How To Change Spirit airlines Flight?

How Do I Change Spirit Airlines Flight?

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Spirit Change Flight: Passengers may need to change their Spirit Airlines flight for various reasons. Travel plans can be unpredictable, and unforeseen circumstances may arise, making it necessary to modify the original itinerary. Some common reasons why passengers change their Spirit Airlines flight include:

  • Schedule Conflicts: Passengers might have sudden schedule conflicts, such as work-related commitments, family emergencies, or personal events, which require them to adjust their travel dates or times.
  • Flight Disruptions: Weather-related disruptions, air traffic delays, or mechanical issues may occur, leading passengers to change to an alternate flight to avoid long waits or cancellations.
  • Destination Change: Travel plans can evolve, and passengers might decide to alter their destination due to changing preferences, business needs, or other reasons.
  • Fare Flexibility: Spirit Airlines offers various fare options, and passengers might opt to change to a different fare that provides more flexibility, additional benefits, or a better price.
  • Fare Sales and Discounts: Sometimes, passengers find better deals or discounted fares after booking their initial flight and may choose to change their reservation to save money.
  • Upgrades or Downgrades: Passengers might decide to upgrade to a higher class of service or downgrade to a lower fare class depending on their budget and preferences.
  • Missed or Tight Connections: If a passenger faces a tight connection time or misses a connecting flight due to delays, they may need to change their flight to reach their destination more conveniently.
  • Traveling with Others: Changes in group travel plans, such as adding or removing companions, could prompt a flight change.
  • Personal Reasons: Individual circumstances like illness, visa issues, or unexpected events might require a change in travel plans.

Way That You Can Change Your Spirit Airlines Flight

Changing your reservation with Spirit Airlines is possible both online and offline. To change your flight details online, follow these steps:

  • Visit Spirit Airlines official website
  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to “My Trip” and enter the necessary details.
  • Click “Continue” and select the new date for your flight.
  • If applicable, make the required payment to complete the process.

Alternatively, you can change your flight offline by calling Spirit Airlines’ customer support at +1-800-504-6979 or by visiting the nearest airport where assistance is available.

It’s important to be aware of Spirit Change Flight Policy before making any changes to your itinerary:

  • If you request a flight change within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before departure, it can be done for free.
  • Free changes are also allowed in the event of a recent family member’s passing, but supporting documents are required.
  • Flex tickets offer the option of free flight changes.

What is The Cost For Spirit Change Flight 

The cost of spirit change flight may varies depending on factors such as the date, time, departure, and the ticket price. For economy class flights changed after 24 hours of booking and within seven days of departure, there is a charge of $100 to $110. However, if you have purchased a Flex Spirit Airlines ticket, you can change your flight without any additional cost.

Free flight changes with Spirit Airlines are available in two cases only:

  • Within 24 hours of booking and at least seven days before departure.
  • When the flight is delayed by Spirit Airlines for more than two hours.

For Flex ticket holders, flight changes are allow only once without extra charges. For other ticket types, additional charges apply for flight changes. If you have miss your Spirit flight, you can reschedule it, but you will be require to pay rebooking fees of approximately $200, in addition to any fare differences.


Q1. How can I change my Spirit Airlines flight?

A. You can change your Spirit flight by visiting the airline’s website and accessing your reservation through the “Manage My Booking” section. Alternatively, you can call Spirit Airlines’ customer support for assistance with the flight change.

Q2. Is there a fee for changing my Spirit flight?

A. Spirit Airlines typically charges a fee for flight changes, and the exact amount may depend on factors such as the fare type, destination, and how far in advance you make the change. Check the airline’s website or contact customer support for the specific fees applicable to your booking.

Q3. Can I change my flight date and time online?

A. In most cases, you can change your flight date and time online through the Spirit Airlines website. However, certain fare types or bookings might require you to contact customer support to make the changes.

Q4. Can I change my destination on a Spirit Airlines flight?

A. Yes, you can change your destination with Spirit Airlines. However, keep in mind that additional fees and fare differences may apply. Contact customer support for assistance with this type of change.

Q5. What is Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy for weather-related disruptions?

A. In the event of weather-related disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances, Spirit Airlines may offer options for changes without charging a change fee. Check the airline’s website or contact customer support for details on their specific policy.

Q6. Can I change my flight multiple times?

A. Spirit Airlines typically allows passengers to make flight changes more than once. However, each change may be subject to applicable fees and fare differences. Check with the airline for their specific policy on multiple flight changes.

Q7. Can I change the name on my Spirit Airlines booking?

A. In general, Spirit Airlines does not allow name changes on flight bookings. If there is a need to correct the name, you might need to contact customer support for assistance and provide appropriate documentation.

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