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If you want to travel in even more comfort, KLM allows you to upgrade to either Business Class or Premium Comfort. This upgrade can be made possible with Miles before check-in opening and later on, with Miles or cash, at the airport, online, or even after the check-in process. Offers for last-minute upgrades may be available on certain flights, either during or after check-in.

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Overview of KLM Upgrade Policy:

1) Before Check-in Opens:

    • Only over the phone with Flying Blue’s customer service can one book an upgrade using Miles.

2) After Check-in Opens:

    • Upgrades (with cash or Miles) can be purchased online (My Trip 🡪 Change Flight), by phone, at the airport counter (or kiosk—paid only), boarding gate, or even on board your flight.

3) Last-Minute Upgrades at the Airport:

    • Cash, Miles, or a combination of the two (up to 25% of the ticket price with Miles) may be used for payment.

4) Reward Tickets:

    • Eligible for upgrades only after check-in opens.

5) When Upgrading to a Higher Class:

    • The amount already paid will be deducted from the upgraded fare.
    • Benefits offered in the higher class will be applicable.
    • XPs and Miles will accrue to the original travel class, not the upgraded/higher class.

6) Upgrade Options:

    • Flying Blue Miles and XPs can upgrade KLM, Air France, and partner flights.
    • Platinum-level members travelling in business class can upgrade to first class (La Première) on Air France.

7) Cash Upgrades:

    • Additional Miles earned are based on the Euros spent on the upgrade.

8) Availability:

    • KLM upgrades are subject to availability.

How do I upgrade my KLM ticket?

You can often secure affordable reservations months before you finalize your vacation plans. But as the vacation date draws near, you might want more comfort. If you originally purchased tickets for KLM’s Economy class and would like to upgrade to a more comfortable class, do so. To upgrade your KLM ticket, follow the instructions on the official website or call OTA at +1-800-971-7347 or +1-800-618-0104 to speak with a live agent.

KLM business class upgrade 

1) KLM Airlines Upgrade Program: Travelers can choose a higher level of service on their flights with KLM Airlines’ upgrade program.

2) Easy Upgrade Process: The airline’s website or customer service representatives can assist you with upgrading your ticket.

3) Eligibility Check: The process of upgrading begins with determining your eligibility. Provided there is room in the superior class of service, all Privilege Club members are instantly qualified for a KLM upgrade.

4) Flight Selection: Select the exact flight that you would like to be upgraded to. It covers all flights KLM Airlines operates, including those made through third parties.

5) Upgrade Options: After selecting your flight, you need to decide which kind of upgrade you want. Three types of upgrades are available: mile-based, paid, and accessible.

KLM Upgrade to Business Class

KLM Airline serves two different flight categories with two different kinds of business classes:

1) World Business Class: Available on long-haul intercontinental flights.

2) Europe Business Class: Offered on flights operating within Europe.

A KLM upgrade to Business Class provides passengers with a range of exclusive benefits:

1) Complimentary Lounge Access: Standard and Flex fare passengers enjoy complimentary lounge access.

2) Priority Services: Priority check-in, security, and boarding.

3) Additional Comfort: Extra legroom on all flights.

4) World Business Class-Exclusive Features: Fully flat seats.

5) Enhanced Baggage Allowance:

    • Additional baggage allowance for Business Class passengers.
  • For Flying Blue Silver, Gold, or Platinum members:
    • Carry 1 extra checked bag (total of 3 checked bags).

6) Culinary Experience: Better meal options.

7) Premium Onboard Amenities: Top-of-the-line onboard experience.

8) Entertainment System: 16-18in the entertainment system.

9) In-Seat Amenities: In-seat power.

10) Connectivity:

    • Free WiFi.
    • Free messaging.

11) Comfort Items:

    • Noise cancellation headset.
    • Pillow and blanket.

12) Exclusive Business Class Amenity Kit.

When can I request a KLM Business upgrade, and how?

Using KLM Miles, you can make a phone request for an upgrade to Business Class before the online check-in opening, which happens 30 hours before departure. Consider using the following channels to pay for an upgrade with cash or miles (or a combination of both) after check-in opens:

1) Online Upgrade: Navigate to My Trip 🡪 Change Flight on the official website.

2) Phone Upgrade: Contact KLM by phone to facilitate the upgrade process.

3) Airport Upgrade: Utilize the airport kiosk or check-in counter for an upgrade.

4) In-Flight Upgrade: Explore upgrade options on board the flight for added convenience.

How many KLM Miles do you need to upgrade to Business Class?

The miles needed to upgrade to business class vary depending on your route. Upgrades to Business Class on short-haul flights usually cost between 20,000 and 30,000 Miles, while upgrades to long-haul flights might cost between 40,000 and 200,000 Miles.

Click the Estimate button after visiting the appropriate page and entering the origin and destination airports to find out exactly how many miles your route will require. The starting prices in Miles will be displayed after this action. Subtract your current fare in miles from the higher-class (business class) fare in miles to determine the upgrade price in miles.

For example, flying in Premium Economy Class from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) to New York (JFK) will set you back about 30,000 miles, while Business Class will set you back about 56,500 miles. Therefore, about 26,500 Miles would be required for a typical upgrade to Business Class.

