Ryanair Cancellation Policy

Ryanair Cancellation Policy

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Ryanair cancellation policy aims to strike a compromise between operational requirements and flexibility. After a flight is scheduled, passengers are typically only allowed to cancel if there is a significant delay (usually more than 5 hours). Ryanair, on the other hand, offers flexibility by allowing passengers to pay a change in fare to adjust dates, times and routes without being penalized. Suppose a passenger’s immediate family member passes away. The policy includes special clauses for refunds and cancellations even if the passengers are not traveling with them.

Passengers may also have the right to cancellation or adjustment in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as: B. Death or serious illness of other passengers. However, only if the appropriate documentation is provided. Travellers are urge to verify the most recent information on the official Ryanair website or get in touch with customer support for the most up-to-date details, as policies are subject to change. Keep on reading this article to learn more about Ryanair Cancellation Policy.

What is Ryanair Cancellation Policy

According to Ryanair cancellation policy, you can usually only cancel a flight while it is in operation if there is a five-hour delay or longer. If you pay the difference in the ticket, you can change flight’s date, time, and itinerary without incurring any penalties.

  • Modify and Cancel Options for Operational Flights: If a Ryanair flight is delayed for more than five hours, it can be changed but not cancelled. Passengers are entitle to cancel and request a refund for their flight in such circumstances.
  • Bereavement Exception: If an immediate family member passes away within 28 days of the scheduled departure date, Ryanair cancellation policy allows for the refund and cancellation of a ticket.
  • Clause of Death or Serious Illness: Ryanair permits cancellations or modifications to the departure date in the event that a passenger or co-passenger passes away or becomes seriously ill.
  • Flexibility in Flight Changes: Up to 2.5 hours before departure, changes can still be made to the dates, times, and routes of a flight, even if the Ryanair cancellation policy prohibits an outright cancellation. Furthermore, name modifications are possible up to two hours before departure.
  • Channels for Flight Modifications: If you’ve already checked in, you can use live chat to make changes to your flight. You can also make changes over the phone or online using My Bookings.
  • Alternative Flight or Refund for Significant Delays: Ryanair offers the choice to select an alternative flight at no additional cost or to cancel and receive a refund without incurring additional charges in the event that the alternative flight is not suitable.
  • Ryanair Cancellations: Passengers have the right to request a penalty-free refund or to rearrange their flight without incurring any additional fees if Ryanair cancels a flight.

Ryanair Cancellation Policy Within 24 Hours

As to the U.S. In accordance with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 24-hour refund policy, all domestic flights within the U.S. can be canceled within 24 hours of the original reservation, as long as the ticket was purchased directly from the airline at least 7 days in advance . In this case, a full refund will be required. The beginning of the journey. This rule applies to all ticket kinds, including those that are non-refundable.

Ryanair offers travellers who book straight through its website a 24-hour grace period, even though the airline does not provide flights to the United States. This policy allows minor errors (e.g., DUB – STN to STN – DUB) to be correct up to 24 hours after the online booking on Ryanair.com. There is no change charge during this time. However, travelers are still responsible for paying the difference in fare between the original and revised fares. But there’s no return if the revised fare is less. Airport changes incur service charge of €/£60 per passenger per flight, while online changes cost €/£45 per passenger per flight. It’s critical to understand these guidelines and the costs involved to make wise choices when changing Ryanair reservations.

How to Cancel Ryanair Flight?

There are two ways to start the cancellation process and get your flight refund: online using the Refund Application Form or over the phone. It is significant to remember that Ryanair has particular requirements for flight ticket cancellation and refunds, which consist of:

  • Flight Delay of 5 Hours or More: If your flight is delay by 5 hours, you have the right to cancel and get a refund.
  • Bereavement of Immediate Family Member: Regardless of whether they are travelling with you, the policy permits the cancellation and reimbursement of a flight in the event that an immediate family member dies within 28 days of your scheduled departure date.
  • Death or significant sickness of Passenger/Co-Passenger: Refunds or date changes are available in cases when a passenger’s or co-passenger’s death or significant sickness prevents them from travelling. This is subject to providing legitimate supporting documentation before the planned departure date, and Ryanair will make the final decision.

Suppose you decide not to travel in any other situation not explicitly stated above. In that case, the booking fee will be recover if you agree to change your reservation. You must be aware of these terms to properly handle the cancellation and refund process.

Ryanair Refund Policy

The way Ryanair’s refund policy works is as follows:

  • Procedure for Flight Cancellation Refunds: In the event that your flight is cancelled, you will get your refund in 5 business days using the original payment method that you used to purchase your ticket. You have two options for submitting a refund application: the online form or phone support.
  • No-Shows and Non-Refundable Components: If you do not board your aircraft as scheduled, only fares, charges and charges are eligible for refund, all of which are considered non-refundable.
  • Requesting a government tax refund via a designated URL incurs an administrative/service charge of £17/€20. Notably, no refund will be given if the amount of the refund is less than the administration/service charge. This clarification provides passengers with a clear understanding of the parameters governing their financial interactions with Ryanair. It guarantees openness about refund eligibility and associated fees.


To sum up, Ryanair cancellation policy is a well define structure designed to strike a balance between the flexibility of passengers and operational limitations. The policy allows for some reimbursements and cancellations under certain conditions, including flight delays, Ryanair-initiated cancellations, and situations involving bereavement. The 24-hour grace period for booking modifications and the option to request a refund for government tax, in some circumstances, provide an additional degree of flexibility. Passengers must, however, be aware of the terms and related costs, particularly if they want to make adjustments outside the designated time window.


Q1 Can I cancel my Ryanair flight and get a refund?

With some exceptions, Ryanair does not accept ticket cancellations or refunds. These exclusions cover things like when the airline cancels your ticket, when there are flight delays longer than five hours when a family member passes away within 28 days of the departure, and when a passenger or fellow passenger suffers a serious illness or dies.

Q2 Is there cancellation fee for Ryanair?

Tickets purchased on Ryanair are not refundable or cancelable. You may, however, cancel your flight for free and get a complete refund in the following circumstances:

  • Your flight with Ryanair has been cancel.
  • There is a minimum 5-hour delay on your Ryanair flight.
  • Within 28 days after leaving, a member of your immediate family passes away.
  • A traveller or fellow traveller passes away or becomes gravely ill.

Q3 How much does it cost to change a flight with Ryanair?

Ryanair charges different fees for changing a flight:

  • You can make free modifications to the day, time, and route within the 24-hour grace period after booking.
  • Online adjustments after the 24-hour grace period cost €/£45 per passenger per flight.
  • There is a service charge of €/£60 per passenger per flight if adjustments are request at the airport.

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