Etihad Airways Manage Booking

Etihad Airways Manage Booking

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Etihad Manage Booking: The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, is the second-largest carrier in the nation after Emirates Airlines. The airline’s main office is in Khalifa City. Approximately 1000 flights per week are operated by Etihad Airways, which provides both cargo and passenger services to locations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia, and Australia. The airline announced a fleet of 120 Airbus and Boeing aircraft as of February 2020.

Etihad Airways also runs Etihad Cargo, which offers cargo services, and Etihad Holidays, which offers vacation packages, in addition to its airline operations.

Passengers can reschedule or Cancel Etihad Flight on Etihad Airways’ managed booking platform for personal or business reasons. Click a few times to access the platform on the Etihad Airways website and make modifications or edits. Through the managed booking platform, you may get your flight schedule. You can use Etihad Airways’ managed booking to ask for assistance if you need exceptional support due to a pregnancy or medical needs.

Services Under Etihad Manage Booking

Etihad Manage Booking

The following features of the manage booking platform are available, depending on your ticket class permissions:

  1. Get your boarding pass and check-in information online.
  2. Choose the seat of your choice when checking in.
  3. Alter or revoke your flight.
  4. Pay for any changes to reservations.
  5. Bookings with excess baggage are welcome.
  6. Choose the menu items you want to eat.
  7. Obtain comprehensive travel information.
  8. Incorporate extra services to make your trip better.

You can specify particular seat preferences in economy class on the manage booking platform, such as aisle, window, or extra-legroom seats. The cost of choosing a seat may vary depending on your travel Tier. For Apple and Android mobile devices, Etihad Airways offers a mobile app that enables users to quickly book tickets, finish check-ins, take advantage of in-flight entertainment, and access the newest box sets.

Etihad Airways Manage Booking Methods

In order to provide customers with a seamless experience, Etihad Airways offers practical options for handling Etihad Reservations. “Etihad Manage Booking” is easily accessible for passengers who wish to make modifications to their reservations, including flight changes or cancellations, seat selections at check-in, the addition of additional luggage, meal choices, and payment information updates. In addition, Etihad Airways has a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices that enables users to check in online, manage their tickets while on the go, and access in-flight entertainment selections. These simple procedures give travellers flexibility and control over their trip plans.

  • Manage booking through travel agency +1-866-217-1292
  • By phone
  • Online (via the web or mobile)
  • Via the official Android or iOS app
  • Through an Etihad ticket office
  • Through a travel agent

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Steps for Manage Etihad Booking Online

For customers who want to modify their reservations, Etihad Airways provides comprehensive support. Based on the restrictions of their ticket class, passengers have the freedom to change their tickets. Etihad Airways offers choices to meet the demands of its customers, whether they prefer to make changes online or prefer personal support because they are uneasy with technology. The method of handling reservations online through the official website will be the main topic of this talk.

  • Log in to your account by visiting Etihad Airways’ official website.
  • Fill out the forms with your information, including your last name and confirmation number. The ticket information that you want to alter will be retrieved in this stage.
  • To see your options for modifying your ticket, click “Next.” You may be able to change the ticket’s date, time, or destination, cancel your reservation, pay for more baggage, or even change your name on the ticket.
  • If your ticket permits revisions and you are qualified, go ahead and make the required changes in accordance with your preferences. On the web screen, any costs that apply will be shown, and you can pay for them with a debit or credit card.
  • You will receive a confirmation email sent to the email address linked with your booking after completing the payment for your modifications.

Baggage Policy For Etihad Airways

Etihad Baggage Policy

The airline provides a baggage calculator to check baggage and cabin bag allowances in order to provide ease and comfort for customers as per Etihad Baggage Policy. There can be differing allowances for travel to/from the US or while flying with partner carriers, but your bags’ overall weight shouldn’t exceed the limit.

