Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

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According to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy you are permitted to bring one free personal baggage. You can pay a baggage fee, buy a Bundle It combo, or spend a little more for the premium membership of Free Spirit Gold status to be allowed to check or carry baggage for free.

A low-cost airline, Spirit Airlines Inc., operates flights. The business offers budget-conscious customers basic pricing on travel services. 173 single-aisle Airbus aircraft, including the A319, A320, and A321 models, are flown by the Spirit Airlines. The airline provides daily flight services throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States.

Additionally, it provides additional fee-based services, including luggage handling, assigned seating, medical insurance, beverages, and travel packages. Standard carry-on luggage and baggage allowance are subject to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and costs.

Call Customer Support: +1-800-504-6979

Baggage Policy of Spirit Airlines:

  • The appropriate time for purchasing baggage is during the point of booking because the baggage fees rise with time. The cost increases as you wait longer to purchase.
  • Size and Weight of Luggage
  1. The dimensions of your included carry-on baggage, such as a suitcase or handbag, cannot exceed 45 x 35 x 20cm. Even though there is no weight limit, the item has to be capable of being safely stowed; if not, it will need to be checked in and will incur additional fees. Charges for checking bags at the checkpoint will be increased.
  2. The dimensions and weight of your carry-on bag cannot be greater than 16kg and 56x46x25cm.
  3. The following things are free to bring on board:
    • For passengers with disabilities, mobility aids.
    • A child’s pushchair and car seat.
  • A surcharge will apply to checked bags that are more than 158cm (L+ W + H) and 18.1kg. Luggage larger than 203cm (L + W + H) or weighing more than 45kg won’t be allowed. But, while travelling to particular international destinations, supplementary dimensions and weight limitations could be necessary.
  • One complimentary carry-on bag and one complimentary checked bag are available to travellers who’ve already bought the Bundle It package and Free Spirit Gold premium membership.
  • In addition to one free personal item, military members on service are entitled to one complimentary carry-on bag and two free checked baggage.
  • You can pay standard baggage costs online (cheaper), over the telephone, or at the airport.
  • For international flights, the security checkpoint must be finished at least one hour before takeoff; for domestic flights, the maximum time is 45 minutes.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Rules—Carry-on Baggage

According to Spirit Airlines baggage policy, carry-on luggage must be paid for unless the traveller has bought the Bundle It package or has Free Spirit Gold status. Spirit Airlines only allows one personal item in the luggage for Bare Fare travellers. All additional baggage must be paid for.

The followings are the carry-on item size and weight restrictions for Spirit Airlines:

  • One Complimentary personal carry-on item, such as a small backpack, handbag, or purse.
  1. 45 x 35 x 20 cm is the maximum size (height x width x depth)
  2. Weight limit Must fit beneath your front seat or in the overhead compartment.
  • One Paid Luggage —Backpack, little duffel bag, or suitcase
  1. Size maximum: 61 x 41 x 25 cm
  2. Weight restriction: 35 lb (16 kg) maximum; must fit in the overhead compartment or under the front seat.

Spirit Airlines Carry-on Baggage Fees

The cost of your carry-on baggage with Spirit Airlines is determined by your itinerary and the time you purchase it. The price of the luggage is the cheapest when making the reservation and the highest at the airport. The chart below shows indicative Spirit Airlines luggage costs, but you ought to use Spirit’s online baggage calculator to figure out the costs for your particular itinerary.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Charges–Carry-on Baggage
PassengersTime & Mode of Purchase Baggage Fees
 Online when bookingUSD 45–53
 Online, before/during online check-inUSD 45–53
Spirit Saver$ Club Members
 Online when bookingUSD 27–36
 Online, before/during online check-inUSD 38–46
All passengersTicket Center Airport Kiosk/CounterUSD 55–71
 Airport GateUSD 65–76

Keep in mind that the following things, which don’t qualify as carry-on baggage, may be brought free of charge on all flights:

  • Mobility/assistive gadgets with cameras
  • Food served during flights
  • Umbrella
  • If travelling with a baby, bring one diaper bag.
  • One child per car seat
  • One child stroller per child
  • One duty-free bag containing merchandise
  • Outerwear, such as a hat, coat, or wrap
  • Material for reading

Spirit Airlines Baggage Rules—Checked Baggage

The Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy state that your prices will vary depending on your itinerary, the manner in which you want to make your purchase, and your status of airline membership.  All passengers must pay a baggage fee according to Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, with the exception of those who have bought a Bundle It or Boost It package and Free Spirit members with Gold status.

