Things To Do In Lafayette Indiana

20 Exciting Things To Do In Lafayette, Indiana, for a Memorable Vacation

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Here are some cool and exciting things to do in Lafayette Indiana for a vacation never spent before. Lafayette is a city in the US state of Indiana, in the county seat of Tippecanoe. This vibrant location is home to several magnificent attractions that aim to not only provide amusement but also serve as excellent educational resources. These fun activities in Lafayette, Indiana, can make for an unforgettable vacation.

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Visit these exciting sites and read them all to learn about their fascinating stories, some connected to Indiana’s past.

 1. Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is a beautiful attraction that hosts exhibitions of paintings and sculptures made by international artists. Starting as Lafayette Art Association on 14th April 1909, the museum aims to promote the power of art.

Stunning creations displayed here bring appreciation to the great work done by artists across the globe. You can also attend exclusive events, talks, concerts, and cultural programs conducted here occasionally.

2. Purdue University

One of the top tourist attractions is Purdue University, conveniently located in West Lafayette over the Wabash River. The university has a sizable campus, which you may tour during a day’s visit. You never know; it can become one of the most intriguing activities in Lafayette, Indiana.

While courses or other activities are not in session, visitors are welcome. Exploring places on campus, including the Art Deco Elliott Hall of Music, the Robert L. Ringel Gallery at the Stewart Center, and the Patti & Rusty Rueff Galleries at Pao Hall, is essential. In addition, the museums host many significant performances and exhibitions.

Sports fans can enjoy viewing collegiate games, including football, basketball, and other contests played by students on campus.

3. Prophetstown State Park

Prophetstown State Park tucked away on the south bank of the Rock River, is the ideal fascinating location where you may spend time with your loved ones. Consider visiting this park as one of the fun things to do in Lafayette Indiana especially if your kids are clamouring for entertainment.

Adventure seekers can choose from a variety of exhilarating riding and hiking trails. Moreover, swimming, camping, fishing, and hunting will make your trip more exciting.

The park is rich with oak, maple, cottonwood, and other trees, providing lush, green surroundings. Animals, including raccoons, rabbits, ducks, muskrats, and more, are readily visible.

4. Fort Ouiatenon

Fort Ouiatenon was built in the past when it served as a French trading post next to the Wabash River.

The fort has a Blockhouse Museum that welcomes guests throughout the warmer months. Another event is the yearly Feast of the Hunters’ Moon, which displays numerous items from the historic Fort Ouiatenon. Throughout October, this weekend-long event is planned. It is a historical recreation of how life was in the 18th century. So get tickets if you’ll be there in October to experience the fort especially.

Considering that Fort Ouiatenon is one of the greatest things to do in Lafayette Indiana this weekend, would arranging a trip there be your response?

5. Fairfield Lakes Park

Fairfield Lakes Park is the finest place to unwind and enjoy time with loved ones in the midst of nature. This park has a surface area of around 2400 acres and is crowded with tourists and residents who come for picnics, leisurely strolls, and thrilling events like boating, sailing, fishing, etc.

Even if you are visiting Lafayette on business, make time to enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

6. Wea Creek Orchard

If you visit during the summer or fall, you should include this lovely family-run farm. Wea Creek Orchard, located near downtown Lafayette, is an excellent place to unwind while strolling through the farm. A visit to the beaver dam is also recommended. You can pick apples, pumpkins, peaches, and other fruits and vegetables at this authorised archaeological site. Also, the family offers you the chance to purchase honey, jams, apple cider, and other goods.

This attraction is well renowned for being a fantastic wedding venue.

7. Haan Museum of Indiana Art

The most extensive collection of Indiana art, including historical paintings, decorative artefacts and antique furniture, is on display at this American Alliance of Museums member institution. Also, it contains exquisitely made ceramic pieces, including chairs, bronze, tables, stone sculptures, figurines, and glass.

Outside the building, the museum’s Sculpture Garden must also be seen. A variety of artworks created by Indiana artists can be seen in the area’s natural settings. Together with a stage where spectacular events are held, this garden also contains a theatre.

8. Wolf Park

Wolf Park, created with the idea of wildlife conservation, aims to educate people about wolves and their environmental significance.

A visit and guided tour are required. Discover the park’s wolves, bison, foxes, and other wildlife. In reality, enlightening events, workshops, etc., are scheduled all year round. A well-liked event is Howl Night. So, this attraction serves as a tremendous resource for knowledge, education, and entertainment.

9. Tropicanoe Cove

This attraction, located in Lafayette’s Columbian Park, is one that you and your kids will want to return to time and time again. So have a wonderful summer day here with aquatic fun in the swimming area.

Prepare to enjoy the lily pads, banana peel slide, lazy river, riptide racer, six-lane mat racer slide, and many other attractions. For little kids, there is a splash pool with a miniature dolphin slide.

10. Exploration Acres

Adventure Acres, which spans a 23-acre area, houses Northwest Indiana’s most giant corn maze and pumpkin patch. Both adults and kids may have fun at this attraction because it is jam-packed with games and amusement.

Take on the task of navigating the 22-acre corn maze and discover rewards as you proceed. The 11 acres of pumpkins allow you to select from 38 different varieties of pumpkins. Hayrides and straw mounds also provide you with a unique experience that you might not have had before.

