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How to Get United Airlines Club Membership?

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United Airlines First Class passengers have access to United Clubs as long as they are not flying domestically. If the visitor is on a departing Star Alliance flight, first-class customers may also use United Clubs with them. ro As a United Airlines passenger, you receive first-class treatment.

One such service is their United Airlines Club Membership, which allows passengers to enjoy free Wi-Fi, lounge services, premium snacks, food, and beverages, and more while waiting for their next flight. United Airlines provides more than 45 lounges worldwide to its Club Members. United Airlines Membership levels up with all your expectations. You are provided with all services to relax and recharge in a peaceful retreat.

Customer Support Number: +1-866-217-1292

United Airlines Club Membership

Airport lounges can be a haven in a busy, crowded, and dated terminal. Some are airline-specific, like the United Club, while others are part of a United Club Lifetime Membership network like Priority Pass. They’re also a great place to find a quiet nook or phone booth or to isolate yourself from others socially. Over 45 airport lounges are part of the United Clubs network operated by United Airlines. The Red Carpet Clubs of United Airlines and the President’s Clubs of Continental Airlines were initially combined to form this network. United operates numerous international locations in London, Hong Kong, Mexico City, and Tokyo, in addition to lounge locations across the country.

Here is the data you need to know about accessing the United Club if you’re a regular flyer of United or visit one of the airline’s busiest hubs.

Steps to Buy a United Airlines Club Membership 

After a passenger purchases the membership, United Airlines membership activates, allowing them all the convenience. 

You can purchase the membership by following these steps –

  • Go to United Airlines .
  • Find the Subscription section and click on the United Airlines Club Membership option.
  • After this, you will get various Membership options with different prices. You can choose to pay either by cash or MileagePlus you have earned while traveling. 
MileagePlus StatusAnnual Membership Cost



Annual Membership Cost



Premier 1K$55075,000 miles
Premier Platinum$60080,000 miles
Premier Gold$65085,000 miles
Premier Silver$65085,000 miles
General Member$65085,000 miles
  • Choose a suitable membership and pay.
  • Congratulations, you have become a United Airways Club Member.
  • Now, you can enjoy waiting for your flights with Luxury.

What Benefits and Amenities can I expect?

Each United Club offers several items you can expect, including free Wi-Fi, beverages, and a variety of snacks, even though the availability of more upscale amenities may vary depending on the location.

Anyone with access to the United Club may reserve one of the dedicated conference rooms in the lounge at specific areas for a small hourly fee. You can also take United Airlines Club Membership benefits from the exclusive member discount if you have a United Club membership card. If having access to this service is a top priority for you, you should reserve a room in advance via their website or by phone (+1-866-217-1292) due to the limited availability of these conference rooms. For the reservation, a credit card is necessary.

You will not have to pay anything if you cancel your reservation at any time up to 48 hours after making it. If not, you must pay the standard rate for a minimum of one hour.

Club Membership 

The United Club has its rules, like most airport lounges, and visitors must follow them. Most of these rules are merely guidelines that most people already follow in more formal or exclusive settings. For instance, wearing headphones when watching or listening to music or videos on personal devices is necessary and professional behavior and attire is expected. Furthermore, none of the United Clubs permit sleeping or smoking.

Clubs access pass  United airlines

United allows customers to buy a one-day united club day pass if they still decide to commit to an annual membership. These single-user passes cost $59 and are available at any United Club location or through the United app, which is accessible on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

With this pass, you can enter United Club locations when departing on a flight with United or another Star Alliance airline on the same day. Within 30 days of using your one-day pass, if you choose to join the Annual United Club, the $59 you already paid can be applied to your membership cost (please see the chart below for prices by tier).

MileagePlus Premier statusAnnual membership
General memberUSD 650 or 85,000 miles
Premier SilverUSD 650 or 85,000 miles
Premier GoldUSD 650 or 85,000 miles
Premier PlatinumUSD 600 or 80,000 miles
Premier 1KUSD 550 or 75,000 miles

For unlimited access to United Clubs and the majority of Star Alliance-affiliated lounges when traveling on United Airlines or other Star Alliance carriers, you should invest in an annual United Club membership if you consider yourself a frequent flyer and road warrior. The ability to use the United Clubs even when flying on another airline is a significant benefit of this membership. United club membership cost vary depending on your United Elite Tier (you can purchase one without an Elite Tier; however, it will cost you a bit more). Please refer to the chart above for information on how much a membership would cost you.

When visiting the lounge, you can bring more people if you are a United Club member. Please see the table below for more details on the United Club membership’s complimentary guest limits.

Lounge TypeNumber of Guests
United ClubFamily or two
Star Alliance Branded Lounges1
Business Class Lounges owned by Star Alliance member1
Select Star Alliance Gold Lounges0

Elite status

Select Premier members can access the United Club at any point during their trip. No matter their class of service, United Premier Gold members have access to the airline’s lounges when flying internationally on any Star Alliance carrier. They may also bring one guest flying on a Star Alliance airline out of the same terminal.

With any same-day Star Alliance boarding pass, including on domestic United flights, Star Alliance Gold members who also hold status with another partner airline are eligible to use the United Club. All guest policies are the same.

Class of Travel:

United Global First/United First

As long as they aren’t just flying domestically, United Airlines First Class customers get access to United Clubs. First-class customers may also use United Clubs with a visitor of their choice if the person is on a departing Star Alliance flight.

United Business First/United Business

Business Class passengers on United Airlines have access to United Clubs just like First Class passengers do, so long as they aren’t just flying domestically. Unfortunately, there are no guest allowances in this situation.

Terms And Conditions Of United Airways Club Subscription

  • Prices of membership will depend upon your MileagePlus Premier level.
  • Only MileagePlus passengers aged 18 or above are allowed to have Club Membership.
  • Only United Airlines sells the membership. Memberships purchased from any third party are null and void. In such cases, United Airlines can cancel the membership, take legal action, or charge miles from the member’s account. 
  • Members with United Premier Gold or higher membership enjoy access to the airline’s lounges, no matter their class of service.
  • If inactive for 30 days, membership is said to be deemed new.


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FAQs –

Q1 Where can I buy a United Club membership?

Online at united.com, over the phone at 1-866-UA-CLUBS, or in person at any United Club location: these are all ways to purchase a United Club membership.

Q2 When does my membership become active?

All United Club memberships take effect right away after being purchased. Depending on the type of club you’re trying to United Club access and your Premier status level, there are different ways to enter a United Club location.

  • A same-day boarding pass can be scanned to gain entry to a United Club location for anyone with a membership.
  • General Mileage Plus and Premier Silver members can enter a Star Alliance lounge by scanning their membership cards. After you sign up, your membership card will be mailed to you in 8 weeks. Give the staff member your MileagePlus number if you attempt to enter a Star Alliance lounge before you have your card.
  • Like you would look at a United Club location, Premier Gold or higher members can enter a Star Alliance lounge by scanning a same-day boarding pass.
Q3 Where are united clubs located? What can I bring when I visit?

For a complete list of all United Club locations and access guidelines, please visit united.com/united club. Sites have different visitor allowances.

Q4 Can I refund my United club membership purchase?

No, all purchases of United Club memberships are final. Both membership fees and transfers are non-refundable.

Q5 How much is a United Airlines Club Membership?
A United Airlines Club Membership could cost $550 to $650 or 75000-85000 MileagePlus Points.
Q6 Can you transfer Membership points to United Airlines?
Transfer of MileagePlus points to another MileagePlus account is possible through United’s Transfer Miles Program. Account holders must have to abide by the Terms and Conditions of United Airlines. 

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