  • Extra Baggage: You have up to four hours before takeoff to order more luggage if needed. Online reservations come with a 30% discount. Excess luggage can be purchased in a number of methods, including during the initial booking process, after the booking is complete, by getting in touch with the airline directly or you can call the live person to add more luggage at +1-866-217-1292, or by spending Etihad Guest Miles.
  • Oversized Baggage: There is a charge for oversized baggage if your things are larger than the airline allows. The cost is USD 40 roundtrip for travel inside the Middle East and between the Middle East, Beijing, Nagoya, and the Indian Subcontinent. The price for other flights is USD 60 roundtrip.
  • Excluded Items: Some items, including scuba diving gear, poles, bicycles, skis, ski boots, golf bags, and surfboards, are excluded from large baggage costs. The limit weight and size for luggage are 32 kg and 300 cm, respectively.
  • The benefit of using collected Etihad Guest Miles to get extra baggage perks is available to Etihad Guest members. Your membership tier determines how many free additional bags you are allowed to bring. The additional luggage limit for Silver members is 10 kg; for Gold members, it is 15 kg; and for Platinum members, it is 20 kg.

Etihad Airways seat selection

  • Economy Standard: With travellers flying on an Economy deal, classic price, or saver, this option is available. Seat selection is possible at the time of reservation, and online check-in is free of charge up to an hour before departure. Members of Etihad Guest can save 20% on some seats. Managed booking, online check-in, and airport check-in are the options for making seat reservations.
  • Economy Space: These seats are intended for travellers who need more room for their legs or to stretch out. They are only accessible on flights operated by Etihad Airways, not those used by alliance partners. It is possible to make reservations up to one hour before departure. Bookings are contingent upon meeting specific safety requirements for passengers picking seats close to the emergency exit. Seat reservations are 50% cheaper for Etihad Guest Gold members and free for Etihad Guest Platinum members.
  • Economy Neighbor-Free: By bidding for up to three adjacent seats during the flight, travellers who choose the economy neighbour-free option can experience three times the amount of room and comfort. Up to six hours prior to departure, bids may be modified or withdrawn.

Ways to Reserve Your Seat:

  • When purchasing your ticket.
  • You can immediately reserve your seat online after making a reservation.
  • You have the option of checking in online and reserving a seat.
  • Call the airline to reserve a seat +1-866-217-1292.

Etihad Airways Ticket Cancel/Return Policy

  • 24-Hour Cancellation: You have 24 hours from the time of booking to cancel your flight. The original payment method used during the booking process will get a credit for the refund.
  • Online management of your flight allows for simple changes and cancellations. To do this, visit the airline’s website and select the “Manage My Booking” link. Up to two hours prior to the departure of your scheduled flight, you may modify your booking. It covers choices like scheduling extra luggage, reserving or switching seats, asking for special assistance, and more.
  • Considerations before Cancellation: It’s vital to keep the following in mind before cancelling your ticket:
    • The ticket must be utilised in order to be refunded.
    • For tickets issued more than five days ago, the reservation should have been made with a single credit.
    • The original ticket’s fare conditions apply to refunds and cancellations.
    • For changes or cancellations, there can be extra expenses.
    • Refunds will be made automatically to the same card that was used to make the initial reservation.
  • Refund Processing Time: If you are qualified for a refund, it could take 14 to 30 working days for the money to appear on your card or bank statement.

Cancellation Fee 

The cost of changing or cancelling your reservation depends on the route and fare. If you have more than one fare, the strictest fare rule will be used. Refunds are determined by the fare rules of the original ticket. Except in cases of death, where there is no price, changes or cancellations made less than 96 hours before departure are subject to an extra charge. Contacting the Etihad Contact Centre or a nearby agent office will help you with any problems with changing or cancelling. Refunds, cancellations, destination changes, stopover reservations, name changes, additional service requests, and special requests can all be helped with by them. For adjustments or cancellations, travellers who made their reservations through travel agents must get in touch with them or Call the contact centre to change partially used tickets.

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To sum up, Etihad Manage Booking function offers travellers the comfort and freedom to modify and cancel their plans. Passengers can use the process more efficiently by being aware of the exact costs related to the various routes and prices. It will be easy for travellers to request refunds, itinerary modifications, name corrections, and other services because Etihad’s Contact Centre and agent offices are readily available to help in case of any complications. Whether a traveller makes a direct or indirect reservation, Etihad wants to meet their needs and offer a smooth travel experience.

Call Live Travel Experts +1-866-217-1292

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