Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy

Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy

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Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy: The baggage policy for Cathay Pacific is summarized on this page. Depending on your itinerary, class, and frequent traveler status, you may be allowed one complimentary bag. The concept of piece applies to all flights transiting or inland in the Americas and direct flights between Kong, Christchurch and Auckland, but the concept of weight applies to most other flights.

The following are the main points of the Cathay Pacific baggage policy:

  • On piece-concept flights, a typical checked bag cannot measure more than 158cm/62 inches in total combined dimensions (L + W + H).
  • For weight-concept flights, the overall combined dimensions are 203cm/80 inches.
  • Bags weighing more than 70lb/32kg must be approved in advance, or they won’t be allowed.
  • There is a limit of one carry-on bag per person for the
    • Economy and Premium Economy classes of travel: 15 lbs./7 kg
    • First Class: 33lbs./15kg
    • Business Class: 22lbs./10kg
  • The following are the maximum dimensions for your cabin baggage:
    • Standard Bag: It measures 56 x 36 x 23 cm.
    • Personal Item: It measures 40 x 30 x 15 cm
  • The carry-on baggage allowance for Marco Polo members (Silver and Gold) in all classes is 33lb/15kg for Diamond members and 22lb/10kg for Economy and Premium Economy Class.
  • If flown by Cathay Pacific or Air New Zealand, special allowances apply for nonstop flights Hong Kong-Christchurch/Auckland without other sectors.
  • Allowed without charge are mobility aids, baby strollers, and child restraint devices.
  • You can prepay for baggage allotment via phone or online using Manage booking.

Keep in mind that the Cathay Pacific baggage policy also stipulates that:

  • On a few flights, discounted baggage is offered if ordered online at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Oversized and overweight fees will apply to bags that are too large or heavy.
  • Umbrellas and canes are among the items that can be transported without incurring an additional cost.
  • Canes, walking sticks, and other mobility aids.
  • Jackets, overcoats, and other outerwear, etc.
  • There is no restriction on the number of free mobility aids and assistance gadgets you can bring on U.S. flights.
  • On other flights, you can get two free mobility aids and one free piece of assistive equipment.

Cathay Pacific Excess and Overweight Baggage Fees

The following extra baggage charges apply to weight- and piece-concept flights under Cathay Pacific baggage policy:

  • Cathay Pacific will charge you up to $13-65/kg for overweight baggage that exceeds your allotted weight for weight-concept trips.
  • A surcharge of $ 150-280 will be charged for carrying an additional piece on piece-concept flights (to/from/via the United States, Canada, and Central or South America), depending on your flight zone.
  • On a weight concept flight, you must pay if your existing luggage fits the usual weight allowance:
    1. Between $30 and $60 for each excess baggage
    2. Each way, $ 200–280 per piece, on a piece concept flight.

Baggage Charges by Weight

For weight-concept flights, the per-kilogram baggage fees under Cathay Pacific policy are as follows:

Cathay Pacific Extra Baggage Charges by Weight     
Per kg (2.2lb)To Hong KongTo Zone 1To Zone 2To Zone 3To Zone 4
From Hong Kong$ 13/kg$20/kg$ 25/kg$ 45/kg
From Zone 1$ 13/kg$ 15/kg$ 20/kg$ 30/kg$ 45/kg
Zone 1—Asia + select routes Asia: Macao SAR, Mainland China, Taiwan; Central/East Asia: South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia (in Asia), South Korea; South East Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia; Select routes: between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain; between Thailand and Singapore; between Taiwan China and Japan/South Korea; within Malaysia; within Australia.     
From Zone 2$ 20/kg$ 20/kg$ 35/kg$ 40/kg$ 45/kg
Zone 2—South Asia India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.     
From Zone 3$ 25/kg$ 30/kg$ 40/kg$ 45/kg$ 65/kg
Zone 3—Middle East United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Israel, Bahrain.     
From Zone 4$ 45/kg$ 45/kg$ 45/kg$ 65/kg$ 65/kg
Zone 4—Africa, South West Pacific, Europe Africa: South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya, Ethiopia. South West Pacific: Papua New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji. Europe: United Kingdom, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria.     

