Sun Country Airlines Booking

Sun Country Airlines Booking

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A low-cost airline based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, is called Sun Country Airlines Reservations (Saint Paul International Airport). Las Vegas and Dallas/Fort Worth are among the cities it focuses on.

You can travel with Sun Country Airlines to 99 locations in the US, Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Sun Country Airlines is recognized by Skytrax as a 3-Star low-cost Airline and is ranked as the 11th largest US airline by passengers transported. Additionally, it is an Amazon Air contracted cargo operator.

Previously offering both First Class and Economy seating, Sun Country now offers only Economy seating, with three separate seat categories: Best, Exit Row, and Standard. The operating fleet of the airline consists of 12 freighters and 34 passengers.

Contact Support Number:  +1-800-504-6979

Sun Country Airlines Reservations Methods

On Sun Country Airlines, you can make a flight reservation:

  • Through telephone
  • Through online
  • At a ticket counter for Sun Country Airlines
  • Via a travel agency

Or you can also contact Flight Assistance. Since we want to ensure that your budget restrictions do not prohibit you from seeing the world, Flight Assistance enables you to travel without concern! Your travel-related dreams are welcome, and our customer service department is ready 24/7.

So, even the smallest of your requests—such as a specific number of layovers or specialised assistance at airports—will be carefully considered.We’ll help you save money on your cheap flight tickets while also boosting your happiness and optimism—all at absolutely realistic costs. We want to stick around and bring about more happy times.

For additional information about flights, go to As an alternative, you can call (800) 504-6979 or send an email to help at To make your journey enjoyable and comfortable, we offer the 700 places indicated above. You can make travel and reservation arrangements with the help of your executive.

Sun Country Airlines Online Booking

The following are ways to reserve a flight on Sun Country Airlines website:

  • Check out
  • Enter the details of your flight, such as:
    • One way or the other
    • City(s) of departure and destination
    • Number of travellers
  • Click on “Select”
  • Add your personal information
  • Purchase the add-ons mentioned above
    • Your permitted baggage
    • Upgrading to priority boarding and check-in
    • Choose a seat from the seating chart
    • Choose a hotel or resort
    • Purchase insurance
  • Enter your payment information
  • Verify and Pay

As soon as your payment is accepted, you will receive your e-ticket at the email address you have on file.

Other Flight Booking Options

Booking a flight with Sun Country Airlines is also possible by:

  • Via phone
  • At a ticket counter for Sun Country Airlines
  • Via a travel agency

Sun Country Airlines Flight Status

To check the status of a Sun Country Airlines flight, do the following:

  • Through telephone
  • Using the online Flight Status tab
  • From the airport’s noticeboards

You can do the following online to check the status of your Sun Country Airlines flight:

  • Check out
  • Select “Flight Status” from the menu.

To check the status of an aircraft by City:

  • Enter the cities of departure and destination
  • Choose your departure date.

To check the status of the aircraft by Flight Number:

  • Type in your flight number.
  • Choose your departure date.
  • Click on “Select.”
  • Your flight status will appear.

Sun Country Airlines Manage Booking

You can make changes to your flight reservation as follows:

  • Via Phone
  • Via
  • Via the travel agency

How to Manage Your Sun Country Airlines Reservations Online?

You can change your flight reservation online using Sun Country Airlines’ Manage Booking functionality by:

  • Modify your flight reservation
  • Cancel your airline reservation
  • Choose a seat
  • Change your seat
  • Purchase baggage

To manage your online reservation for a Sun Country Airlines flight:

  • Check out
  • Select the “My Trips” option.
  • Type in your first name and the reservation code.
  • Select “Manage My Trip” from the menu.
  • Observe the instructions on-screen to:
    • Change your flight reservation
    • Cancel your airline reservation
    • Change or choose a seat
    • Purchase baggage

Special Assistance Services Offered by Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country assists travellers with special needs and abides by the US Department of Transportation’s non-discrimination guidelines.

You may ask for the following:

  • Wheelchair support
  • Unique seating arrangement with additional legroom for a leg brace.
  • If you need assistance with an escort.
  • Storage of mobility aids like a cane, walker, or a pair of crutches.
  • Guiding you through security.

How to Request Assistance?

The following methods are available for asking for help:

  • Via the online Accessibility Request Form
  • By phone

How to Submit a Complaint?

Passengers who are disabled may file a complaint:

  • Dial +1-651-905-2737 to reach us.
  • By completing the Comment/Complaint Form online.

Mobility Devices and Medical Equipment

Mobility aids and medical supplies are free to bring along and do not count as excess luggage. However, they must be kept following Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations in any case.

  • Canes and walkers, as well as other portable mobility aids, are allowed in the cabin as long as they don’t obstruct aisle access or emergency exits. If they’re too big, they can also be checked in.
  • Wheelchairs can be inspected for free at the gate or the ticket office. Seat cushions and detachable footrests can be stored with the wheelchair or transported.
  • Check all powered equipment that needs to be disassembled to ensure it is handled correctly. After checking your wheelchair, you can use the airline’s wheelchair.At some airports, delays may occur if equipment cannot be carried to the cabin using standard stairs.
  • We do not recommend disassembling mobility scooters or wheelchairs that fit upright in an airline container door. The batteries can also stay in place. Ensure the directions are close at hand so there are no delays.