KLM Upgrade Premium Economy (Premium Comfort Class)

  • Additional legroom: 99cm compared to 79cm in Economy Standard and 89cm in Economy Comfort.
  • Extra recline: 20cm compared to 12.5cm in Economy Standard and 15-18cm in Economy Comfort.
  • Additional hand baggage and checked baggage allowance.
  • Expanded selection of food and drinks.
  • A separate cabin for enhanced privacy.
  • More extensive entertainment system: 13.3 compared to 9-11in Economy Class.
  • Use a noise-cancellation headset instead of the standard headset in Economy Class.
  • Premium Amenity Kit.
  • SkyPriority access.
  • Option for paid lounge access.

How to request a KLM Premium Economy Upgrade?

1) Miles Upgrade to Premium Economy:

Thirty hours before departure, make a phone request to upgrade your miles to Premium Economy exclusively before the online check-in opens.

2) Post-Online Check-in Upgrade Options:

You can choose to pay for an upgrade with cash, miles, or a combination of both through several channels after online check-in opens:

  • Online (via the official KLM website).
  • By phone.
  • At the airport (kiosk/counter).
  • Onboard your flight after completing the check-in process.

KLM Seat Upgrade to Economy Comfort

1) Economy Comfort Upgrade Options:

You can use cash, miles, or a combination of these to upgrade from a standard Economy ticket to Economy Comfort.

2) Miles Upgrade Availability:

Before 30 hours before departure, when online check-in opens, upgrade options using Miles can be accessed via phone.

3) Other Upgrade Channels:

  • All upgrade options, including Miles upgrades, can be accessed:
    • During check-in (online or at the airport), including self-service kiosks and airport counters.
  • Onboard the aircraft after completing the check-in process.

4) Last-Minute Upgrade Availability:

    • On some of the segments of your journey, upgrades at the last minute might be offered at a discounted price.
  • Benefits of Economy Comfort Upgrade:
    • Positioned at the front of the Economy Cabin.
    • Among the first to board and disembark.
    • More legroom: 89cm compared to 79cm in standard Economy on long-haul flights.
    • Increased recline: 15-18cm compared to 12.5cm in regular Economy.

KLM First Class Upgrade

KLM doesn’t provide First Class accommodations. On long-haul intercontinental flights, KLM offers the World Business Class as the highest class.

KLM Bid for Upgrade

To upgrade, KLM has discontinued its bidding system. Alternatively, if upgrades are available, you may get an offer to purchase one (with cash, miles, or a mix of both) 30 hours before your departure when online check-in opens. The exact offer depends on the price of your original ticket and the availability of seats. Generally speaking, upgrading to a higher class is less expensive than buying a ticket for that higher class alone.

How KLM’s Last Minute Upgrade Works

The day before your trip, KLM offers last-minute upgrades. On the day of departure, you can ask for these upgrades at the airport check-in counter. After boarding your flight, you can also make last-minute arrangements for upgrades, subject to seat availability. Just approach an on-duty flight attendant to obtain a last-minute upgrade onboard.

1) Payment Options:

    • Flying Blue Miles, cash, or a combination of the two may be used to pay for last-minute upgrades; the Miles portion cannot exceed 25% of the total ticket price.

2) Important Points About Last-Minute Upgrades:

    • All last-minute upgrades are subject to availability.
    • Last-minute upgrades apply specifically to individual flights and not the entire booking.
    • Taxes and fees are included in the prices of last-minute upgrades.
    • The cost of a last-minute upgrade will be communicated to you during the check-in process.

3) Note Regarding Dietary Meals:

    • If ordered, dietary meals are not transferrable to Business Class. Meals catered to specific medical diets, religious observances, or dietary restrictions are included.

How KLM Upgrade at Check-in Works?

When online check-in opens 30 hours before departure, KLM will begin offering the option to upgrade at check-in. You can upgrade from Economy or Premium Comfort to a higher class or an airport self-service kiosk at this time for an additional fee.

Check-in Upgrade Benefits:

  • Periodically, check-in upgrades might be offered at a discounted price.
  • Upgrades of this kind can be purchased online, at the airport check-in counter, at the Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) KLM Crown Lounge, or the boarding gate.

KLM Travel Class Comparisons

Examine the primary characteristics of World Business Class, Premium Comfort, and Economy seats before upgrading to understand what each travel class offers.

Miles Upgrade with KLM

Using KLM Miles for upgrades gives you a fantastic chance to improve your trip without exceeding budget. On KLM flights, you can upgrade your seat from Economy to Business or Business to First Class using your accrued miles. It translates to better meals, legroom, and a more comfortable flight experience. The procedure is straightforward:

  • Sign into your Flying Blue account.
  • Select the flight you want to upgrade.
  • Use your miles to submit a request for an upgrade if there is space available in the higher cabin class.

KLM Free Upgrades

The best way to increase your chances of receiving a free upgrade is to become an Elite member of KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program. Members with Elite status may be upgraded to a higher class in the case of overbooking. Alternatively, a more realistic way to get a “free” upgrade with KLM is to earn enough Flying Blue Miles and then use them to upgrade to a better class.

Upgrade Refunds

If you pay for an upgrade and don’t receive it for any of the following reasons, you are eligible for a refund of your upgrade payment:

  • KLM cancels your flight.
  • KLM modifies the type of aircraft.
  • You miss a connecting flight with KLM, Delta Air Lines, Air France, or Kenya Airways.
  • For operation, security, or safety reasons, KLM allocates the upgraded seat to a different passenger.

How to Request an Upgrade Refund?

Fill out KLM’s refund form to request a refund for your upgrade.

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