The baggage fee may be paid at the terminal of the kiosk/check-in counter, at the departure gate, following registration (website/mobile app/phone), at the time of check-in window beginning 24 hours before you leave, or at the time of purchase of your ticket.

Baggage Size and Weight Requirements

  • Baggage size specifications:

A checked bag’s total size (length x width x height) is limited to 158 cm/62 inches. A charge for oversize baggage will apply to bags that are too large. Luggage longer than 203 cm/80 in won’t be accepted. Luggage longer than 203 cm/80 in won’t be accepted.

  • Weight restrictions for luggage:

A checked luggage may not weigh more than 18.1 kg (23 kg for Bundle It/Boost It packages). Overweight baggage charges apply to bags larger than permitted and weighing too much. More than 100lb/45kg in weight bags aren’t going to be permitted.

  • All luggage must have name collars outside, and it is strongly advised to include a label on the inside, according to Spirit Airlines’ baggage regulations. You may utilise the Quick Bag Drop at a few airports if you check in and buy your checked bag beforehand to save time.
  • There is a five-bag limit per person, though this can vary depending on the itinerary.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Allowance—Checked Baggage

Bare Fare travellers who want to use Spirit Airlines’ free luggage allowance should buy it. The travellers who purchase Bare tickets, also known as basic fares, do not receive any checked luggage allowance from Spirit Airlines. One free checked bag is available to travellers who are flying on the Bundle It or Boost It package or who have Free Spirit Gold status.

Standard checked bags must adhere to the following size and weight regulations, as specified by Spirit Airlines:

  • One Paid Checked Bag
  1. Maximum size 158cm/62in
  2. Maximum weight 40lbs/18.1kg
  • Free Baggage Items for Children, such as:
  1. Car seat
  2. Diaper bag
  3. Stroller

Furthermore relevant are the following baggage regulations:

  • The Complimentary checked luggage allowance for passengers who have bought either Bundle It or Boost It package is 50lb/23kg per passenger, which is 10lb more than a basic bag.
  • Passengers with the Free Spirit Gold membership are eligible for a Complimentary checked bag.
  • The size of the bag comprises handles, wheels, and belts.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

You can pay the charges of Spirit Airlines checked luggage online, at the airport counter, or airport gate; the cost of all increases respectively. For an accurate estimate of the baggage charge for your particular itinerary, Spirit advises utilizing the airline’s online baggage calculator. Nonetheless, Spirit Airlines charges the following rates for checked luggage on both domestic and foreign flights:

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees
No. of checked baggageOnline–at the Time of BookingBefore Online Check-inDuring Online Check-inAirport Desk/ Reservation Center Airport Gate
 StandardSpirit Saver$ ClubStandardSpirit Saver$ ClubStandard
1stUSD 28USD 37USD 38USD 47USD 38
2ndUSD 36USD 45USD 46USD 55USD 46
3rd – 5thUSD 76USD 85USD 86USD 95USD 86


Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees—Overweight and Oversized Baggage

The following are the overweight and hefty baggage fees for Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Fees—Overweight Bags
Baggage Weight Overweight Baggage Fee
18 – 23kg+ USD 59/bag
23 – 45kg+ USD 99/bag

Spirit Airlines baggage policies state:

  • On most flights, you can check up to 5 baggage per passenger.
  • Any checked luggage that weighs more than 40lb/18.1kg on a Basic Fare is considered overweight.
  • Luggage weighing more than 99lb/45kg won’t be allowed.
  • Each bag must be checked for at least:
  • Forty-five minutes prior to takeoff for domestic flights.
  • Sixty minutes before takeoff for international flights.
  • Overweight and oversized baggage charges must be settled at the airport.

Baggage Fees of Spirit Airlines —Oversized Baggage

Below is a list of Spirit Airlines’ oversized baggage costs.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Fees—Oversized Bags
Baggage Weight Oversized Baggage Fee
158–203cmUSD 100/bag
Items exceeding 203cm in combined measurementUSD 150/bag

Airlines baggage policies state:

  • Any checked bag with total proportions (L + W + H) between 158 and 203 cm is considered an oversized bag.
  • There is a $100 excess baggage tax per bag for bags that are too large.
  • Bags that measure more than 203cm (L + W + H) cannot be checked.
  • There is an overweight baggage tax of USD 150 per bag for some particular items (such as specific sporting equipment) that exceed 203cm in total measurements (L + W + H).