Children can have fun with the playset, pedal carts, sand pile, and trike track, among other things.

11. Wabash Heritage Trail

The Wabash Heritage Trail connects Fort Ouiatenon and Tippecanoe Battlefield Park, located in Battle Ground. This route is the perfect place to go if you want to relax or feel refreshed. It is a breathtaking hiking path with unrivalled views of the surrounding landscape and fauna. Visitors can obtain trail maps and information on the state of the trails at the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park’s Wah-ba-shik-a Nature Center.

Horses, bicycles, and motorised vehicles are prohibited on the rural sections’ trail. Moreover, camping is not permitted along the trail.

12. Celery Bog Nature Area

Enjoy some tranquilly on this 3.2-kilometre round trail nearby West Lafayette, Indiana. The standard notion of an accessible route is completed in an average of 38 minutes. Although this trail is popular for hiking and birdwatching, you can still find some quiet and joy there during the slower times of the day. The Celery Bog Natural Reserve is tranquil for both people and animals.

The Lilly Nature Center also advertises exhibits and educational programmes here. Because of this, it is the best location in Lafayette, Indiana, for informative activities.

One hundred twenty different bird species and a few unique plants are visible. In addition, many amphibians and a range of small mammals, such as rabbits, coyotes, opossums, and others, can be found in the area due to the ecosystem’s unique diversity of wetlands.

13. Main Street Amusements

With over 40 games, this Indiana pinball venue is thriving. There are numerous arcade games and pinball machines available. The enormous front windows provide an excellent view of the interior pin installation. It offers visitors an incredible vista. Schedule a nighttime visit with the family to take advantage of this fantastic entertainment area.

14. Columbian Park Zoo

The Columbian Park Zoo should also be on your list of captivating attractions. You will learn much about the subject while investigating and in the future with a view of various birds and animals. The goal of the Zoo’s founding was to increase public awareness of the need to preserve biodiversity and wildlife. Therefore, you can expect a fantastic educational experience and a good time here.

15. Lafayette Farmer’s Market

Things To Do In Lafayette Indiana

The Lafayette Farmer’s Market is a busy place constantly in motion. This market, which has been around for more than 165 years, conducts neighbourhood marketplaces where local farmers sell their goods. Would you want to purchase some fresh produce? Anyone can find something they like. Here, locally-produced honey is prized.

Moreover, Fifth Street hosts musical concerts every week. As a result, you purchase necessities and take pleasure in a fun environment.

16. Clegg Botanical Gardens

These gardens, which a nearby non-profit group runs, greet you with an enchanting aura that may be your first introduction to them. The attractiveness of this destination is described by its vast fields of Spring wildflowers, grassland and oak savanna restorations, colourful vegetation, named trees, walking trails, and bridges. When you come here, you can relax your thoughts and have special moments with your loved ones.

17. Downtown Lafayette

This wonderful place is constantly filled with a lively atmosphere where people can be seen taking delight in music venues, indulging in delectable food at cafes, drinking their favourite beverage at bars, experiencing the nightlife, swaying to the sounds of music at stage concerts or events, and so much more. Also, there are lovely galleries to browse.

Well, there are several commercial firms based here. Thus, several individuals come here for meetings or business.

18. Monster Mini Golf

An 18-hole indoor mini golf course may be found at this leisure complex. This golf course’s unique feature is that it illuminates at night. Numerous things are available here, so you’ll receive a whole entertainment package. They include a ropes course, bowling, virtual reality, animated decorations, a radio station, video and redemption arcade games, rooms for birthday parties and other events, laser tag, a laser maze, and animated props.

19. Loeb Fountain

At Purdue University’s Loeb Fountain, located in the middle of Founder’s Park, you can enjoy some wet entertainment once more. It’s intriguing to learn that the fountain was built with granite. Also, every minute roughly 2200 gallons of recycled water are consumed.

20. Tippecanoe Mall

While at a popular tourist location, avoiding going to a mall or shopping centre is impossible. You must be looking for some excellent keepsakes to acquire as a memento of your incredible holiday tour. Plan to visit this mall and bring some expensive clothing or handbags home. Remember to sample the enticing treats at the food court.

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Q1. What are some of the fun things to do in Lafayette Indiana?

Lafayette has numerous attractions, including Fort Ouiatenon, Main Street Amusements, Prophetstown State Park, Purdue University, Downtown Lafayette, and many more.

Q2. What are the things to do in Lafayette Indiana, this weekend?

Discover art galleries, the Fort Ouiatenon Feast of the Hunters’ Moon celebration, Wea Creek Orchard, dining options, nightlife in Downtown Lafayette, and many more.

Q3. What to do in Lafayette, Indiana?

You can visit several museums, parks, theme parks, art exhibitions, and hiking trails tucked away in the middle of nature.

Q4. Are there things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, during summer?

Tropicanoe Cove is a theme park with water slides, and in the summer, you may go there, as well as other places like the Wea Creek Orchard farm and Fort Ouiatenon, which hosts the yearly Feast of the Hunters’ Moon celebration.

Q5. What are the outdoor activities to do in Lafayette, Indiana?

The Wabash Heritage Trail, Adventure Acres, Tropicana Cove, Fairfield Lakes Park, and other locations offer a variety of outdoor activities.

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