Extra Baggage Charges by Weight—Most Flights (excluding the Americas)

For weight-concept flights to the majority of destinations (apart from the Americas), the additional baggage fees per item are as follows:

Cathay Pacific Extra Baggage Fees on Weight-Concept Flights(i.e., on most routes except the Americas and Canada)     
Per pieceTo Hong KongTo Zone 1To Zone 2To Zone 3To Zone 4
From Hong Kong$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 60
Zone 1$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 60
 Zone 2$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 60
Zone 3$ 30$ 30$ 30$ 60
 Zone 4$ 60$ 60$ 60$ 60
Zone 5$ 200
 Zone 6$ 230

Extra Baggage Charges by Piece—Flights to/from/via the Americas

The following are the per-piece excess baggage fees under Cathay Pacific’s baggage policy for piece-concept flights to, from, and via the Americas (the United States, Canada, Central America, and South America):

Cathay Pacific Extra Baggage Fees on Piece-Concept Flights (to/from/via the Americas and Canada)   
Per pieceTo Hong KongTo Zone 5(USA, Canada)To Zone 6(Central & South Americas)
From Hong Kong$ 200$ 230
From Zone 1$ 200$ 230
From Zone 2$ 220$ 250
From Zone 3$ 240$ 260
From Zone 4$ 250$ 280
From Zone 5$ 200$ 150
From Zone 6$ 230


Cathay Pacific will charge an additional fee of $ 150 each for overweight and oversized bags.


Baggage Extra Charges on Direct Flights to/from Hong Kong and Auckland/Christchurch

According to Cathay Pacific baggage policy, the following fees apply on direct flights between Hong Kong and New Zealand (Auckland/Christchurch):

Cathay Pacific Extra Baggage Charges on Direct Flights Between Hong Kong and New Zealand 
Per pieceExtra baggage fee up to 50lb/23kg and 158cm/62in/piece
First bagHKD 1430/NZD 250
Second bagHKD 1750/NZD 300
Three or more bagsHKD 2200/NZD 350
Additional Fee for Overweight and Oversized BagsAn additional fee is charged for overweight or oversized bags:


Overweight bag HKD 1300/NZD 200 per bag

Oversized bag HKD 1300/NZD 200 per bag


How to Prepay for Baggage Online How to Prepay for Baggage Online

The following options are available to travelers under Cathay Pacific’s luggage policy:

  1. Using the Manage booking option on the internet (below the flight booking box)
  2. By using a mobile app
  3. By phone: Up to 110lb/50kg of baggage per passenger may be ordered online in increments of 11lb/5 kilograms up to 24 hours before departure.

For some flights, buying in advance for extra luggage online might result in savings of up to 20%. Go onto your Cathay Pacific account or contact Cathay Pacific to determine whether your flight qualifies.

Cathay Pacific Sports Equipment Policy

The majority of athletic goods are accepted as checked baggage by Cathay Pacific.

Your sporting goods are considered checked baggage under Cathay Pacific’s sports baggage policy. However, if your sporting equipment weighs more than your allotted amount, you will be charged extra baggage fees per item or kilogramme (depending on your route).

The following baggage regulations will apply on piece-concept flights (to/from/via the United States, Canada, and Central/South America):

Any size of your sporting goods will count as 158cm/62 in total dimensions (L + W + H), regardless of how big they are in reality. One of the following things qualifies as a piece of sporting equipment:

  • An air mattress or sleeping bag
  • A rucksack, backpack, or knapsack
  • A set of snow skis with a pair of boots and a pair of ski poles
  • Two boots and one snowboard
  • One board for water surfing
  • One golf bag containing golf shoes and clubs
  • 1 type 22 bag or duffle-style bag
  • Firearms packed properly
  • Avalanche backpack reserved in advance
  • One properly packed bicycle
  • A set of conventional slalom/water skis
  • A tackle box, two rods, a landing net, a reel, a pair of fishing boots, and adequately packed fishing gear

You will be charged a price of $ 150 for overweight baggage for each piece of sporting equipment whose length exceeds 158 cm (62 inches) but whose overall dimensions are less than 203 cm (80 inches).

You will be charged four times the regular excess baggage price per piece if the length of the sporting equipment exceeds 158 cm/62 in and the combined dimensions exceed 203 cm/80 inches.

Special Rules for Certain Sports Items

The following sporting goods must be packed under the precise guidelines outlined in Cathay Pacific’s baggage policy.


  • Contact an International Contact Center three days before the departure (72 hours).
  • There can only be one-seat, non-motorized racing or touring bicycles.
  • The bicycle must be securely packaged in a suitable box or hardcover case, as mentioned below. Furthermore, the case’s height (with the bike) cannot exceed 100 cm/39 inches for flights leaving Zurich.
    • The handlebars must be packed in plastic foam or another comparable substance, fixed sideways or positioned along the frame.
    • The pedals must be fastened inwards or removed and put in plastic foam or similar material.
    • Deflating the tyres is necessary.

Avalanche Rescue Backpacks

  • Each passenger is only allowed one item.
  • It can be checked in or carried as hand luggage.
  • It must be stored so that it cannot be unintentionally activated.
  • The airbag must have pressure relief valves fixed to it.
  • Compressed gas cylinder-carrying backpacks (division 2.2) must include a pyrotechnic trigger mechanism that contains no more than 200mg of Division 1.4S.
  • When checking in, you will be needed to present your datasheet.