How Do I Avoid Paying Baggage Fees on Spirit Airlines?

If you wish to fly Spirit Airlines without paying any baggage fees, you must:

  • Get a combined package by purchasing Boost It or Bundle It.
  • Have a Free Spirit Gold status airline membership
  • Utilise your credit card or airline travel credits to encompass the extra fees.
  • An annual travel credit of $300 is provided by the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card.
  • Certain American Express cards offer fee credits for airline products other than tickets.

Spirit Airlines Route Restrictions

For travellers flying to or from overseas destinations, Spirit Airlines’ luggage policy imposes additional weight and dimension restrictions.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Restrictions
RegionDatesBaggage Restrictions
South America Lima, PeruThroughout the year Additional restrictions from December 1 – January 10.●       Max. checked bags


one paid bag/passenger.

●       Weight Restrictions

Overweight bags must not exceed 50lb/23kgWill incur an overweight baggage fee if heavier than 41lb/18.1kg.

●       Size Restrictions

Oversized bags must not exceed 203cm/80in overall dimensions and will incur an oversize baggage fee if more than 158cm/63in.

Special Items such as sporting equipment can exceed 80in (L + W + H) but must not exceed 50lb/23kg in weight. This will count toward the one checked item allowed per passenger. May incur additional charges.Must not exceed 203cm/80 between December 1 – January 10.

South America Colombia (MDE, CTG, CLO, BGA, BAG, AXM, and Ecuador (GYE)Throughout the year Additional restrictions from December 1 – January 10.●       Max. checked bags1 paid bag/passenger. Additional checked bags can be purchased, subject to space availability.
All International DestinationsDecember 1 – January 10●       Max. checked bags1 paid bag/passenger. Additional checked bags can be purchased subject to space availability.


●       Weight Restrictions

Overweight bagsMust not exceed 50lb/23kgWill incur overweight baggage fee if heavier than 41lb/18.1kg.

●       Size Restrictions

Oversized bags must not exceed 203cm/80in overall dimensions and will incur an oversize baggage fee if more than 158cm/63in.


Spirit Airlines Additional Baggage Allowance—Free Spirit Members

Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy provides excess baggage advantages to Free Spirit Gold status beneficiaries. One carry-on bag and one checked bag are free for members with the Gold status tier. All travellers are permitted to bring one free personal item in addition to this.

Spirit Airlines Military Baggage Policy

Armed services members who can verify their active-duty status are eligible for free checked bags under Spirit Airlines’ military baggage policy.

Military personnel are permitted the following items as baggage:

  • One personal thing that is already free
  • One free carry-on bag
  • Two uncharged checked luggage

Luggage for military dependents on Spirit Airlines. Only active duty military personnel are eligible for the military luggage allowance; other dependents and relatives are not.

Weight of military luggage on Spirit Airlines. The weight restriction for checked baggage is 40 lbs (18.18 kg) per bag.

How to Check Baggage Prices on Spirit Airlines?

There are numerous ways to check Spirit Airlines’ baggage rates for your route:

  • Online Using the luggage calculator online
  • Through the My Travel tab
  • Utilising the Check-in tab
  • Phone number (+1-800-504-6979)
  • Via the Spirit app
  • At the airport desk in person

How to Buy Baggage on Spirit Airlines?

Passengers on Spirit Airlines can pre-purchase luggage online, over the phone (+1-844-933-2065), or through the airline’s mobile app. The cheapest time to buy luggage is at the time of booking, but you can also do so later, upon check-in, or at the airport.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Check-in (Online)

After making a Spirit airlines reservation but before check-in begins 24 hours before departure, you can add luggage online by doing the following:

  • Visit spirit.com
  • Choose My Trips
  • Submit your last name and the verification code on the following page.
  • Choose the Continue option.
  • Choose a flight.
  • Choose the Add Bags link.
  • Complete the transaction by paying.

If you’re buying your luggage allowance less than 24 hours before your flight, you must enter your ticket via the “Check-in” link and proceed as instructed above by the onscreen instructions.

