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How Can I Make a Group Booking on Avianca Airlines?

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Avianca Group Booking: Suppose you are planning a group vacation to Los Angeles and need to get a group ticket on Avianca Airlines. You can contact the airline directly via phone or email to accomplish this. By making use of these channels of contact, you will be able to make the group reservation with Avianca Airlines. It is imperative that you thoroughly go over the airline’s policies when making your reservation in order to guarantee compliance and a seamless experience for your party.

Avianca Airlines is dedicated to offering a smooth and practical group reservation experience by fusing modern convenience with attentive customer service. Avianca’s group booking choices accommodate a variety of preferences, guaranteeing a seamless travel experience for each member of the group—whether they are planning a corporate trip, a family reunion, or any other type of group travel event.

The airline’s commitment to providing excellent customer service is evident in both the simplicity of the booking procedure and the continuous assistance offered by their customer care staff. Passengers may rest assured that Avianca Airlines will make group travel simple and pleasurable.

Group Booking Through Travel Agent +1-866-217-1292

Avianca Group Booking Policy

  • The Group Leader’s activation of the “confirm booking” option will secure your reservation once it has been made. Members must have a working email address in order to participate in the group booking. Members will be notified as soon as the group is ready to book.
  • The airline Avianca will set aside a particular time window for reservations. We are grateful if you have reserved a place for that period of time. However, your reservation won’t be honoured if you can’t make it within that time.
  • Travelers are free to cancel their flights for any reason as long as they give the airline at least 24 hours’ notice. After that, Avianca Airlines will start the refund procedure for customers who have already paid.
  • Full refunds will be given if a cancellation is made within 24 hours for any reason—including an emergency or a health concern. Within this same window, passengers are required to notify Avianca Airlines of any modifications.
  • If travellers have any questions or concerns about the reservation, they should speak with their group leader immediately. Changes made at the last minute or after 24 hours may incur additional fees.
  • Presenting official identification at the time of booking is required. Only changes to the last name or the three-letter middle name are permissible for passengers changing their names. A marriage document is require for name changes in cases of recent marriages. In the event of a divorce, passengers must furnish a divorce certificate to facilitate the name change process.

How To Make Payment For Group Booking in Avianca?

When paying for a group reservation with Avianca, it’s a simple procedure. For group reservations, Avianca Airlines usually offers an easy-to-use site that guarantees a seamless payment process. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of the payment process for an Avianca group reservation:

Verification of Reservation Specifics:

The group leader must check and validate the booking data after starting the booking process, choosing the preferred flights, and providing additional information. Verifying the number of passengers, flight information, and any extra services or needs is part of this process.

Methods of Payment:

In order to satisfy the wide range of passenger preferences, Avianca Airlines provides a number of payment methods. Online payment platforms, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards are common ways to make payments. The most practical payment option for the whole group should be chosen by the group leader.

Online Payment Portal:

Enter the group booking management system by visiting the official Avianca Airlines website or using the Avianca Airlines mobile app. After logging in, select the payment section to access choices for entering payment information.

Enter Payment Information:

Enter the required payment details precisely. Usually, this contains the name, card number, expiration date, and security code of the cardholder. To securely finish the transaction using alternative payment methods, adhere to the instructions.

Review and Confirm:

It’s essential to confirm the accuracy of the entered information before completing the payment. Verify that all the information matches the original reservation and check the total amount owed. Taking this step now can help you avoid problems or discrepancies later on.

Payment Authorization:

Authorize the payment after the payment details have been verified. After that, the transaction will be processed by Avianca’s system, and a confirmation receipt will be sent. The group booking’s payment is attested to by this receipt.

Keep Transaction Details:

The group leader should print or save the transaction details, which include the confirmation receipt. In the event that a problem arises, this paperwork can be use as proof of payment and as a point of reference.

Communication with Avianca:

Should the group leader have any questions or concerns while making the payment, they should not be afraid to contact Avianca’s customer service. Customer support agents at Avianca are usually on hand to help with any questions about payments.

The group leader can successfully pay Avianca for the group reservation by following these procedures, guaranteeing a smooth and safe transaction process for the whole group.

Ways to Create Avianca Group Booking

Creating a group booking with Avianca can be done through convenient online methods or by sending an email. Here’s a detailed explanation of both options:


  • Visit the Official Avianca Website: Go to the official Avianca Airlines website first. Go to the area reserved for reservations made in groups. Usually, you can find this by selecting the “Book” or “Manage Booking” tab.
  • Login or Create an Account: Please use your login information to access your Avianca account if you already have one. If you still need to, complete the necessary details to create a new account. Having an account can help you manage your group reservation more effectively and expedite the booking process.
  • Select Group Booking Option: After logging in, select the “Group Booking” menu item. It may be clearly visible in the booking area or on the homepage. To begin the group booking procedure, click on it.
  • Enter Group Details: Enter the required information for your party, such as the total number of travellers, the destinations you would like to visit, the chosen dates of travel, and any special needs. The online system from Avianca is made with prompts that are easy to use to help you through the procedure. Then choose flight and service option.
  • Review and Confirm: Take a moment to confirm the accuracy of all the data entered. Verify that the flights and services you have chosen meet the needs and preferences of your group.
  • Make Payment: Select your preferred payment option, then safely finish the transaction. Make sure you get a receipt confirmation for your records.
  • Receive Confirmation: The system will produce a confirmation for your group reservation as soon as the payment is approve. Essential information including flight information, booking reference numbers, and payment receipts are usually included in this confirmation.

Send Email

  • Compose an Email: Alternatively, you can contact Avianca’s group booking department via email to start a group booking. Include any pertinent details in your email, such as the number of passengers, dates and locations of choice, and any special needs or preferences.
  • Include Contact Information: Give Avianca your contact information so they may get in touch with you if they need further information or clarification. This information should include a working phone number and email address.
  • Wait for Response: After sending the email, watch for an answer from the group booking department of Avianca. Usually, they will get in contact with you to go over the specifics, go over your options, and help you make the reservation.
  • Provide Additional Information: Be ready to supply any extra data or supporting paperwork needed for the group reservation. Passenger information, special requests, and any other requirements could be included.
  • Confirm and Make Payment: Confirm the reservation and pay after working with the group booking team to finalize the arrangements. The staff at Avianca will assist you with the payment procedure, and you might need to give payment information over the phone or via a secure website link.
  • Receive Confirmation: An email confirming your group reservation will be sent to you after the payment has been received. All the information require for your group’s travel will be include in this confirmation.

For the convenience of both travellers and group organizers, Avianca works to make the group booking process quick and easy, whether using the online option or sending an email.


In summary, arranging a group reservation with Avianca Airlines is a simple and adaptable procedure tailored to meet the particular requirements of group travellers. Group leaders may quickly complete the booking procedure with the airline’s user-friendly online platform. Those who visit the official Avianca website can quickly enter group details, choose flights, and finish the payment process by logging in or making an account, then selecting the “Group Booking” option.

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