Sporting Weapons comprise the following.

  • One rifle case that can hold up to 2 rifles, 11lb/5kg of ammo, noise suppressors, little tools, and one shooting mat.
  • Up to 2 shotguns in 2 shotgun cases.
  • Up to 5 pistols, 11lb/5kg of ammo, one pistol telescope, small tools, and noise suppressors are packed into a single pistol case.

Get in touch with the Cathay Pacific reservation desk for additional details.

Special Baggage Items

According to Cathay Pacific baggage policy regulations, valuable or significant things not prohibited or restricted may be transported on a paid extra seat in the cabin. Cathay advises booking seats for special luggage items at the nearby reservation office rather than online.

Particular objects of the following categories are accepted:

Following the conditions, a religious idol must be:

  • Only for Economy Class
  • The dimensions cannot be larger than 60 x 36 x 36 cm (24in x 14in x 14in)
  • It cannot weigh more than 33 lbs./15 kg (excluding the box)

 Artworks, Diplomatic bags, urns, etc.

  • Suitable for use with all classes
  • The dimensions cannot be larger than 60 x 36 x 36 cm (24in x 14in x 14in)
  • Weight, including the box, must not exceed 70 lbs./32 kg.

Musical instruments

  • Large musical instruments like guitars and cellos are examples of musical instruments.
  • Must be securely packed in a sturdy case and adequately secured to the seat

Payment of Baggage Fee

Cathay Pacific accepts payments for luggage fees:

  • Using the official website to buy your ticket
  • Through Manage booking later
  • Utilizing a mobile app
  • Contact us at (800) 233-2742.

If you purchase your luggage online at least 24 hours before departure, you can save up to 20% (on some flights) while checking in at the airport using a credit card or local currency. Log into your Cathay Pacific account or contact the Cathay Pacific office closest to you to find out if your flight qualifies.

Cathay Pacific Musical Instruments Policy

On Cathay Pacific, most musical instruments are accepted.

Musicians can board flights with their instruments in hand luggage, checked baggage, or on a reserved cabin seat. Below is a quick summary of the Cathay Pacific musical instruments policy requirements.

Cabin Luggage

Small instruments like violins and flutes can be transported as cabin baggage under Cathay Pacific’s musical instruments policy, provided they can fit in the overhead bin.

The maximum dimensions (including case) and weight are not to exceed:

  • Maximum weight is 7 kg/15 lbs.
  • Maximum dimensions are 93 cm by 39 cm by 24 cm (36in x 15in x 9in)

Checked Baggage

Large musical instruments that exceed the hand baggage limit, such as cellos and guitars, can be checked in as long as they are securely packed in a hard case. Your fare type’s exact size and weight limits will apply to checked musical instruments (including cases). For more information, go to Checked Baggage under the heading Cathay Pacific Baggage Policy.

On a Passenger seat:

If travelers choose not to check their musical instruments, they can reserve seats for instruments like guitars, cellos, etc. However, the following circumstances will hold:

The following weight and size restrictions apply

  • Max weight: 32 kg/70 lb
  • Maximum size: 136 cm by 48 cm by 44 cm (54in x 19in x 17in)
  • If the instrument’s thickness is between 31 and 44 cm, it must be secured upside-down (12–17in).
  • Should not obstruct any crew or passenger:
  • Access to an emergency escape, an aisle, or a cabin.
  • View some of the aircraft’s signage, including the No Smoking and Seatbelt On/Off signs.
  • It must not include anything illegal or hazardous.

Delayed, Lost, and Damaged Baggage

1) Delayed Baggage

If a checked bag is lost, you must:

  • Notify the airport’s baggage service desk right away. To trace your bag or make a claim, you must submit a report and give a Report File Reference number.
  • Online reports of it. Remember to write down your Report File Reference number because you will require it in the future.

After you submit your report, you can:

  • For more information, contact the nearby baggage services office.
  • See the progress of your delayed baggage from Cathay Pacific.

2. Damaged Baggage

If your checked luggage is harmed, you must:

  • Report the incident to the baggage service desk in the airport’s arrivals area (before customs clearance). You will receive a Report File Reference number after submitting a report, which you will need if you need to submit a claim in the future.
  • Call to report it. You can also phone Cathay Pacific’s baggage service hotline to report damaged baggage. The report must be submitted seven days after receiving your luggage. You will receive a Report File Reference number when you file your report, which you must keep on hand for future use.

After submitting your report, you can contact the nearby baggage services office for more help.

