Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy

How Do I Cancel My Flair Airlines Flight Ticket?

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Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy: Being a Canadian ultra-low-cost airline, Flair Airways has become well-known for offering reasonable air travel options within Canada and to a few international locations. Flair Airways was founded in 2005 and is renowned for its dedication to providing affordable flights with an emphasis on client happiness. With its fleet of Boeing 737 aeroplanes, the airline connects travellers to a number of Canadian destinations. In the cutthroat aviation industry, Flair Airways distinguishes itself with an ultra-low-cost business model that offers affordable base rates and lets passengers customise their experience with optional add-ons. Because of its commitment to affordability and expanding route network, an airline is a good option for travellers on a tight budget looking for affordable air travel inside Canada.

With a 24-hour grace period, Flair Airways has implemented a cancellation policy that is more accommodating to passengers. In addition, travellers who own a Big Bundle ticket can modify their itinerary at no cost for a maximum of three hours before departure. This policy offers possibilities for modifications based on the kind of ticket in an effort to accommodate passengers’ diverse needs.

Key Features of the Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy:

  • 24-Hour Cancellation Window:
    1. You have a 24-hour grace period from the time of booking to cancel any Flair Airlines ticket and receive a full refund, provided your trip is at least 7 days away.
  • Flight Disruptions (Cancellation or Delay):
    1. If your flight is cancelled or delayed by 3 hours or more due to reasons within the airline’s control, and the alternative is unsuitable, you can cancel any ticket and receive a full refund.
    2. For disruptions due to reasons beyond the airline’s control, alternative arrangements will be made within 48 hours; otherwise, passengers have various options, including a full refund on the unused portion of the ticket.
  • Travel FLEX Option:
    1. Purchasing Travel FLEX allows changes to the booking (date, time, destination, or departure) up to 3 hours before departure, without the ability to cancel.
  • Free Cancellation for Big Bundle Tickets:
    1. Big Bundle tickets are refundable, allowing for free cancellations. After booking, a travel credit equal to the full price amount is given, good for travel for a maximum of 24 months.
  • Denial of Boarding and Compensation:
    1. Passengers denied boarding for reasons beyond their control are eligible for a full refund and compensation.
  • Exceptional Circumstances:
    1. Full refunds are permitted (with valid documentary proof) in case of serious illness or death of an immediate family member within 28 days of the flight, a passenger’s severe illness or death, or if subpoenaed for jury duty.
  • Third-Party Bookings:
    1. Passengers who purchase tickets through a travel agency or website must contact the respective entity directly for cancellations and refunds.

Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy for 24-Hour Cancellation

Flair Airlines does have a 24-hour cancellation policy in place. If a traveler purchases a ticket at least seven days before of the made departure date, they have the ability to cancel it within 24 hours of the purchase. This customer-focused strategy guarantees that travellers have a window of opportunity to change their minds about their itinerary soon after making a reservation without paying any cancellation fees, therefore increasing the convenience and happiness of Flair Airlines’ customers.

Flair Airlines Cancellation Fee

  • Cancellation Fee Variation:
    1. The cancellation fee for Flair flights is contingent upon the type of ticket purchase and the timing of the Cancellation.
  • Free Cancellation Within 24 Hours:
    1. No cancellation fee applies if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, provide the ticket was booked at least 7 days before departure.
  • Refund Process:
    1. A full refund to your original payment method is facilitated for cancellations made within the specified timeframes.
  • Big Bundle Ticket Benefits:
    1. Big Bundle tickets enjoy a waiver of cancellation fees, with no charges incurred for cancellations, as long as the Cancellation is made at least 3 hours before departure.
    2. Cancellation results in the issuance of a travel credit, valid for 24 months from the booking date.
  • Cancellation Fees for Standard Tickets:
  • Cancellation fees for standard tickets vary based on the timing of the Cancellation:
      1. Cancellations made 7 or more days before departure incur a fee of $39 plus tax.
      2. Cancellations made between 48 hours and 7 days before departure incur a fee of $59 plus tax.
      3. Cancellations made within 48 to 3 hours before departure incur a fee of $99 plus tax.
    • Cancellations made less than 3 hours before departure result in the forfeiture of travel funds.

