How to Get on Delta Upgrade List

How to Get on Delta Upgrade List? A Comprehensive Guide

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Flying with Delta Airlines offers passengers various benefits, and one of the most sought-after privileges is being on the Delta Upgrade List. Upgrades allow travelers to enjoy a higher class of service without having to pay the full fare. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the strategies and tips to enhance your chances of getting on the Delta Upgrade List and experiencing a more comfortable and luxurious journey.

Understanding the Delta Upgrade List

The Delta Upgrade List is a priority queue that determines who gets upgraded to premium cabins, such as First Class or Delta One, when seats become available. Upgrades are typically offered to passengers who hold a higher status in the Delta Medallion program and meet specific eligibility criteria.

Qualifying for Delta Upgrades

Medallion Status Tiers

Delta Airlines has four Medallion status tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each tier comes with its own set of benefits, including upgrade priority. Passengers with higher Medallion statuses have a better chance of securing upgrades over those with lower statuses.

Fare Class Eligibility

The fare class you book also influences your eligibility for upgrades. Some discounted or promotional fares may not be eligible for upgrades, while others offer a higher priority for seat upgrades.

Upgrade Priority

Delta’s upgrade priority is determined by a combination of factors, including Medallion status, fare class, and time of request. Generally, higher-tier members and full-fare passengers receive priority over lower-tier members and discounted fare travelers.

Strategies for Improving Upgrade Chances

Booking in Advance

Booking your flight as early as possible increases your chances of getting on the Delta Upgrade List. As the departure date approaches, more upgrades may become available, but those who booked early are already ahead in the upgrade queue.

Traveling during Off-Peak Times

Choosing to fly during off-peak times and days can increase your upgrade prospects. Business travelers tend to dominate flights during weekdays and peak travel hours, so flying on weekends or less busy periods may give you an advantage.

Joining Delta SkyMiles Program

Enroll in the Delta SkyMiles program to earn miles and work toward elite status. Accumulating miles through regular travel and credit card spending can help you achieve higher Medallion status, improving your chances of getting upgraded.

Utilizing Upgrade Certificates

Delta offers upgrade certificates as a benefit for certain Medallion members. These certificates allow you to request an upgrade when booking, providing a higher chance of securing a seat in a premium cabin.

Navigating the Upgrade Request Process

Requesting Upgrades Online

When booking your flight through Delta’s website or mobile app, you can request upgrades during the booking process. You can also request upgrades later through the “My Trips” section on the website.

Checking Upgrade Status

After requesting an upgrade, you can check your status in your Delta SkyMiles account. The upgrade status may change leading up to the flight, so it’s essential to stay informed.

Tips for Frequent Travelers

Building Loyalty with Delta

Flying frequently with Delta helps build loyalty, which is rewarded through the Medallion program. As you progress through the tiers, your upgrade chances improve.

Utilizing Alternative Routes

When flying to popular destinations, consider alternative routes that might have fewer passengers. Smaller airports or layovers in less busy hubs can increase your chances of getting on the Delta Upgrade List.

Partner Airlines and Upgrades

Delta has partnerships with various airlines worldwide. Utilizing partner airlines can provide additional opportunities for upgrades when flying to international destinations.

The Perks of Upgrading

Comfort and Amenities

Upgrading to First Class or Delta One provides a significantly enhanced travel experience. Passengers enjoy larger seats, more legroom, premium dining options, priority boarding, and other exclusive amenities.

Mileage and Elite Qualification

Upgrading to a premium cabin earns you more redeemable and Medallion Qualification Miles, accelerating your progress toward higher Medallion statuses and greater benefits.


Getting on the Delta Upgrade List requires careful planning, loyalty, and understanding of the upgrade process. By considering factors such as Medallion status, fare class eligibility, and strategic booking, travelers can significantly increase their chances of enjoying the luxurious experience of flying in premium cabins.


Q1 What is the Delta Upgrade List?

The Delta Upgrade List is a priority queue that determines who gets upgraded to premium cabins when seats become available.

Q2 How can I improve my chances of getting an upgrade?

You can improve your upgrade chances by booking early, traveling during off-peak times, joining the Delta SkyMiles program, and utilizing upgrade certificates.

Q3 Are all fare classes eligible for upgrades?

 Not all fare classes are eligible for upgrades. Some discounted or promotional fares may not qualify for seat upgrades.

Q4 Can I request upgrades online?

Yes, you can request upgrades online when booking your flight through Delta’s website or app.

Q5 What are the benefits of upgrading?

Upgrading offers benefits such as more comfortable seats, premium amenities, mileage accrual, and priority services.

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