Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket Policy

Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

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If you want to know how to do Alaska airlines change name on ticket, then you are in the right place, act quickly to avoid boarding issues, as Aviation Industry rules require name matches with passports. Fortunately, Alaska Airlines allows name corrections within 24 hours of booking without any charges. However, after this window, an administration fee may apply. To understand the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy in detail, refer to this guide or call the helpline at +1-800-504-6979.

What is Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket Policy?

Alaska Airlines understands that passengers may sometimes make errors in their names while making a reservation, such as misspellings or other minor mistakes. The airline offers a Name Change Policy to address these situations and provide passengers with options for correcting their names. Here’s a detailed overview of the Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy:

  • Name Change Within 24 Hours of Booking: Passengers can change their names without any charges if they request a name change within 24 hours of making their original booking.
  • Name Change Due to Marriage: Passengers who wish to change their last name due to marriage can do so by providing their marriage certificate as proof. The airport authorities will allow the name change based on this documentation.
  • Name Change Due to Legal Reasons: If a passenger legally changes their name after booking but before the departure date, Alaska Airlines allows them to change their name on the reservation without any additional fees.
  • Name Correction After 24 Hours: For minor name corrections requested after 24 hours of the original booking, passengers are required to pay a change fee.

Eligible Scenarios for Free Name Correction

Alaska Airlines permits one free name correction in the following scenarios:

  • Inverted names.
  • Last name change due to marriage or divorce.
  • Completion of the first name.
  • Misspelled names with not more than three letters to be corrected.

How to Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket

Here you can change your name on Alaska Airline from different – different method online, through phone or by visiting airport. Follow the below steps to change your name on your ticket.

Online Method

Change Name on Alaska Airlines Ticket

For minor name changes, passengers can easily make corrections online. Follow these steps:

  • Firstly, Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Click on the “Manage Trip” option on the home page.
  • Provide details like “Passenger’s Last Name” and “Confirmation Code” or “E-Ticket number.”
  • Navigate to the “Change Name” option and make the necessary corrections.
  • Print the corrected boarding pass after the name change.

Phone Method

Passengers can contact Alaska Airlines’ customer care service at the toll-free number: +1-800-504-6979. Inform the customer care representative of the required name correction, and they will assist you accordingly.

Airport Kiosk Method

Alaska Airlines Change Name on Ticket at Kiosk

Although less preferred, passengers can also make name corrections at the airport kiosk. Speak to an Alaska Airlines representative at the kiosk, and they will facilitate the spelling correction on your behalf.

Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

Name corrections made within 24 hours of booking are free of charge. However, for corrections requested after the 24-hour window, a fee of $125 will apply.

For further assistance, passengers can contact Alaska Airlines’ manage booking service or dial +1-800-504-6979 for help.

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Q1. Can I change my name on an Alaska Airlines ticket after 24 hours of booking?

A: Yes, but a change fee will apply for corrections made after 24 hours.

Q2. What documents are needed to change my last name due to marriage?

A: A marriage certificate is required as proof for the name change.

Q3. How many times can I make a free minor name correction with Alaska Airlines?

A: Alaska Airlines permits one free name correction for specific scenarios.

Q4. Can I change my name on the ticket through the airport kiosk?

A: Yes, but it’s less recommended compared to online or phone methods.

Q5. Is there a helpline for assistance with name changes on Alaska Airlines tickets?

A: Yes, you can dial +1-800-504-6979 for help or more information.

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