Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

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The Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy regulations state that for the majority of flights, you are permitted to bring two carry-on bags—one personal item and one bigger bag—as well as two pieces of checked luggage, as well as musical instruments, sporting goods, and other items as permitted by the circumstances.

Call Customer Support: +1-800-504-6979

Here you can check the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance Policy:

  • One complimentary Personal Carry-on Item-
    • Handbag
    • PocketbookWrap
    • Overcoat
    • Walking stick
    • Umbrella
    • Reading material
    • Infant food for in-flight consumption
    • Collapsible wheelchair
    • Braces
    • Crutches
    • Prosthetic devices
    • Other assistive devices or mobility aids
  • One complimentary Carry-on Bag-
    • Maximum size – 45 linear inches/114cm
    • Maximum weight – 25lb/11.5kg
  • Checked Bags (2-10)-
    • Maximum size – 62 linear inches/157cm per bag
    • Maximum weight per bag –
    • 50lb/23kg (Economy)
    • 70lb/32kg (First/Business)

Note: Passengers can check up to 10 bags only if the associated baggage costs are paid. Children who fly for free are not eligible for any free luggage allowance. Children who pay up to 50% of an adult’s fare are given the same amount of luggage as adults. Subject to certain restrictions, pooled baggage is equivalent to the sum of each passenger’s individual checked bags.

Hawaiian Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

The free carry-on baggage policy of Hawaiian Airlines allows you to bring one personal item and one carry-on item in accordance with the following weight and size limitations:

  • One Carry-on Bag
    • Maximum dimensions – 9in x 14in x 22in/ 22.9cm x 35.6cm x 55.9cm 45 linear inches/114cm
    • Weight limit – 25 lb (11.5 kg)
  • One Personal Carry-on Item

It may consist of the following:

  • Handbag/Pocketbook
  • Wrap-up or cover-up
  • A cane or an umbrella
  • Material for reading (within reasonable limits)
  • Baby food for onboard eating
  • A collapsible wheelchair, braces, crutches, or prosthetic equipment.
  • Additional aids for assistance and mobility

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Charges—Overweight Bags

Any bag that weighs over 50 lbs/23 kg is regarded as overweight by Booking Hawaiian Airlines, except as otherwise specified. The following chart demonstrates that the overweight service charge varies from USD 0 to 400. It depends on the weight of the checked-in luggage and your itinerary.

The airlines do not carry bags that weigh upwards of 100 lbs/45 kg. Music instruments, specific sports equipment, and other speciality baggage are exempt from this rule.

Hawaiian Airlines Overweight Baggage Charges by Route
Between Hawaii and…51-70lb 71-100lb
Pago PagoUSD 50USD 400
PapeeteUSD 50Not allowed
North AmericaUSD 50USD 200
Neighbor IslandsUSD 35USD 70
Australia or New ZealandUSD 0Not allowed
Japan or KoreaUSD 50


USD 0 for Business Class

USD 400

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Charges—Oversized Bags

Hawaiian Airlines defines oversized luggage as having total linear dimensions greater than 62in/157cm. Therefore, oversized bags (157-206cm/62-80in) are subject to a per-piece baggage fee as follows:

Hawaiian Airlines Oversize Baggage Charges by Route
Between Hawaii and…157-206cm
Pago PagoUSD 150
PapeeteUSD 150
North AmericaUSD 100
Neighbor IslandsUSD 35
Australia or New ZealandUSD 150
Japan or KoreaUSD 150

Note: According to Hawaiian Airlines’ luggage regulations:

  • If your checked bag’s total linear dimensions are between 62 and 80 inches (157 and 206 centimetres), additional fees (as listed above) will be incurred.
  • The bags can be used in place of the two pieces of free baggage.
  • Bags that are 80 inches (206 cm) or 100 pounds (45 kilogrammes) long or heavier won’t be allowed.

The following travellers are given two complimentary baggage each:

  • First-class customers
  • Passengers who travel internationally
  • GOV/MIL fare travellers who are Pualani Gold/Premier Club/Corporate members.
  • Members of Pualani Platinum are entitled to three free bag transfers.

How to Pay Baggage Fee on Hawaiian Airlines

In order to pay your luggage fee:

  • You can pay when making a reservation through Hawaiian Airlines.com online.
  • Subsequently, via My Travels
  • Through the mobile app for Hawaiian Airlines
  • When booking a room online (via Check-in)
  • At the airport, physically
  • Or you can contact Flight Assistance; we will help you get more affordable flight tickets while simultaneously helping you feel happier and more optimistic—all at entirely realistic costs. We want to stick around and bring about more happy times. Visit www.flightassistance.com to find out more information about flights. You can also call (800) 504-6979 or send an email to help @flightsassistance.com to get in touch with us. In order to make your vacation effortless and pleasurable, we offer the 700 sites stated above. In addition, your executive will help you with travel arrangements and reservation-making.

Hawaiian Airlines Musical Instruments Policy

You are permitted to bring musical instruments on board Hawaiian Airlines as both carry-on and checked luggage, in accordance with the airline’s musical instruments regulation.

