund request under this category.
  • Compensation for Expenses: This option offers a thorough way to handle different refund scenarios by asking for compensation for particular expenses.

By utilizing these choices, Vueling hopes to make it easier for travellers to request refunds in various circumstances.

Vueling 24 Hour Cancellations

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you can cancel your ticket with Vueling without incurring any cancellation costs because of their 24-hour cancellation policy in the US. Suppose you purchase your ticket directly from Vueling and do so at least seven days before the planned departure. In that case, you are eligible for this waiver.

This liberal policy applies to all flights, including those that arrive or depart from the United States, regardless of the final destination. You can use the website’s online cancellation form or contact Vueling’s customer care to begin the cancellation process. It is essential to understand that this policy only applies to flights reserved directly with Vueling; it does not cover flights purchased through other websites or travel agents.

Vueling Cancellation Fee

There is no penalty if a TimeFlex ticket is cancel up to 48 hours before departure. Likewise, the cancellation cost is free for Basic, Optima, and Family flights booked with the Flex Pack for up to 48 hours before departure.

When a passenger cannot travel due to illness, surgery, a high-risk pregnancy, a court summons, or polling duty, the cancellation charge is waive for all fare categories. However, you must notify the airline before your trip and submit the necessary paperwork thirty days before the scheduled departure. Furthermore, there is no cancellation fee if you have travel insurance and make a claim. If the above circumstances do not apply, the cancellation cost will be the full amount of your ticket, less any applicable airport or government taxes.

Vueling Flight Cancellation Compensation

If  Vueling Airlines cancels your flight to compensate for delays due to cancellation, you are entitled to enjoy food and drinks at the airport. Additionally, if the airline is not to blame for the cancellation of your flight due to extreme circumstances beyond its control, such as bad weather or an airport strike, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Article 7.3 of EC Regulation 261 must be followed, and the amount of compensation is dependent upon your flight path. In particular, your flight needs to originate from one of the EU’s member states (such as Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland) or a non-member state to one of the EU’s member states.

Flight Delay Compensation under EC 261
DistanceFlight Compensation
Under 1500km€250
1500 – 3500km€400
More than 3500km€600
You must request your flight delay compensation online through Vueling’s website.

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