Rebook and refund options

Rebook and refund options | Delayed or cancelled flights

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Here you will get information about British Airways Rebook and Refund Options. If your Flight is cancelled or Delay so you can easily apply for the Rebooking and Refund. Need Help You can call us our Flights Assistance Number +1-866-217-1292.

British Airways Rebook and Refund Options:- 

Delayed flights

  • You are entitled to reimbursement for the portions of your trip you did not fly if your flight is delayed for five hours or longer.
  • You may be entitled to pay if you arrive at your destination more than three hours late. The delay was due to events within our control rather than unforeseeable emergencies that defied all efforts to avert them.
  • To check the status of your Flight, please visit the following:

Cancelled flights.

You may request a refund if your flight is cancelled as per British Airways Cancellation Policy.

  • Examine consumer rights in the EU:
  • To quickly identify the options available, please click Manage My Booking.
  • Feel free to contact the tour operator or travel agent you used to make your reservation to discuss your alternatives or request a refund. Please contact us directly if you require additional help requesting a refund from your travel agent or tour operator.
  • Please get in touch with Flights Assistance if you need more support; we can assist.

Rebook And Refund : Flight connections

The following applies to connect flights that are delay or cancel and are book under the same booking reference, such as Mumbai (origin) – London Heathrow (connecting point) – New York (destination).

  • Flight Delay:
    • If your origin flight is delayed within 3 hours before departure, we’ll rebook your connecting flight operated by British Airways.
    • Be aware of the minimum connection times to reach your flight.
    • As part of the One world® alliance, we can provide support via One world Global Support teams at key airports.
    • Support includes speeding up the airport process, providing updated travel info, new boarding passes, and overnight accommodation if needed.
  • Missed Connecting Flight:
    • We’ll rebook you for the next available British Airways flight.
    • If needed, the One world Global Support team can assist with updated travel info, new boarding passes, and overnight accommodation.
    • If you booked your connecting flight separately with another airline, we couldn’t help. Contact the airline you booked with.
  • Refunds:
    • Suppose a delay or cancellation of 5+ hours disrupt your connecting flight booked under the same booking reference (with a planned connection time of 24 hours or less), and you no longer wish to continue to your destination. In that case, the operating carrier will provide a return flight to your original point of departure.
    • The operating carrier will refund the parts of the journey you did not fly.
    • You can claim a refund for the details of your trip you did pass if you prove it no longer serves any purpose in your original travel plans.
    • Claim refunds using the same steps as cancelled flights.

Bookings including flight + hotel/car hire/transfer/experience.

  • Rebook a different flight that leaves on the same day as your initial flight (subject to availability, no extra charge).
  • Instead, rebook your trip (subject to availability) for a different date. The cost of altering your flight. However, reservation is free. You must pay the difference if your hotel, rental car, transit, or activity costs more. We will credit you for any difference.
  • Alternatively, you can change your mind and request a refund to the original method of payment (taxes included).

If you have already started your journey

  • Contact British Airways Vacations’ 24-hour helpdesk. Your non-flight vouchers and pre-travel email include the phone number.

If you haven’t started your journey

  • In the US:

Call  +1-866-217-1292/1 (800) 247-9297 (09:00-19:00 EST)

  • In the UK:

Call 0344 493 0787 option 1 (06:00-20:00 local time; calls charged at local rate)

  • Contact details for other British Airways offices:

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