Medical Equipment

  • On 737 aircraft, the maximum door height is 35 inches, and the maximum door width for forward cargo is 48 inches. On 737s, rear cargo doors can open to a maximum width of 48 inches and a maximum height of 33 inches.
  • To guarantee correct handling, be sure to label the batteries in your mobility equipment as spillable or non-spillable.
  • Dry and gel batteries are considered leak proof and require less handling.
  • Damaged or broken batteries are shipped as non-spillable batteries.
  • It will take at least an hour to verify electrical equipment to make sure it conforms with the dangerous goods handling regulations.
  • If you’re traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC), make sure it’s FAA approved. Sun Country Airlines reservations must be notified or made a POC request at least 50 hours prior to departure.
  • The POC must be operable by either you or your travelling partner.
  • As you might not be able to use the power source on the aeroplane, you must bring enough batteries to ensure they endure the duration of the trip, grounding time, connection time, unforeseen delays, etc.
  • A minimum of one hour prior to takeoff, check in just for your flight and provide the POC for verification.

Sun Country Airlines Travel Classes—Seat Selection

As per sun country airlines reservations, first Class tickets are no longer available on Sun Country Airlines. It offers the following three seating arrangements with an all-Economy seat configuration:

  • Standard Seats
  • Best Seats
  • Exit Row Seats

For a surcharge, exit-row seats and the best seats are available. Depending on where you are sitting and the amenities available, seat selection fees might range from USD 9 to USD 100 for each segment. If you’re making an online reservation, the seat selection fees are on the seat map page. In addition, your travel agent will let you know the costs if you make a phone reservation.

Standard Seats Exit Row SeatsBest Seats
  • In-seat USB port
  • Free entertainment on your personal device on most flights
  • Extra legroom (9in)
  • In-seat USB port
  • Free entertainment on your personal device on most flights
  • Preferred Zone 2 boarding
  • 1 complimentary alcoholic beverage
  • Extra legroom (4in)
  • 150% more recline
  • In-seat power outlet
  • In-seat USB port
  • Free entertainment on your personal device on most flights

How to Select A Seat on Sun Country Airlines?

To ensure that your group sits together, you can choose a seat when making your reservation. If you don’t buy a seat choice while making your reservation, you cannot be seated alongside your fellow travellers.

If you buy your ticket in advance (by phone or online), you can choose your seat. After purchasing your ticket via My Trips, you can choose your seat online.

If you do not pre-book your seat, it will be randomly selected at check-in at no additional charge. If you travel with kids and do not make a reservation in advance, the airline will endeavour to seat a kid with at least one adult on the booking.

Choosing a seat in advance is:

  • Cost-based on each seat and flight segment
  • Non-refundable

The cost or fee for seat selection will depend on the following:

  • The location of the seats on the aircraft
  • Additional features, such as more room to recline or more legroom.

First-come, first-served seating is randomly allotted during check-in and is free.

Exit Row Seats

Exit row row passengers must meet the following Federal Aviation Administration requirements:

  • The age requirement is 15 years or older.
  • Must not be taking a child under 15 or someone who needs special care as a passenger.
  • Must be capable of using both legs, arms, and hands, as well as possess the strength necessary to leave the aircraft in an emergency.
  • English reading, speaking, and understanding are required.
  • Must be ready to help other exit-row customers if needed.
  • No seat belt extender is necessary.

Seats in the exit row are not refundable.

Priority Seats

Sun Country has designated the following seats as priority seating for facilitating visitors with disabilities:

Boeing 737-800:

  • 1A – 1F
  • 5B – 5C

Group Travel

For group travel, Sun Country offers two packages:

Packages for groups of 20 or more people who:

  • Fly on the same dates and routes
  • A trip to a Sun Country location
  • Reserving the same hotel
  • Requiring a minimum of 10 rooms

Packages for groups of 10 or more people who:

  • Are travelling on the same flight and dates
  • Are en route to a Sun Country location
  • No need for hotel accommodations

Booking group travel entails:

  • By calling; or online

Sun Country Airlines Phone Numbers

You can always book for free in the US and Canada.

  • Contact Us: +1-651-905-2737
  • Reward numbers: 651-905-2778
  • Issues with Online Banking Payments: +1-651-905-2737

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Q1 How do I pay for my flight ticket on Sun Country Airlines?

You have a few options for paying for your airline ticket:
Visa, MasterCard, and the Sun Country Airlines Signature Visa
Banking online
Voucher for Sun Country Airlines
Flight Credit with Sun Country Airlines
Points from Sun Country Rewards

Q2 When will need to pay for my ticket?

No matter how you book, you must complete the payment for your reservation at that time.

Q3 Do the ticket prices include fees and taxes?

Yes, the ticket prices include fees and taxes.

Q4 What’s not included in my ticket price?

If you have not already paid for your baggage and seat, you will need to do so. Additionally, at diverse places withinside the Caribbean and Central America, you will be required to pay an airport tax upon arrival or departure. Your boarding passes will include a specified sum that you must pay.

Q5 What seat choices does Sun Country offer?

The airline offers three seats: Standard, Exit Row, and Best.

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