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Can I Use Delta SkyMiles For American Airlines?

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Flying can be expensive, but frequent flyer programs offer travelers the opportunity to earn and redeem miles for flights, making travel more affordable and rewarding. Two major airlines in the United States, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines, operate their own loyalty programs: Delta SkyMiles and American Airlines AAdvantage, respectively. While these programs primarily allow members to earn and redeem miles for flights operated by their respective airlines, travelers often wonder if they can cross-utilize their miles. In this article, we delve into the question: Can I use Delta SkyMiles for American Airlines?

American Airlines AAdvantage Program

American Airlines operates the AAdvantage program, which rewards members for flying with American Airlines, its partners, and for making purchases with co-branded credit cards. AAdvantage members receive benefits like free checked bags, priority check-in, and lounge access.

Can I use Delta SkyMiles on American Airlines flights?

While both Delta SkyMiles and Airlines AAdvantage offer a wide range of redemption options, you generally can’t transfer miles directly or redeem and use miles between the two programs. However, you may be able to use Delta SkyMiles indirectly on American flights through SkyTeam Alliance partner airlines or other airline partners.

Delta Air Lines is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which includes international airlines such as Air France, KLM and Korean Air. Through these partnerships, Delta SkyMiles members can book flights operated by partner airlines, including some routes that may offer codeshares with Airlines.

How to use Delta SkyMiles for American Airlines flights

To use Delta SkyMiles for American flights indirectly, members can follow these steps:

  • Check Partner Airlines: Review the list of Delta SkyTeam partners to find airlines that collaborate with American Airlines.
  • Search for Flights: Use the Delta Air Lines website or contact Delta’s customer service to search for available flights operated by partner airlines, including those with codeshare agreements with American Airlines.
  • Redeem Miles: Once a suitable flight is found, members can redeem Delta SkyMiles for the itinerary of their choice.
  • Booking Confirmation: Upon completing the booking process, travelers will receive a confirmation with the partner airline’s booking reference.

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