Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal

Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal – Bari International Airport

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Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal: Are you planning a trip to the charming city of Bari in Italy and looking for information on the Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal at Bari International Airport? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through all you need to know about Aegean Airlines’ operations at Bari International Airport.

Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal Arrivals

When you arrive at Bari International Airport, you’ll be pleased to find that Aegean Airlines operates at a dedicated terminal, ensuring a seamless and convenient arrival experience. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Efficient Baggage Claim: Aegean Airlines ensures that your luggage is handled with care, and you can quickly retrieve it from the designated baggage claim area.
  • Airport Services: Bari International Airport offers a range of services for arriving passengers, including car rental, ground transportation, and currency exchange.
  • Immigration and Customs: The airport has streamlined immigration and customs processes to make your entry into Bari as smooth as possible.

Aegean Airlines Overview: Single-Passenger Terminal at Bari International Airport

AirportBari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla
AirlinesAegean Airlines
Official Airlines
Airport AddressViale Enzo Ferrari, 70128 Bari BA, Italy
Departures TerminalSingle Passenger Terminal
Arrivals TerminalSingle Passenger Terminal
Contact Number+1-866-217-1292

Aegean Airlines Bari International Airport Terminal Departures

As you prepare to depart from Bari International Airport with Aegean Airlines, you can enjoy a range of amenities at the departure terminal:

  • Check-in Counters: Aegean Airlines provides dedicated check-in counters to minimize waiting times and ensure a hassle-free departure process.
  • Security Screening: Expect efficient security checks to maintain a safe environment for all travelers.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: The departure area features duty-free shops where you can purchase last-minute souvenirs or gifts.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Savor a variety of culinary delights at the airport’s eateries.

Services at Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal at Bari International Airport

The Aegean Airlines BRI Terminal at Bari International Airport is committed to providing passengers with an excellent travel experience. Let’s explore some of the services they offer:

Meeting locations: Post Office Dressing Rooms

Baggage Carts

Retailers and Duty-Free

Check-in Locations

Details of the Hotel

Health Services

Reservations for Tickets

Cancellation of Tickets

Class Improvements

Baggage Permit

Eateries and coffee shops

Find and Return Services

Service for Meet and Greet

Currency exchange and banks

Exhibition & Conference Services

Inaccurate and Prolonged Baggage Services

Book Reservations

You can easily book your flight with Aegean Airlines through their user-friendly website or mobile app. Choose your destination and travel dates, and you’ll be presented with a range of flight options.

Cancel Reservations

Life can be unpredictable, and plans may change. Aegean Airlines understands this and offers flexible cancellation options. Check their cancellation policy to understand the terms and conditions.

Upgrade Seats/Class

Would you like to enjoy more comfort during your flight? Aegean Airlines provides options for upgrading your seat or class to make your journey even more enjoyable.

Check-in Options

To save time at the airport, Aegean Airlines offers online check-in services. You can check in from the comfort of your home or office, select your preferred seat, and receive your boarding pass electronically.

Special Assistance

Aegean Airlines is committed to ensuring a pleasant journey for all passengers. If you require special assistance, such as wheelchair service or assistance for passengers with reduced mobility, contact the airline in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Pet Travel Services

Are you planning to travel with your furry friend? Aegean Airlines has guidelines and services in place to ensure the safe and comfortable travel of your pets. Check their pet travel policy for details on requirements and fees.

Location Map of Aegean Airlines Bari International Airport-Karol Wojtyla Terminal


In conclusion, Aegean Airlines’ operations at Bari International Airport offer passengers a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience. From efficient arrivals and departures to a host of services catering to diverse needs, Aegean Airlines is your ideal choice when flying to or from Bari. So, why wait? Book your next flight with Aegean Airlines and experience the excellence of travel.


Q1: How do I book a flight with Aegean Airlines from Bari International Airport?

To book a flight with Aegean Airlines, visit their Aegean Airlines website or use their mobile app. Enter your travel details, choose your flight, and complete the booking process.

Q2: What is the pet travel policy of Aegean Airlines?

Aegean Airlines has a pet travel policy in place. Contact the airline in advance to understand the guidelines and requirements for traveling with your pets.

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