How Do I Fix My Name On United Airlines

How Do I Fix My Name On United Airlines?

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To fix your name on a United Airlines reservation, call United at 1-800-864-8331 or the travel agent at +1-866-217-1292. Verify your booking details and explain you need your name corrected, providing the accurate spelling. Minor typos may be no fee, but substantial changes mean new tickets must be provide, costing a $125 reissue fee. For third-party bookings, contact that agency instead. Be sure your ID matches the new ticket name when traveling and reconfirm the updated name before your trip.

Steps to Fix Your Name on a United Airlines Reservation

  • Call United Airlines reservations,  if you already have a reservation that shows an incorrect name.
  • Verify your identity by providing your full name, booking confirmation code or ticket number, and other identifying details about the reservation.
  • Explain to the agent that your name is incorrect on the ticket. Please provide them with the proper spelling and full name that will be sent back on your reservation and tickets.
  • If the reservation was booked directly with the airline and no tickets have been issued yet, the agent should be able to update the name directly in the reservation. Typically, only minor spelling corrections or honorific changes (Mr vs Ms for example) qualify.
  • For substantial name changes or fixes to reservations with already-issued tickets, the old ticket will need to be canceled and a new one issued with the correct name. Cancellation/rebooking fees may apply. Discuss options with the agent.
  • The agent will confirm once changes to the name on your reservation and ticket(s) have been complete properly. Reconfirm at check-in.
  • If booked through a 3rd party site or agency, reach out to them first for assistance with name corrections rather than United directly.

This process ensures your tickets and travel documents reflect the same exact name matching your identification. Always double check before your trip.

Documentation Requirements For Name Change

Here are the typical documentation requirements for changing your name on a United Airlines reservation:

  • Legal Name Change Documents: If your name has legally changed due to marriage, divorce, or a court-approved name change, United will require documentation reflecting this. Typically, this would be a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order showing your previous name and new legal name.
  • Passport: If you are traveling internationally, you will need to present your new passport showing the name change that matches your ticket.
  • Real ID: For domestic travel within the US, your state-issued photo ID like a driver’s license or Real ID must display your new name and match your reservation.
  • If you do NOT have legal documentation and simply need to correct a minor spelling error or nickname difference, United does not require you to present documents. However, agents may request proof if the name change seems questionable or inconsistent with your IDs.
  • Unaccompanied Minor Names: Names on paperwork for booking an unaccompanied minor must also precisely match their government-issued ID to confirm custody and prevent fraud.

Make sure to bring appropriate documentation showing your previous name and new current name when arriving at the airport to check in. This ensures a smooth process of getting your boarding pass and allows the TSA to verify identities effectively on United’s behalf. Contact United with any specific questions on required papers for name changes before your trip.

How Much Does It Cost To Correct A Name On United Airlines?

United Airlines charges a standard USD 125 fee to correct a name on a reservation directly with them if it is more than just a minor spelling or nickname variation that can be fix free of charge.

For a legal name change due to marriage, divorce, or other court-ordered situation that requires documentation, the charge is still $125 to reissue the ticket in the correct name. The same applies if you need to add or remove a middle name.

However, if the original name and new “corrected” name have no reasonable connection or explanation for the change, the ticket gets fully cancelled and you must book again at the current fares. You can’t simply “correct” names in these cases.

One exception – for United’s Basic Economy class fares, the fee goes up to $200 to edit any name once booked.

So while minor typos may be no cost, virtually any substantial name change on United itself costs a minimum $125 fee. Double-check accuracy when first booking tickets to avoid this!

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