Turkish Airline Manage Booking

How to Manage Turkish Airlines Booking?

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Turkish Airline manage booking provides extensive travel flexibility, allowing passengers to make unlimited modifications to their reservations. Manage booking options include changes to cabin class, flight date, destination, passenger name, seat selections, and meal preferences.

Turkish Airline Manage Booking Process

  • Go to the Turkish Airlines website and navigate to the “Checking/Manage Booking” section.
  • Enter your ticket number or reservation code and the passenger’s surname, then submit the information.
  • Review the details of your booking, and if necessary, make the desired changes by selecting the appropriate options.
  • After making the changes, you will receive a confirmation via SMS or email.
  • If there are any applicable fees for the changes, you will be prompted to pay the amount, if shown, and submit the modifications.

Additionally, passengers can request changes through Turkish Airlines sales offices, the call center, or the agencies through which the original booking was made.

Ticket Change Fee & Policy for Turkish Airlines

Ticket Change Fee & Policy for Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has a “zero change fee” policy, applicable to both domestic and international flights. Passengers can make changes within the same region as the original booking, and the zero change fee can be applied once per reservation. For changes to destinations on not flown tickets, passengers must pay the price difference. Fare differences, including taxes, exchange rates, or fare class differences, will apply to all changes.

Note: To modify a ticket to an open ticket, the current reservation must be canceled before the day of the flight.

How to Reschedule a Turkish Airlines Flight

To reschedule a flight, follow these steps or call “+1-800-504-6979

  • Select the “Manage Booking” or “Check-in” option on the website.
  • Enter your booking confirmation number or Ticket ID, along with the passenger’s surname.
  • Choose the “Turkish Airlines Change Flight” option.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to modify your flight information, such as the date or destination.
  • Click on “Confirm” to complete the flight rescheduling.

By following these steps, you can easily manage and reschedule your Turkish Airlines flight as needed.

Necessary Information for Booking Turkish Flight Ticket

When booking a Turkish Airlines flight ticket, passengers need to provide the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date Of Birth (DOB)
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Passport Number
  • Expiry Date of Passport
  • Country of Passport Issuance
  • Country of Residence

Booking Process of Turkish Airlines

Booking Process of Turkish Airlines

Follow the below steps to book the Turkish Airline Flight in simple way otherwise you can call the airline or travel agent for the same at  +1-800-504-6979.

  • Go to the flight booking section on the Turkish Airlines website.
  • Enter your departure and destination locations, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
  • Choose from the available Turkish Airlines flights that suit your preferences.
  • Provide your contact details for communication purposes.
  • Proceed to the checkout page and select a payment method.
  • Complete the payment process to confirm your Turkish Airlines ticket booking.

Average Cost For Turkish Airlines Ticket Booking

The cost of a Turkish Airlines flight ticket can vary based on various factors such as the type of trip, destination, and the day of booking. On average, a one-way ticket can cost around $159, but prices can go up to $342. Booking on Tuesdays and Wednesdays tends to be cheaper than on other days.

Benefits of Turkish Airline Manage Booking

The Turkish Airlines Manage Booking feature offers several benefits to passengers, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their travel plans. Some of the key benefits of using the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking options include:

  • Seat Upgradation: Passengers can upgrade their seats to a higher class, allowing them to enjoy more comfortable seating, extra legroom, and enhanced in-flight services.
  • Flight Changes and Modifications: The Manage Booking feature enables passengers to make changes to their flight itineraries, such as rescheduling the departure or return dates, changing the destination, or modifying the flight route.
  • Personal Information Editing: Passengers can update their personal details, including names, contact information, and passport details, ensuring accuracy and compliance with travel requirements.
  • Add-On Services: Passengers can enhance their travel experience by adding extra services such as pre-ordering special meals, purchasing additional baggage allowance, or selecting preferred seat assignments.
  • Cancel or Refund Tickets: If plans change and a passenger needs to cancel their booking, the Manage Booking feature allows for easy cancellation and potential refund requests, subject to the fare rules.
  • View and Print Itinerary: Passengers can access their booking details, view the flight itinerary, and print out necessary documents such as e-tickets and boarding passes.
  • Check Flight Status: The Manage Booking feature allows travelers to check the real-time status of their flights, including any possible delays or changes in the schedule.
  • Manage Miles and Loyalty Programs: For members of Turkish Airlines’ loyalty program (Miles Smiles), the Manage Booking feature enables passengers to track and manage their frequent flyer miles and rewards.


Overall, the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking feature streamlines the travel experience, making it easier for passengers to make adjustments to their reservations, personalize their travel plans, and ensure a smooth journey. It provides a convenient and efficient way for passengers to stay in control of their flights and manage any changes that may arise before or during their trip.

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1. Can I change my flight date and time online through Turkish Airlines Manage Booking?

Yes, you can change your flight date and time online using the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking feature. Simply enter your ticket number or reservation code along with the passenger’s surname, and you can make the necessary modifications to your itinerary.

2. Is it possible to upgrade my seat to a higher class after booking my Turkish Airlines flight?

Yes, you can upgrade your seat to a higher class after booking by accessing the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking section. Look for available seat upgrades and follow the provided instructions to enhance your travel experience.

3. Can I change my destination using the Manage Booking option?

Yes, you can change your destination through the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking feature. However, please note that this change may incur additional charges, including fare differences and taxes.

4. Are there any fees for making changes to my booking through Turkish Airlines Manage Booking?

Turkish Airlines has introduced a “zero change fee” policy, which means that you can make changes to your booking without any additional change fees. However, fare differences, taxes, and other applicable charges may still apply.

5. Can I update my personal information, such as my name or contact details, through the Manage Booking feature?

Yes, you can update your personal information, including your name, contact details, and passport information, using the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking option.

6. How can I request special assistance for my flight through Manage Booking?

To request special assistance, such as wheelchair assistance or medical requirements, you can do so through the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking section. Specify your needs, and the airline will make necessary arrangements to accommodate your requirements.

7. Can I add extra services like meals and additional baggage through Manage Booking?

Yes, you can add extra services like special meals and additional baggage allowance to your booking via the Turkish Airlines Manage Booking area. This feature allows you to customize your travel experience according to your preferences.

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