Spirit Airlines Require Birth Certificate

Does Spirit Airlines Require Birth Certificate for Minors?

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Spirit Airlines Require Birth Certificate, including minors, to present a valid government-issued photo ID to board the aircraft. A birth certificate is not explicitly required for minors, but it can serve as an alternative form of identification if the child does not have a government-issued ID.

However, there are some exceptions to this policy. For international travel, children under the age of 18 must present a passport or a passport card to enter or exit the United States. If the child is traveling with only one parent or guardian, the airline may require additional documentation, such as a notarized letter of consent from the non-traveling parent or legal guardianship papers.

In some cases, Booking Spirit Airlines may also require a birth certificate or other proof of age for children who are traveling as lap infants. A lap infant is a child under the age of two who sits on the lap of an adult during the flight. The airline may ask for a birth certificate or other documentation to verify the child’s age and ensure that they are eligible to travel as a lap infant.

It is always a good idea to check with Spirit Airlines or any airline you are traveling with to confirm their specific policies regarding minors and identification. This can help avoid any last-minute surprises or delays at the airport.

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Who are Considered as Infants by Spirit Airlines?

Infants are generally defined as children under the age of two years old who have not yet reached their second birthday. Spirit Airlines considers infants to be children who are not yet two years old and do not require a seat on the aircraft. Infants travel free on Spirit Airlines when accompanied by a paying adult. The accompanying adult must be at least 15 years old and cannot be traveling on the same reservation as more than one infant.

When traveling with infants on Spirit Airlines, parents and guardians must inform the airline during the booking process.

Conditions To Travel With Infants on Spirit Airlines

Here are few steps to travel with infants on spirit airlines : 

  1. Buy a ticket for an infant: Infants under the age of 2 fly free on Spirit Airlines when sitting on an adult’s lap. However, if you prefer, you can purchase a separate seat for your infant at a discounted fare.
  2. Bring necessary documents: You will need to bring a birth certificate or passport for your infant to prove their age. If you are traveling internationally, you may also need to obtain a visa for your infant.
  3. Choose the right seat: If you are traveling with an infant, you may want to choose a seat near the front of the plane for easier access to the restroom and overhead storage compartments.
  4. Bring essential items: Be sure to pack essentials such as diapers, wipes, formula, and a change of clothes for your infant. You may also want to bring a portable crib or bassinet for your infant to sleep in during the flight.
  5. Consider bringing a child seat: Although not required, bringing a child seat for your toddler will add extra safety and comfort during the flight.
  6. Follow TSA guidelines: When going through security, you will need to follow TSA guidelines for bringing liquids, including formula and breast milk, on board the plane.
  7. Request special assistance: If you need assistance with boarding or navigating the airport with your infant, be sure to request special assistance from Spirit Airlines. They may be able to provide a wheelchair or other accommodations to make your travel experience easier.

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