American Airlines Pet Policy

American Airlines Pet Policy

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According to American Airlines Pet Policy, Pet owners are welcome to travel with their beloved companions since American Airlines knows their needs. As with other pet owners, traveling with pets can be challenging because you might be preoccupied with various concerns, such as: 

  • Can I find out where my pet is? 
  • What happens if my pet gets sick or hurt while we’re traveling? 

If that is the case, you won’t need to worry because you can find all the information you require about American Airlines’ service animal and pet policies and carrier requirements here.

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American Airlines Pet Policy 2023

American Airlines only allows passengers to bring cats and dogs on board; the Airline does not allow other pets. On most flights lasting up to 12 hours, you can take a cat or dog following American Airlines pet policy.

For each one-way itinerary on American Airlines, where your pet travels in the cabin, the American airlines carry-on pet fee is $125. Any one-way flight route within the U.S. with a voluntary stopover longer than four hours will also cost an extra $125. If you use a credit card that offers airline fee credits, you can get back some or all of the fees.

Make sure to reserve your pet as part of your reservation as soon as possible. American Airlines publishes the number of pets permitted in the cabin on each flight, in contrast to American Airlines’ pet policy. As a result, we know that American Airlines only allows a maximum of seven kennels on its mainline flights.

For American Eagle flights, American will only permit five kennels per flight and a maximum of one carrier in first class. Although American has primarily done away with change fees, if your particular flight has already reached its limit for in-cabin animals, you’ll be stuck rescheduling your trip.

And lastly, American Airlines considers a pet carrier a carry-on item. As a result, if you’re travelling with a pet, you can only bring a personal thing and a pet carrier. The Airline will check any additional bags, and fees will be associated.

Travelling with Pets: Points to Consider

Travelling with Pets: Points to Consider

  • You can make flight arrangements for your pet up to ten days in advance. It is always preferable to make your reservation over the phone with an airline at least 24 hours in advance.
  • When checking in your pet, the pet owner must complete the payment.
  • All active United States military personnel are eligible for a 50% discount off quoted airline prices for domestic and international pet travel.
  • Within ten days of travel, the owner must present a travel health certification signed by a licensed veterinarian for both outbound and return trips. You must schedule a new examination and medical certificate if it has been more than ten days since your return flight was authorised.
  • For international pet travel, we advise you to contact the embassy or consulate of the destination nation to ensure you adhere to all country-specific entrance requirements.
  • An American airline will decline to carry a pet if the temperature is above 85°F or below 20°F.
  • American Airlines will transport most animals older than eight (8) weeks within the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • Two puppies or kittens may share a kennel if they are of comparable size, temperament, and age, weigh less than 20 pounds each, and are under six months old.

In-Cabin Pet Policy

You must use a pet carrier approved by the Airline if your pet complies with American Southwest Airlines Pet Policy requirements for In-Flight Travel. Pets must have enough room to stand up and turn around, and carriers must have a waterproof floor. With 19″ x 13″ x 9″ measurements, the Airline must be secure and well-ventilated.

American airlines emotional support animal

American Airlines emotional support animal policy is designed to accommodate passengers who require the assistance of an emotional support animal during their travels. The policy states that passengers must provide a medical letter from a licensed mental health professional in order to be eligible for travel with an emotional support animal.

The letter must be dated within the last year and must state that the passenger has a mental health-related disability and needs the assistance of an emotional support animal. Passengers must also provide proof that their animal is vaccinated and has had a health examination in the last year. American Airlines requires that the emotional support animal remain in a kennel or crate while in the airport and during flight, unless the animal is a miniature horse.

The airline also recommends that passengers notify the airline of their travel plans at least 48 hours in advance. With the proper documentation and advanced notice, American Airlines will do its best to accommodate passengers traveling with an emotional support animal.

Airlines that allow dogs in cargo

American Airlines: American Airlines allows dogs to travel in the cargo hold on most flights. The airline requires that the pet is at least eight weeks old and in good health, and has all the necessary vaccinations. The airline also offers several options for pet crates and carriers, so that your pet can travel in comfort and safety. American Airlines also provides special services for pet owners, such as pre-trip planning and in-flight pet assistance.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

American airlines pet cargo may sometimes put your pet in the plane’s cargo hold if it is too big to fit under the seat or if you have a long flight. This cargo compartment area has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger compartment. The cargo compartments of Airbus 319, Airbus 321, Airbus 320, Airbus 321H, and Airbus 321S aircraft are not permitted to carry live animals.

American Airline Kennel Requirements

  • The kennel’s end that serves as the door must be of grated metal, sturdy plastic, or wood. Additionally, it must be impenetrable and leak-proof.
  • The kennel needs to have sufficient ventilation on three sides for domestic flights and four sides for international flights. For dogs or cats, the ventilation apertures must be 1″ x 1″ or 3/4″ x 3/4″. (cats).
  • For safety, there ought to be metal screws or bolts.
  • Kennel door construction must be of metal. The top of the kennel shouldn’t have any doors on it.
  • There should be holes on each side of the door frame.
  • The wheels must all be turned off or taken off.
  • The kennel needs to be pristine and smell-free.
  • The dishes you put down should be tidy and empty.
  • Food in case of a delay

For more flight-related information, contact American airlines customer service or log in to Or you can connect us through support @ or call +1-800-504-6979. We provide 700 above destinations, aiming at making your journey comfortable and blissful. Our executive will guide you through booking and exploring the world.

American airlines pet policy contact number

American Airlines Pet Policy Contact Number: If you’re traveling with a pet, American Airlines has you covered. The airline offers a variety of policies and services to make traveling with your pet easier. If you have any questions about the policies or need help with booking a pet-friendly flight, you can contact American Airlines directly at +1-800-504-6979. The friendly customer service team is available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help make your pet’s travel experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. From reserving a pet-friendly seat to navigating airport regulations, American Airlines can help you make sure your pet has the best possible trip.


Q1. How strict is American Airlines’ pet policy?

A. There is no set maximum weight for dogs that can fit in this carrier. Additionally, all flying animals must be at least eight weeks old. Pet carriers replace carry-on luggage, but you are free to bring additional personal items (e.g., backpacks, wallets, etc.).

Q2. How much does American Airlines charge for pets?

A. American Airlines charges $125. You can take your pet carrier on board as carry-on luggage. You must check in at the passenger desk because the airlines can not check animals at the curbside. The flight is free if your pet qualifies as a service animal.

Q3. Does American Airlines allow pets?

A. Yes. American Airlines allows pets.

Q4. Which Airline is the most pet friendly?

A. American Airlines Emotional support animal travelling. For flights with pets in the main cabin, American Airlines charges $125.

  • Travelling with pets in the cabin
    According to American Airlines’ pet policy, you are only allowed to bring one kennel that will fit underneath the seat in front of you, and you must keep your pet in the kennel the entire flight.
  • Travel with pets in cargo
    Pet travel is an option for American passengers, which can be crucial for some pet owners, especially those with animals too big to fit in the main cabin. In America, fees begin at $200.
  • Before taking off
    Additionally, as long as it stays in its kennel, your pet is welcome to accompany you if you plan to visit an Admirals Club lounge before takeoff.
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