Upgrade Premium Economy on air Canada

How to Upgrade Premium Economy on Air Canada?

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Upgrading to Premium Economy on Air Canada is a great way to enhance your travel experience with added comfort and perks. The first step to upgrading is to check if your flight has the Premium Economy class available. If it is available, you can upgrade to Premium Economy by logging in to your Air Canada account and selecting the “My Bookings” option.

From there, you can select the flight you want to upgrade and follow the prompts to complete your upgrade. You can also upgrade at the airport check-in counter or at the gate, subject to availability. It is important to note that there is an additional fee for upgrading to Premium Economy, which varies depending on the flight and availability.

Upgrading to Premium Economy on Air Canada reservations is a great option for those who want to make their flight experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Steps to Upgrade to Premium Economy Class

Upgrade to Premium Economy Class on air canada

However, here are the general steps that a passenger may follow to upgrade their flight to Premium Economy Class:

  • Check the airline’s website or contact the airline’s customer service to determine if Premium Economy Class is available for the flight.
  • Compare the cost of the upgrade to the benefits offered by Premium Economy Class.
  • Decide on the upgrade and pay for it through the airline’s website or customer service.
  • Receive a confirmation email or notification from the airline regarding the upgrade.
  • Check-in for the flight and receive the new boarding pass with the upgraded class.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Premium Economy Class during the flight.

How To Find Out if Upgrade Space Is Available?

Air Canada Aeroplan upgrade Clearance Windows
Aeroplan Elite StatusPremium Economy (Flexible) and LatitudePremium Economy (Lowest), Comfort, Flex, and StandardPremium Economy (Lowest), Comfort, Flex, and Standard
All FlightsNorth America and Sun Destinations (Mexico and the Caribbean)International
Aeroplan Super EliteAnytime14 days7 days
Aeroplan 75KAnytime12 days6 days
Aeroplan 50KAnytime10 days5 days
Aeroplan 35KAnytime8 days4 days
Aeroplan 25KAnytime4 days3 days
Aeroplan Member7 days

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Upgrade Premium Economy on Air Canada FAQs

Q1 Can I Upgrade my flight after booking?

Yes, you can upgrade your flight after booking, depending on the airline you are flying with and the type of ticket you have. For example some airlines allow you to upgrade at the airport or online via their website, while others require you to call the airline in advance to upgrade. It is important to be aware of the terms and conditions regarding upgrades when booking flights, as some airlines may charge a fee or not offer upgrades at all.

Q2 Can you ask the flight attendant for an upgrade?

Yes, it is possible to ask a flight attendant for an upgrade. Depending on the airline and the circumstances, the flight attendant may be able to offer you an upgrade if there is space available in a higher class of service. It is more likely to happen if the flight is not full or if the airline needs to fill a particular seat. It is also more likely to happen if you are a frequent flyer or have a higher class of membership with the airline.

Q3 How much should you pay for a flight upgrade?

The cost of a flight upgrade depends on the airline, the type of upgrade you are requesting, and the specific flight. Generally, flight upgrades range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the route, carrier, and cabin class. Some airlines offer complimentary upgrades, while others charge a fee. For the most accurate pricing information, it is best to consult the airline you are flying with directly.

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