So These outlined guidelines delineate the intricacies of Flair Airlines cancellation fees, providing passengers with a clear understanding of the cost implications associated with cancelling their flights based on the specific circumstances and ticket type.

Flair Airlines Cancellation Process

Comprehensive Ticket Cancellation Options:

  • Phone Cancellation:
    • Cancel your Flair Airlines ticket by contacting the official airline office in your area through the provided phone number.
  • Online Cancellation via My Bookings:
    • Utilize the online “My Bookings” platform if you directly booked your ticket through the Flair Airlines website or mobile app, enabling a convenient and digital cancellation process.
  • Ticket Office Cancellation:
    • Visit a Flair Airlines ticket office to initiate the cancellation process in person, providing an alternative for those who prefer or find it more accessible to cancel their tickets in the office.
  • Travel Agency Assistance:
    • If a travel agency issued your ticket, cancellations can be facilitate through the respective travel agency that issued the ticket, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with various booking channels.

Flair airlines cancellation policy offers passengers multiple avenues to cancel their tickets, catering to diverse preferences and ensuring a user-friendly experience regardless of the booking method.

How to Cancel a Flight Online?

As per the flair airlines cancellation policy, you have the ability to cancel your flight online if you bought your ticket straight from Flair Airlines. The procedure is simple, and to start the Cancellation, take the actions listed below:

  • Visit the FlyFlair.com Homepage:
    • Navigate to the official website homepage of Flair Airlines at FlyFlair.com.
  • Access “My Bookings” Tab:
    • Click on the “My Bookings” tab to enter the section dedicated to managing your flight reservations.
  • Enter Reservation Details:
    • On the ensuing page, input your reservation number and surname into the designated boxes.
  • Find Your Trip:
    • Click the “Find My Trip” button to retrieve and display your booking details.
  • Flight Selection:
    • Identify and select the specific flight reservation you wish to cancel from the options presented.
  • Follow On-Screen Prompts:
    • Follow the on-screen prompts that appear, guiding you through the cancellation process.

Following these guidelines will enable travellers to effectively cancel their Flair Airlines flights online, making use of the official website’s user-friendly interface for flawless transactions.

When is Flair Flight Cancellation Free?

  • A 24-hour Grace Period:

You have a 24-hour time frame to cancel your flight if your departure is set for at least 7 days later, which allows you to change what you’re thinking regarding booking as soon as possible.

  • Ticket Cancellation for Big Bundle:

If a Big Bundle ticket holder cancels their flight at least three hours before to the scheduled departure time, there won’t be any fees associated with the Cancellation.

  • Flight Interruptions (Postponement or Cancellation):
    • Regarding flight cancellations or three-hour or more extended delays:
    • If the substitute flight isn’t suitable, Flair will allow you to cancel your ticket for reasons under its control.
    • If Flair is unable to arrange for acceptable alternative transportation within 48 hours due to circumstances outside of its control, you have several alternatives regarding what to do.
  • Death or Serious Illness:
    • In the following scenarios, you are eligible for a full refund: A family member dies or becomes gravely sick within 28 days of the departure date.
    • Severe illness or passing away, either you or another traveller on your reservation.
  • Subpoena or Jury Duty:

These comprehensive guidelines provide travellers with a thorough grasp of the flexibility and considerations offered by Flair Airlines in various situations. They also define the numerous scenarios under which passengers can cancel their trips.

Flair Airlines Cancelled Flights Policy

You have the following options if Flair Airlines cancels your flight for reasons beyond the airline’s control:

  • Accept a Different Plane:

Choose to board the complimentary substitute flight offered by Flair Airlines.

  • Complete Refund Choice:

Select to receive a complete refund free of penalties in the event that the substitute flight offered is not convenient or appropriate.

Passengers have many choices if Flair Airlines is unable to cancel due to uncontrollable circumstances:

  • Accept the new flight no later than 48 hours:

Select the complimentary alternative flight that is being given within 48 hours, leaving from the same airport.

  • Verified Reservation for an Additional Flight:

Get a confirm seat at no additional cost on a different convenient flight from the same airport in less than 48 hours.