  • Music equipment is an acceptable carry-on item. You are allowed to bring musical instruments that will fit in the overhead compartment or beneath the seat in front of you.
  • On a paid seat, a musical instrument. You can purchase an extra seat to accommodate your musical instrument if it does not fit in the baggage area or underneath your front seat. This usually refers to heavy or delicate items like cellos, guitars, etc.
  • Instruments of music as checked baggage. If your musical instrument is within the following, you may bring it as checked baggage:
    • Maximum size – 381 cm/150in.
    • Maximum weight – 165 lb/74.5 kg.

Note: Instruments that are packaged separately or that are larger or heavier than the permitted limits for checked baggage will be classified as individual components and subject to the corresponding baggage cost.

To avoid damage, make sure your musical instrument is packed securely.

Most stringed musical gears must have their strings loosened before travelling.

Oversized/Large Musical Instruments and Equipment

The following extra baggage fees apply to musical equipment and instruments that do not meet the criteria for a Standard Bag:

  • Instruments weighing 51 to 70 pounds (23–31.5kg)
    • USD 35 for each piece in Hawaii.
    • Hawaii-only domestic travel costs USD 50 per piece.
  • Instruments weighing between 71 and 165 pounds (32–74.5kg)
    • Within Hawaii, each item costs USD 70.
    • Travel within Hawaii that is not entirely domestic costs USD 200 per piece.
  • The exterior linear dimensions of a musical instrument range from 62 to 150 inches (157–381cm)
    • USD 35 per piece within Hawaii.
    • Domestic travel outside of Hawaii costs USD 100 per piece.

What to Do If Your Baggage is Lost or Damaged

You must report lost or damaged checked baggage to the Hawaiian Airlines baggage service desk at the airport as soon as possible after landing.

Using the contact information provided below, customers may follow up with the Hawaiian Airlines Central Baggage Services Office after filing a report for lost or damaged items:

  • Phone: +1-800-504-6979
  • Fax: +1-808-835-3466
  • PO Box 30008, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96820

How to Check Your Missing Baggage Report on Hawaiian Airlines

Contact the Hawaiian Airlines Central Baggage Services Office by the following to inquire about the status of your missing or damaged bag:

  • Phone: +1-866-389-6654
  • Fax: +1-808-835-3466
  • PO Box 30008, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96820

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Claim

The following items are eligible for claim submission:

  • Items that are necessary, such as toiletries and a new set of underwear
  • Contents damage
  • Absence of contents
  • Unclaimed luggage

Keep in mind:

  • You must file an application together with legitimate supporting paperwork, such as purchase receipts, in order to be reimbursed.
  • Your bag will be considered lost if you don’t get it within seven days.
  • You will be paid in accordance with the applicable rules if, indeed, the baggage department determines that Hawaiian Airlines has been at fault for the damage or loss.

Hawaiian Airlines Liability for Lost and Damaged Bags

Except for wheelchairs, mobility aids, and assistive equipment, Hawaiian Airlines’ responsibility for missing, destroyed, or delayed luggage, including contents, will not exceed the following:

  • The extent of the harm or loss.
  • USD 3,500 per traveller.

The following standards will be used to determine the loss of your wheelchair, assistive equipment, or mobility aid is misplaced, harmed, or delayed:

  • The actual cost of repair, if it is repairable.
  • The original purchase price (without depreciation), plus any reasonable costs you incur as a result of the loss, impairment, or inconvenience if it is beyond repair.


Q1 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ carry-on baggage policy?

All customers are entitled to a free carry-on bag, and one personal item under Hawaiian Airlines’ carry-on checked bag.
A handbag, a wallet, a walking stick, an umbrella, suggested reading, a wrap or an overcoat, etc., can all be considered personal items. However, the carry-on bag’s total linear measurements, including the handle, pockets, and wheels, cannot exceed 45 linear inches (114 cm), or 9 inches by 14 inches by 22 inches, and its weight cannot be more than 25 pounds.

Q2 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ baggage policy for Economy Class?

For all other flights, Economy passengers must pay USD 30 and USD 40 for their initial and second luggage, correspondingly, if they are heading inside North America, and USD 25 and USD 35, respectively, if they are travelling within Nearby Islands.

Q3 What is the checked baggage policy at Hawaiian Airlines?

First Class passengers on Hawaiian Airlines are permitted a complimentary luggage allowance of two bags per passenger on every flight. Therefore, on all airline routes, Main Cabin customers may check a maximum of two bags free of charge per person. For all other routes, however, the first two pieces of baggage must be purchased separately for USD 25–30 and 35–40.

Q4 What is Hawaiian Airlines’ check-in baggage policy for Economy passengers?

The Airlines’ Economy passengers may check up to two bags for no additional charge on International airline routes as long as each bag weighs no more than 50 pounds and measures no more than 62 inches or 157 centimetres in length. 

Q What is Hawaiian Airlines’ international baggage policy?

The international baggage allowance on Hawaiian Airlines allows each traveller to check up to two free bags.
The maximum weight per bag is 70 lb/32 kg for:
All travellers between the United States and Australia/New Zealand
Travellers in business class between the USA and China, Korea, and Japan.

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