Spirit Airlines Damaged Baggage Claim

To register a claim for missing or damaged baggage with Spirit Airlines, follow these steps:

  • Visit www.spirit.com/bagclaim for Spirit Airlines’ baggage service.
  • Enter your last name and file ID to log in.
  • Then select Create Online Claim.
  • In the following screen, provide the necessary data.
  • Provide proof of your claim, such as:
    1. Purchase documentation for the things you’re claiming.
    2. Passport, driver’s license, and other forms of official photo identification.
  • Select the “Submit” button.

Your request should be completed within 30 days if all the necessary paperwork has been provided.

Spirit Airlines Sports Equipment Policy

According to Spirit Airlines’ sports equipment policy, sports equipment that fits within the typical weight and size constraints will count as one checked bag.

According to Spirit Airlines’ regulations on sporting goods:

  • The majority of recreational equipment can be brought on board, either carry-on or checked baggage, subject to the associated costs, weight limitations, and size limits.
  • If your sporting equipment breaches the weight and size limits, oversize and overweight baggage penalties will be charged.
  • For bicycles, the sports baggage cost is USD 75, and for antlers, it is USD 100. Bikes are exempt from overweight or oversized charges.
  • Golf equipment that weighs more than 18.1 kg will be charged extra for regular checked bags. It contains a drawn cart if connected to the golf bag, as well as 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, and a pair of golf shoes. Larger golf equipment is also permitted without incurring an oversize fee.
  • Overweight and oversize costs do not apply to surfboards, which are subject to a separate fee.
  • It is required to pack all sporting goods in containers that are specifically made to safeguard them.

Spirit Airlines will accept a variety of sporting goods, including:

  • Antlers
  • Archery equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Balls/balloons
  • Boogie boards, bodyboards, wakeboards, and kiteboards
  • Bowling equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Tents
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Knapsacks
  • Fishing equipment (1 pack)
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • Landing nets
  • Fishing boots
  • Tacklebox
  • Kayak, boat, and canoe
  • Tennis rackets
  • Fencing equipment
  • Swords
  • Masks
  • Outfit
  • Shoes
  • Cables
  • Toolkit
  • Gloves
  • Breastplates/cup protectors
  • Golf equipment – 1 bag includes 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, and a pair of shoes
  • Hockey equipment
  • Lacrosse equipment
  • Select martial arts equipment
  • Firearms –
  • Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • BB guns
  • Compressed air guns
  • Ammunition
  • Paintball guns
  • Paintball equipment
  • Parachutes
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Skis (water/snow)
  • Snowboards
  • Skateboards
  • Skates
  • Surfboards
  • Tennis equipment
  • Windsurfing equipment


Q1 What are spirit airlines’ baggage fees?

Spirit Airlines charges the following luggage fees:
On Bare Fares, the projected carry-on luggage charges range from:
1) USD 35–43 when paid at the point of booking online.
2) USD 45–53 when ordered online and delivered at check-in or prior.
3) USD 55–71 if bought from a counter, kiosk, or ticket centre in an airport.
From USD 65 to 76 if bought at the airport.

For the first, second, third, and fifth checked baggage on bare fare flights, the anticipated checked baggage fees are:
When ordered online and paid for at the time of booking, USD 37/45/85.
1) USD 47, 55, or 95 if purchased prior to or during online check-in.
2) USD 47/55/95 if purchased online and checked in online.
3) USD 50–55–60–100 if bought at the terminal desk or reservation centre.
4) USD 65/NA/NA if bought at the airport.

Q2 Do you get a bag free with Spirit?

The only bag that is included in a Spirit basic fare is a personal item, like a compact bag or purse.

Q3 What size bag can you carry at spirit airlines for free in 2023?

In 2023, the only free checked bag you could bring on a Spirit Airlines flight was a personal item no bigger than 45 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm in size.
You are permitted to bring one carry-on bag free of charge if you pay for a Bundle It combo ticket, have Free Spirit Gold status, or are an active-duty member of the military. However, the carry-on bag cannot be larger than 56 cm x 46 cm x 25 cm or weigh more than 16 kg.
Free mobility aids are permitted for people with disabilities, while free car seats and strollers are permitted for customers travelling with kids.

Q4 How many bags can you take on the Spirit for free?

When flying on a bare ticket, you are only permitted to bring one free personal thing, such as a handbag or pocketbook, as long as it will fit in the designated space and is not larger than 45 cm by 35 cm by 20 cm.

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