  • Complete Refund for Unused Ticket:

Before getting a new ticket, choose to get a complete refund for the amount of your ticket that you did not use.

  • Go back to the starting point:

You can be reimbursed if you decide to be flown back to your point of origin at no extra expense. It is especially useful if you are away from the airport where you were suppose to be and the other travel arrangements you had are no longer a possibility.

Flair Airlines Refund Policy

Flair Airlines’ refund policy comes into play in the following circumstances.

  • Non-refundable Tickets:

Most of the rates and expenses associated with Flair Airlines are non-refundable. For flights scheduled at least seven days later, cancellations made within 24 hours after booking are exempt.

  • Modifications and Cancellations After 24 Hours:

You usually cannot cancel your ticket if your trip date is within 7 days of booking or if you cancel your flight 24 hours after purchasing. With the exception of Big Bundle tickets, which are both refundable and non-refundable, modifications are possible.

  • Channels for Refund Requests:

You can start a refund request over the phone or in a Flair Airlines ticket office. Should you have bought the ticket via a travel agency, you need to contact that travel agency directly for cancellation and refund requests.

  • Required Documentation:

The itinerary/receipt, reservation number, record locator, and all unused flight coupons must be shown as proof for cancelling a ticket.

  • Refund Recipient Designation:

Unless a different recipient is specify at the time of booking, refunds will be given to the original ticket buyer. By getting in touch with the airline directly, this can be schedule.

  • Initial Payment Method:

The original payment method used for the refund will be used to process it.

  • Refunds from credit cards take time to process:

Refund claims for credit cards will be went over within 30 business days, though it might take longer for the money to show up on the credit card statement depending on the banking institution.

Passengers flying with Flair Airlines can thoroughly understand the terms, processes, and deadlines related to fare adjustments and refunds thanks to these in-depth policy insights.

In case of involuntary refunds:

  • Fare Rule Restrictions:
    • Any fare rule restrictions do not govern involuntary refunds.
  • Full Fare Refund:
    • The refund will be equal to the total fare paid if no portion of the ticket has been utilize, in cases of flight cancellations or delays within the airline’s control, boarding requirements for safety reasons, or cancellations, delays, or refusal to transport due to reasons not within the airline’s control but per tariff rules.
  • Partial Fare Refund:
    • If a part of the ticket has been used, the refund will equal the unused portion.
  • Currency of Refund:
    • Refunds will be made in the currency used for issuing the ticket or in another currency at the passenger’s request, as long as local government regulations do not legally prohibit it. Alternatively, the airline may offer a refund as a voucher or travel credit, subject to passenger acceptance.

In the case of voluntary refunds:

  • Fare Rule Application:
    • Voluntary refunds are subject to the fare rules at the time of ticket issuance.
  • Authorized Issuer:
    • Voluntary refunds will be made only by the airline or its authorized agent who initially issued the ticket.
  • Refund Amount Calculation:
    • Refunds will be the total fare paid minus applicable cancellation fees and service charges based on the fare conditions of the ticket.
  • Non-Refundable Ticket Conversion:
    • Non-refundable tickets can be convert into future tickets with a one-year validity from the ticket’s issue date, provide the Cancellation occurs on/before the first travel date.
  • Refund Request Time Limit:
    • Refund requests must be made before the flight operates, except in cases of the passenger’s death.
  • Serious Illness or Death:
    • In cases of a passenger’s immediate family member falling seriously ill or dying within 28 days of departure, the airline may offer various options, including a refund or a flight credit for future use within 6 months.
  • Validity Period and Fees:
    • No refund is provided for tickets presented after their validity period. Seat selection fees, carry-on baggage fees, and checked baggage fees are generally non-refundable, except in specific circumstances detailed in the policy.

Hence, these comprehensive guidelines outline the conditions and procedures for involuntary and voluntary refunds, covering various scenarios and contingencies. For more details, contact FlightsAssistance.com. Although flying may seem complex, FlightAssistance.com is a one-stop shop that streamlines the process and improves everyone’s quality of life. This cutting-edge platform provides thorough support for bookings, cancellations, and flight questions, guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

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