According to IATA regulations, damage claims do not cover little flaws and blemishes, including scuffs, scrapes, stains, dirt marks, and punctures. Moreover, carry-on baggage, items that are not securely packed, and items that are packed too tightly in suitcases should be covered.

Phone Numbers of Cathay Pacific

  • Asia Miles (U.S.A.) 1866 892 2598
  • China 400 880 7488
  • Hong Kong +852 2747 2200
  • Worldwide +800 2747 2200
  • India Reservations 000 800 4405008
  • Indonesia Reservations 001 803 852 2212
  • Italy Reservations 800 971 720
  • Marco Polo Club—Diamond +800 2747-3888
  • Marco Polo Club—Green/ Silver/ Gold +800 2747-5500
  • Netherlands Reservations 080 0022 4229
  • Saudi Arabia Reservations 8008 440 350
  • South Africa Reservations (080) 061 1206
  • Sri Lanka Reservations +94 (11) 2423 726
  • United Arab Emirates Reservations 8000 444 6554

Cathay Pacific’s Baggage Liability

Cathay Pacific’s liability for lost, damaged, or delayed baggage is constrained to the sums listed below unless a larger value has been declared and additional fees have been paid in advance.

  • Responsibilities for journeys covered by the Warsaw Convention. If the Warsaw Convention applies to your international trip (including any domestic segments of a global journey), Cathay Pacific’s responsibility will be restricted to:
    1. SDR 17/kg for checked baggage
    2. SDR 332/passenger for unchecked baggage
  • Responsibility for journeys covered by the Montreal Convention. The complete responsibility of Cathay Pacific for checked and unchecked baggage is SDR 1,288 per person (about $ 1,780) if the Montreal Convention covers your travel.

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Q1 What is the Cathay Pacific baggage policy in a nutshell?

Under Cathay Pacific baggage policy:
A basic checked bag cannot measure more than 158cm/62 inches in length, width, and height on piece-concept flights (between the Americas and Canada). On weight-concept flights (most other itineraries), a typical checked bag’s total dimensions cannot exceed 203cm/80in. Luggage larger than 20 inches by 70 pounds (32 kilogrammes) will not be accepted.
Each passenger is permitted to bring one regular carry-on bag and one item that does not exceed the following:
On the Economy and Premium Economy Classes, 15 lbs/7 kilogramme
On Business Class, 22lb/10kg
The carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead compartment or beneath your front seat and not be larger than
It measures 40 x 30 x 15 cm
Cathay Pacific/Air New Zealand nonstop flights between Kong and Christchurch/Auckland without additional sectors are subject to a special carry-on baggage allowance.
It is free to transport child restraint systems, strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, and other assistive items (if used). In addition, any person travelling from or to the United States may check as many mobility aids as needed.
Marco Polo members (Silver and Gold) can bring 22 lbs (10 kg) of carry-on luggage in Economy and Premium Economy Class flights. In comparison, Diamond members can carry 33 lbs (15 kg) of carry-on luggage.
You can pay for baggage allotment in advance via phone or online through Manage Booking.

Q2 What is Cathay Pacific, the baggage allowance for lap infants?

For weight-concept flights (on routes outside of the Americas), Cathay Pacific allows up to two bags totalling 22 lbs (10 kg) per lap child under two years old, along with a car seat and stroller. The luggage limit for lap infants is 50 lb/23 kg (in 1 suitcase), a car seat and a stroller on piece-concept trips to, from, or via the Americas.
What is the Cathay Pacific baggage allowance for children?
Children who take up a seat on a Cathay Pacific flight are given the same amount of luggage as the adult travelling with them.

Q3 What is the Cathay Pacific baggage allowance on U.S. routes?

The maximum amount of carry-on baggage allowed by Cathay Pacific on flights to, from, or through the United States is one regular carry-on bag plus one small personal item, not to exceed:
For Economy and Premium Economy Class, 15 lb/7 kilogramme
On Business Class, 22lb/10kg
on First Class, 33lb/15g

The maximum dimensions for your typical carry-on bag and personal item are 40 x 30 x 15 cm and 56 x 36 x 23 cm, respectively.
The following applies to flights into, out of, or through the United States for checked baggage:
2 × 50lb/23kg a piece in Economy Class.
2 × 55 lb/25 kg apiece in premium economy class.

Q4 What are the Cathay Pacific baggage fees for extra bags?

The following are the Cathay Pacific baggage fees for extra luggage on weight- and piece-concept flights:
Depending on your flight zone, you will be charged $ 30–60 per bag for any additional you bring on weight-concept flights, which are the majority of flights except those to the Americas and Canada.
Because it depending on your flight zone, you will be charged $ 150–280 per additional bag on a piece-concept of an flight, i.e., a flight to/from/via the Americas and Canada.

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